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2 stars Plot was incomplete and not well thought out Relationship not interesting enough.I chuckled several times in the first chapter Then for much of the story, I was bored Finn loves Tessa but feels she deserves someone better, so he plans to leave her And he tells her that She tells him she loves him, but he can t say it back She s distressed This is their relationship through most of the book.There is a happy romantic ending, but the book feelslike chick lit than romance partly because we don t see the couple meet and grow to like each other We are told Finn left her ten years ago They each have been sad and lonely being apart The story begins when Finn returns to Tessa s town We don t see much relationship because Finn stays away from her for most of the story.The main mystery is who set some fires Two women have suspicions but they don t tell anyone and keep it secret Keeping the secret did not make sense At the end the bad guy is discovered, but there is a huge hole We don t know why the bad guy did things The bad guy also forced a second person to do something bad That was not explained and did not make sense Why would the second person do the bad thing Why didn t the second person report the bad guy to someone Bottom line, the plot was not well thought out.DATA Narrative mode 1st person Tessa, plus some chapters in 3rd person Kindle count length 5,040 336 pages Swearing language strong including religious swear words Sexual language mild Number of sex scenes one brief scene Setting current day Lucy s Lake, Vermont Copyright 2012 Genre contemporary romance.OTHER BOOKS I ve reviewed the following Lani Diane Rich books.5 stars Time Off for Good Behavior you must do the audiobook, the narrator Hillary Hawkins really makes it 4 stars Wish You Were Here4 stars The Fortune Quilt3 stars Crazy in Love3 stars Maybe Baby2 stars The Comeback Kiss2 stars A Little Ray of Sunshine too sad, teary moments, womens fiction 2 stars Ex And The Single Girl Read this on kindle It was probably a good 3 and a half I enjoyed the mystery bitthan the romance, but liked the characters it would be interesting to visit this small town again and meet some of them in different circumstances maybe a story about Jo the volunteer fire officer I love Jennifer Crusie novels and hoped this would be in a similar vein it sort of is, but I didn t get invested in the same way somehow But I might try another one by Rich sometime. This book has Lifetime Hallmark movie written all over it It was a cute story about second chances It s a very light and easy read And surprisingly has a bit of mystery added too it Now having said that, there were somethings that could have been worked out better I think the reasoning behind Finn leaving Could have been better, haddepth And as far the mystery goes, I felt it neededexplaination of why it all took place It seemedlike a filler just to get the characters to interact rather than an actual storyline plot But all in all it was a good read I ll recommend this for those who want something easy and light. Cute, and some lovely touches, but nothing like as good as A Little Ray of Sunshine, which was my first and so far, favourite book by Lani Diane Rich. Not so good Kinda bad But perhaps my review is skewed because I could not shrink the font to anything smaller than white board worthy I love this book because it s listed as romance in my library system, but it sabout family and history and community The storyline of this story was so good, and I loved that there was really only one romantic interest, instead of someone swooping in and trying to throw off the main character. Original post from One More PageI discovered Lani Diane Rich back around 2008, when I was searching for writers who published their NaNoWriMo novels I managed to get copies of her books and loved it, but they were always so hard to find that I sort of gave up on completing her entire backlist I have very fond memories of reading The Fortune Quilt, and wishing that I could write something so funny and still so real like that So now that I am actually in a romance writing class long story, will talk about it next time , I decided to stock up on books in the genre I stumbled into Lani Diane Rich again, and was very happy to finally get another one of her books.Tessa Scuderi knew it s wrong to lie, but if it s a lie that would make her keep custody of her younger sister, then she would stick by it Especially when it also means that she would forget about her best friend and first love, Dermot Finnegan, who had left with her car, her virginity and the town bell after their last escapade But when she finds her old car parked in front of her house, Tessa realizes that Finn is back, and her life is turned upside down again.Reading The Comeback Kiss reminds me of my reading experiences with Sarah Addison Allen and Kristan Higgins There s the small town charm with lots of really fun secondary characters, just like Sarah Addison Allen s novels, and then there s the laugh out loud scenes and swoony romance of a Kristan Higgins novel The Comeback Kiss is a fun read, and it s comforting because it s fluffy, but not too fluffy that it s almost just brain candy This isn t just another romance novel, but it had real emotions, and real complications of past choices and repercussions of the characters actions.I think the best part of this book is how Finn and Tessa were portrayed, especially with their friendship Their love story is one that is borne out of years of friendship, and it made sense how they both knew each other so well that they were not just lovers complicated lovers, but still but also best friends One of my favorite passages in the book describes just that Finn yelled, I gots Tootsie Rolls from the sidewalk where he stood watching Tessa froze in her spot, staring at him, transfixedThe next day, Finn stole a bag of Tootsie Rolls from the corner market and went to Tessa s house, where he found out that she was four years old and that her favorite color was yellow They d been friends ever since.The friendship angle gives their relationshipcredibility, and it was fun reading their interactions and how Finn saw himself and how Tessa saw Finn and how he saw her Ah, it had just the right amount of mush, and it was realistic enough to know that love isn t always rainbows and butterflies, even if you know each other very well.While there s nothing really completely new with the story as far as the romance goes, I think The Comeback Kiss is still a completely enjoyable book It put me in the proper writing outlining state of mind when I finished reading it, enough to submit one assignment for my romance writing class. Years ago Tessa was an adventurous high school girl with aspirations of going to art school, and in love with Finn, the town bad boy Then one day everything fell apart It all started with her joining Finn in a prank of stealing the town bell Then Tessa gave up her virginity to Finn, and her car, a Volkswagen with hand painted daisies on it Finn promised to come back with the car, and together they were going to drive off into the sunset But Finn never showed up, and that night there was a fire and a car accident that killed Tessa s mother.Now, ten years later, Tessa is responsible for her teenaged sister Izzy, who has already been taken away by social services once Tessa had to fight to get her sister back, which included making up stories about Finn, so nobody would condemn her for her one time association with him Even now Tessa constantly feels the threat of losing Izzy, so she is extremely careful in how she lives her life and has put all her dreams on hold Then all of a sudden, her car reappears right outside her door and Tessa realizes Finn is back in town Moments later there is another fire and Tessa knows to follow trouble in order to find Finn Although their reunion is rocky they instantly feel the same chemistry that they felt so long ago, and in an instant they are sharing a passionate kiss.However, after the kiss is over there are questions left to be answered What was Finn s involvement with the two fires which marked his exit and re entrance back into town How will Tessa manage to cover all the lies she has told about Finn now that he is back And will Tessa, Finn, and Izzy manage to find love, safety, and happiness despite their lack of faith in the world The Comeback Kiss tackles many serious issues, like the death of a parent and being betrayed by those we love Yet it always keeps its comic tone and a quick pace packed with suspense The characters are all very likeable despite their many flaws, and the snappy dialogue between them is fun and well done The small Vermont town where the story takes place offers a cozy and intriguing setting which will make you wish for winter But most of all, the chemistry between Finn and Tessa jumps off the page and will leave you wanting .Lani Dianne Rich has written a story about second chance and becoming reconnected with the one who got away If you love a good romance with colorful characters and an active plot, then this is the book is for you. {DOWNLOAD EBOOK} ⚞ The Comeback Kiss (Warner Forever) ä Sometimes Love Just Won T Go Away ALL IT TAKES IS ONE LITTLE KISS In Order To Keep Custody Of Her Teenage Sister, Tessa Scuderi Told A Small Okay, Big Lie To The People Of Lucy S Lake, Vermont, About What Really Happened Ten Years Ago When Dermot Finnegan Took Off With Her Virginity, Her Car, And The Town Bell It Had Been Working, Too, Until She Found Her Old Car Parked In Front Of Her House, Keys In The Ignition, And A Telltale Red Hair Stuck To The Headrest TOTALLY SCREW EVERYTHING UPAll Finn Wanted To Do Was Return The Stupid Car And Get Going But He Stopped To Save A Burning Pet Shop Big Mistake , Ended Up Kissing Tessa Behind The Drugstore Big Mistake, But Worth It , And Discovered That Tessa S Been Building Him Up As Some Kind Of Town Hero All These Years Gonna Have To Puzzle That Out Now Finn Has To Find Out Who S Behind A String Of Mysterious Fires And Deal With The Heat Between Him And Tessa Hey, One Kiss Can T Hurt Or Can It Book Review The Comeback Kiss by Lani Diane RichThis was a good story in the sense that Tessa and Finn were together when they were teenagers, destined to be together until he left and didn t look back Ten years later he finds himself back in town to return her car that he took that night long ago I felt sorry for Tessa That night was horrible for her and her life suddenly changed She had to grow up and she lost herself in the process So, she is livid when Finn returns I love it because she uses it to hide how hurt she still is The author creates these situations that are comical and quirky to show small town life The story revolves around Tessa and her sister Finn decides to help figure out what happened to their mother So, the author throws in a mystery to solve.I love the beginning scenes of the pet store on fire where Finn saves the animals and ends up with a dog that follows him home There are so many instances that are outrageous enough to make you chuckle I like the characters as Tessa is strong and smart She does well with the help of Finn s boss Babs is so over the top, I loved her instantly She is the crazy fairy godmother that helps everything move along She was awesome However, Finn did take a while to get with the program and I lost patience with him on numerous occasions He was ridiculous I m glad he had someone who knew better to push him in the direction he needed to go It was a good read I give it a 4 out of 5.