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There s no denying that Stephen Fry is absurdly smart, and veddy, veddy funny I ve adored him since he was Jeeves to Hugh Laurie s Wooster He could annotate a shopping list from 1986 and I d be enthralled Of course, his early life was full of muchinteresting things private English schools in the 1970s a couple of which he was asked to leave , a suicide attempt, early explorations of his homosexuality, earnest struggles to find just where his genius might lie I was a tiny bit anguished, though, to realize that this memoir only went through his unlikely acceptance to Cambridge, and then stops Cambridge is where he did two things I ve always been fascinated by kicked ass on University Challenge, and was best pals with Hugh Laurie and Emma Thompson I really, really hope he writes another memoir. I would find it tough to fully explain why I dislike this book because to do so would require a long essay and frankly, it doesn t deserve that.In summary, I am very disappointed Like a lot of people, I had got used to Stephen Fry the national treasure and I looked forward to understanding and appreciating a littleof this enigma The man with millions of Twitter followers The problem is, I ended up wishing I hadn t bothered On the one hand I found myself disliking the author in a way I hadn t anticipated This in itself is not a reason to dislike a book although in the case of an autobiography it doesn t help.Clearly you should judge his character for yourself his use and abuse of privilege, his dishonesty not just in terms of thieving , his problems with bipolar disorder and his own achievements in TV and other areas are all things that are matters of personal opinion All I will say is that this book has somewhat spoiled my enjoyment of his fantastic portrayal of the Jeeves character and that is a crime the author himself might understand I do feel obliged to appreciate anyone who manages to make a half decent mark in the world and so I ll get over it.For the book itself, I found the writing variable Sometimes there are glimpses of good prose and you kid yourself that this man is actually living up to the hype However, the sum of the parts left me feeling that this is a hollow book written by a hollow man It seems to me that he justifies everything by clouding your mind with words In between the descriptions of his amazingly well appointed schools are passionate apologies, heartfelt splurges of polemic and hints of mental eccentricity I think most of this is an act He dismisses his own intelligence but then spends a lot of effort creating the impression that he is a victim of his own superlative brain and character This is privileged man who uses words and quotations to create an aura of erudition around himself when on close inspection there is little to justify this view Oh I am not so very bright and even if I were, I wouldn t care said the dull boy to the judge Sure.Clearing away this cloud, I realised that I found his thoughts overblown and poorly presented About a third of the way in I remembered that I had read The Liar and that it was, frankly, trash Here, underneath the excessive verbiage and constant reference to his extensive literary knowledge, his own thoughts come through as a mishmash of gimcrack his word ideas, self aggrandising and egotistical nonsense covered at appropriate times by the aforementioned passionate apologies Finally, it occurred to me that this book tells us a lot about our society Surface over substance We see Stephen Fry the genius say a few smart things on TV and ergo he is amazingly talented in the eyes of the people We don t look underneath we tag, we label, I assume. If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Dear me at 15 Moab is My Washpot by Stephen FryDear me at 15,1 The girl you ve been obsessing over is a trollop move on 2 Pull your trousers up 3 Don t shave your hair to a number 1, it makes you look ill 4 Trade your PC in for a mac 5 Read High Fidelity, Norwegian Wood and On the Road 6 There is music outside of guitars 7 Your mum s alright really 8 Don t worry, you are right, the world is crazy 9 Relax, women are basically friendly 10 Pay attention, you only get one shot at this The rest of the advice can be found elsewhere. Look, it s no secret to anyone who knows me in the slightest I love this man He is my inspiration and my hero, I love his attitude to life, his sense of humour and unflinching ability to stand up and speak out for what he believes in.He here tells a brutally honest account of his growing up and how he first came to realise that he was gay He takes the reader through his days in a boarding school where he struggled to fit in and constantly rebelled against, without knowing quite why He tells of his troubled mind and how it led him to spend time in prison prior to completing his education at Cambridge, he also speaks of his first love and questions his own thoughts and feelings Fry attempts to analyse his own behaviour, struggling himself to understand why he grew up the way he did when he was treated no differently to his brother.It is honest, it is funny, poignant and sometimes sad It is nearly always curious and often confused But it is never apologetic Good for you, Stephen. Reading this book was much like listening to an interesting but self important guest at a dinner party, who buttonholes you at the hors d oeuvres and talks to you all night on a wide range of subjects It s funny and endearing when Fry actually tells stories from his childhood, but he frequently goes off on tangents, which mostly involve long opinionated rants about random subjects, which add nothing to the story For someone who is such a navel gazer, he also seems strangely to lack self awareness this might be a deliberate literary ploy, but I was left feeling that he didn t really understand himself or the effect his own experiences have had on him Still, I listened to the audiobook version read by Fry himself, and most of the weaknesses of this book are glossed over or forgotten under his skilled performance view spoiler Although at times it was strangely disturbing to listen to Fry s voice is most familiar as the reader of the Harry Potter books, and these stories of his public school days, written the same year as the first Harry Potter novel, resonate strangely with those novels The innocence in the Harry Potter series has its flipside here It is strange to hear recounted in the same voice used for Harry and Ron and Dumbledore, the stories of the darkside of boarding school beatings, bullying, stealing, rape by older boys in the bathrooms, all given in a light and witty tone hide spoiler As you d expect from Mr Fry, this memoir is well written, witty, charming and brutally honest Recommended to anyone who is a fan of his work. Wir kennen Stephen Fry als lustigen, gut gelaunten Allrounder er ist zugleich Komiker, Schauspieler, Moderator, Autor und Intellektueller In der ersten seiner Autobiographien erz hlt er von seiner Kindheit und Jugend in Englands Internaten Seine Bipolarit t, die sich auch in jungen Jahren schon andeutete, spielt nat rlich eine gewisse Rolle Im Zentrum seiner Erinnerungen an seine 20 ersten Lebensjahre steht jedoch die Identit tsfindung er erz hlt, wie er sich zum ersten Mal verliebte dass er schwul ist, hatte er zu diesem Zeitpunkt bereits realisiert Seine erste gro e Liebe mutet nahezu idealistisch an, es ist eine platonische, z rtliche Liebe zu einem Mitsch ler Stephen Fry gelingt es dabei sehr gut, dem Leser diese Liebe nahezubringen, er stellt auch einige mit Homosexualit t verbundene Vorurteile richtig Ich muss zugeben, dass auch ich hier Wissensl cken aufwies Stephen Fry ist in diesem Buch vor allem eines gnadenlos ehrlich und offen ohne irgendwelche Personen blo zustellen Solange Fry von seinen Schulen und seinen Freunden erz hlt, liest sich das Buch sehr gut, gelegentlich driftet er allerdings ins Philosophische ab und diese Passagen sind weitaus weniger leicht zu lesen Er ist eben ein echter Intellektueller ich habe bei der Lekt re berdurchschnittlich viele Personen, Begriffe und Konzepte bei Wikipedia recherchieren m ssen Die Komplexit t des Textes zeigt sich bereits im Titel des Buches Moab is My Washpot , zu Deutsch Moab ist mein Waschbecken Eine Erl uterung der Bedeutung findet sich bei Wikipedia englische Version Wer Stephen Fry kennt, wird sich au erdem vorstellen k nnen Der Junge hatte es faustdick hinter den Ohren und sorgte f r einigen Aufruhr an seinen Schulen Gleichzeitig zeigt sich jedoch die verletzliche und die depressive Seite seines Gem ts.Stephen Fry berichtet au erdem v llig offen von seiner Delinquentenzeit nachdem er von zwei Internaten geflogen war, wurde er, bereits gepr gt durch seine Bipolarit t, straff llig und verbrachte eine Zeit in einem Gef ngnis, bevor er sein Abitur mit fulminantem Ergebnis wiederholte und in Cambridge erfolgreich Englisch studierte.Manche Referenzen sind f r deutsche Leser nicht einfach zu verstehen, da sie sich auf britische Pers nlichkeiten beziehen, die dem deutschen Publikum nicht unbedingt bekannt sind.Frys Buch ist eine lohnende, sympathische Lekt re, wenn man sich nicht vor den schwierigen Passagen und philosophischen Konzepten f rchtet. Sometimes I like to daydream about who I would invite to my ideal dinner party, and Stephen Fry is always at the top of my list He s funny, erudite, active, and kind Basically he s my idea of a perfect man, and of course, he s gay as a Christmas tree Ah well, you can t get everything in life, and I would settle for a conversation with him.After hearing Fry read this book, his own autobiography covering the first 20 years or so of his life, I feel like I ve had that conversation I feel like I know him, like he s a favorite uncle whose stories I love to hear over and over again.And what stories To hear Fry tell it, he was a hellion of the highest order when he was a boy stealing, lying, and falling in love with beautiful boys You get the sense that he was always aware of his extremely high intellect and was able to use it on other people from an early age I couldn t help but smile at his telling of his antics, and gasping incredulously at how daring he could be.Fry has always been so willing to communicate with the world He puts out a revealing and entertaining twitter feed, makes excellent documentaries on his own struggles with manic depressive disorder among many other topics, and is a prolific writer I m a great admirer of his, and greatly look forward to reading the next installment in his life story, The Fry Chronicles. I am not EnglishI am not JewishI am not GayI am not MaleI did not go through an English public school system or prison.I understood and related to every single beautiful syllable of this beautiful, beautiful memoir Stephen Fry s first autobiography was an absolute pleasure from start to finish He is a true master of words This celebrity tell all is heavy and pungent with words Nice sweaty words filled with flavour and colour I loved the large rants, tangents, separated by these wonderful skits, anecdotes from his life It is everything a good great memoir should be, open, indulgent, philosophical, passionate, truthful, extravagant, confessional, with a hint of inaccuracy that only personal memory can provide This is a treasure of a book. ^Pdf ⇟ Moab Is My Washpot ⇵ Inhalt Als Siebenj Hriger Wurde Er Aufs Internat Geschickt Er Berlebte Pr Gel, Heimweh, Liebeskummer, Entjungferung, Schulverweise Und Einen Selbstmordversuch Sein Leben Scheint Gescheitert, Als Er MitWegen Diebstahl Und Scheckbetrugs Im Gef Ngnis Landet Stephen Fry Erz Hlt Seine Kindheit Und Jugend Wie Einen Roman Best Rzend, Z Rtlich Und R Cksichtslos Ehrlich