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A dark, sarcastic, and freaking hilarious retelling of Hansel and Gretel, with a few other fairy tales thrown in.Gretel bites off a whole lot than she can chew when she escapes into the Darkwood and accidentally joins a gang of witches But she can handle it, she can do maths.It reminds me a bit of Discworld and it was nice to see that the author did get inspiration from that among other sarcastic magical stories.ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This is an excellent and humorous riff on common fairy tale lore Gretel and her brother Hansel live with their stepmother and stepfather yes, both are step, no one knows why at the edge of cursed forest it s dangerous, but the housing prices cannot be beat and within the confines of a kingdom under the sway of the Huntsmen who outlaw nearly everything they find personally offensive like witches, magic, and girls knowing math Gretel can t quite contain her cleverness however and she soon catches the attention of the Huntsman Accused of witchcraft how else to you explain engineering prowess , Gretel must flee to the woods herself where she finds among legitimate dangers, including the dreaded bin men a coven of witches and fellow escapees But safety in the unsafe woods proves elusive when the Huntsmen are no longer content to drive off those they dislike with accusations of witchcraft and instead decide to take both the forest and Gretel s home village.This is the first book in what looks to be a crackerjack series I d recommend it to fans of fantasy and humor, but am perplexed by the number of readers who seem to be categorizing this book as middle grade Neither the content or vocabulary indicate this work is intended for children, the press is not a children s press, and NetGalley cross lists it as humor and sci fi fantasy I m worried that this book might be falling to unfortunate trend of assuming female authors automatically equate YA audience This particular series would be best categorized as humor satire and fantasy ARC via NetGalley [Download Ebook] ☦ Darkwood ♻ You Mustn T Go Into The Darkwood, Children Not Even To Get Your Ball Leave It That Ball Belongs To The Witches And The Beasties, Now Those Wicked Witches Stealing Your Ball Magic Is Forbidden In Myrsina, Along With Various Other Abominations, Such As Girls Doing Maths This Is Bad News For Gretel Mudd, Who Doesn T Perform Magic, But Does Know A Lot Of Maths When Her Clever Inventions Prompt The Sinister Masked Huntsmen Who Run The Country To Accuse Her Of Witchcraft, She Is Forced To Flee Into The Neighbouring Darkwood, Where All The Witches And Monsters Dwell There, She Happens Upon Buttercup, A Witch Who Can T Help Turning Things Into Gingerbread, Jack Trott, Who Can Make Plants Grow At Will, The White Knight With Her Band Of Dwarves And A Talking Spider Called Trevor These Aren T The Terrifying Villains She S Been Warned About All Her Life They Re Actually Quite Nice Well Most Of Them With The Huntsmen On The Warpath, Gretel Must Act Fast To Help The Witches Save Both The Darkwood And Her Home Village, While Unravelling The Rhetoric And Lies That Have Demonised Magical Beings For Far Too Long I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Darkwood by Gabby Hutchinson Crouch may be perfect for you if you re looking for a funny MG fantasy adventure story It took me a minute to get into the writing style it s in present tense , but once you do you ll be hooked I loved all of the fairy tale elements that the author managed to tie together so seamlessly from Hansel and Gretel, Snow, Jack and everyone Even better is the sense of humor it s very self aware, by the way, which completely works in its favor I have a feeling if you re a fan of Shrek or Monty Python and the Holy Grail, you ll get a kick out of this series opener I m looking forward to continuing The Darkwood Series. this was sent to me by the publishers through netgalley, all thoughts are my own omfg guys this was amazing this is a middle grade fairytale retelling of hansel gretal, snow white, and others as witches who have been banished by the power hungry huntsmen and it was everything I could ever ask for this gives me ALL the monty python and shrek vibes and it SO DAMN GOOD the humor, the characters, the story, the MESSAGE of corruption and perceptions of truth was breathtaking also I totally think there s a slow burn sapphic romance in the works I am beyond thrilled with this book and I am fully invested in this series if y all don t have this on your tbr s by now you re missing out I can t say enough good things about this READ IT. This is a retelling of many fairy tales rolled into one quirky story It is along the lines of the drama Once upon a time in terms of its content There is a flippancy in the conversation and the humour lies in the delivery and the situation that we are witnessing Hansel and Gretel live with their step parents in a little village where they get orders from power at the citadel on how to conduct their daily lives and how things are supposed to work When Gretel is suspected of being a witch and driven out to Darkwood the magical wood bordering their village new information comes to light Gretel corrals the troops, which consists of different odd magical life forms in order to defend their way of life It is a fun book meant for light reading despite touching upon forms of xenophobia and the blind faith in cult like situations There are many other fairy tale characters that make their way into the story in order to give it substance and they are all unique in their own way, none so than Trevor about him would get clearer on reading the book itself I would recommend this to fans of retellings as well as quirky dialogues and characters.I received an ARC from NetGalley but the review is completely based on my own reading experience. I received an ARC copy of this book from NetGalleyWe make out that witches aren t real people, but we pretend that we aren t people, either Because, if we can convince others and ourselves that we re not really people, then we can let ourselves get away with committing some really inhuman acts This was hilarious and also surprisingly deep towards the end It starts out as a satire of many common fairy tales Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Jack and the Beanstalk, etc as well as a commentary on the antiquated gender roles in most fairy tale type stories By the end it s actually a very insightful commentary on how easy it is for people to turn against other people who are different than them and what a slippery slope that can turn out to be The plot is very fast paced and funny and I really liked all the characters and the unique spins that the author put on them I would definitely recommend this to people who like tongue in cheek fairy tale retellings like Kiersten White s Beanstalker and Other Hilarious Scarytales. I must wonder why peoplebetter say adultsare skeptical about middle grade books I read a lot of middle grade books and enjoyed them If book is written properly there should not be this sort of classification Also, since this story is some kind of satireit explores themes of authoritarianism and intolerance , I m not even sure that it should be placed into the group of middle grade books.Anyway,I really enjoyed this bookAs I am a huge fan of fairy tales and at the same time very skeptical about their retellings, I was a bit reserved at the beginning but it was very nice till the end It was really funny and I ve laughed out loud many many times. I picked up Darkwood when I heard that it was a funny, twisted fairytale adventure written by one of the writers of the Horrible Histories TV show which I love and it did turn out to be very funny I laughed out loud so many times but also sweet and full of heart, with fabulously lovable characters as well as some very creepy ones, and a sharp and topical look at the ways in which scary authoritarian movements can take hold in society.Mostly, though, I just loved all the characters in this story, from Gretel the brave and clever inventor to Buttercup the Cake Witch and Trevor the talking spider and would be spy with a fabulous line up of tiny, dashing outfits to help him go undercover at least in his own eyes and the unicorn Charles the Magnificent who has, as he insists people recognize, MAJESTIC hooves I loved all of the different slants on familiar fairy tale characters and tropes I laughed again and again.I wouldn t necessarily call this an MG book, although it does include MG aged protagonists It s one of those quirky, clever, and fun f sf romps that doesn t quite fit into any neatly labeled age grouping but no matter what age you are, if you love Ursula Vernon s Castle Hangnail, Tansy Rayner Roberts s novels, or Terry Pratchett s Tiffany Aching books, I would DEFINITELY recommend this one.Halfway through reading it to myself with huge enjoyment, I realized that my 10 year old would love it too, so I backed up and started again to read it out loud with him And it was an ENORMOUS success We ve had so many conversations about the characters and setting Last night, when I finished our bedtime reading session, he let out a happy sigh and said, I LOVE Darkwood Tonight we finished reading it, and he begged me to preorder the next book in the series IMMEDIATELY Sadly, it s not available for preorder yet I asked the author on Twitter and she says it s coming in early 2020 and titled SUCH BIG TEETH but we will be preordering the instant it s available This is such a fun world Thanks to Netgalley for the chance to read early for an honest review.This book is hilarious The Afterward mentioned the author was inspired by Shrek and the Discworld novels and I can really see that.When I saw the cover, I immediately thought of the Black Knight from Monty Python and I think that was intentional this story is very satirical It s everything you love about fairy tales, but is very aware of itself I loved these versions of Hansel Gretel, Jack, Snow, and the rest And I absolutely loved Trevor the spider.It also takes the whole girls must be witches if they can think or do math and has them fighting back against their faceless oppressors the masked huntsmen I also liked how this story reflected how society can be with the getting rid of people who are different because some people find the differences intimidating instead of accepting them For a middle grade book, this had a lot going on in a good way I m glad it s a series and I m excited to read the next one.