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I LOVE science fiction themed romance What s not to love about space ships, interstellar hijinks and sexy first contact What I m not so keen on is the aliens abduct women to have sex with them trope Not that I m against hot and sexy aliens getting their freak on, but there tends to be that dratted fated mates thing which is usually handled in such a way as to render the heroine utterly helpless and without agency Again, The Fountain Pen Diva s hard and fast rule is that I MUST love the heroine as well as I do the hero I need to know the heroine be she human or other being has AGENCY In this case, that she can tell said Alien McHottiepants to get bent when he starts that me alien, you human nonsense I also need consistency in the narrative and that sense of being in an alien world.Unfortunately, His To Claim misses the space ship on some of these Overall it s not a bad story alien meets human and unwittingly falls in love There were some funny cross cultural moments But the narrative was all over the place as the story progressed the male alien D rek started sounding like a typical and human alpha male World building isn t just about throwing a few made up words like diijo Alien world building, like fantasy world building, should be immersive It should sound like a place I can easily imagine yet also unfamiliar.I do have to say that Kira wasn t as bad as I thought she d be Kira was a fighter, at least for the first part of the book What I hoped was that D rek s huge equipment wouldn t turn her into a lust puppet It was a bit of both I will say there were instances D rek did respect Kira s boundaries and when she said no, he didn t force himself Still, I just didn t feel the chemistry between these two The power differential was too apparent Their worlds were just too different and given the brevity of the book, wasn t fully explored Of course, there s a sequel.There s a lot of sex And I found myself glossing over it because again, no real chemistry I just wasn t invested in either character. A treaty between the Xalthurian Human settlement mandates that all females at twenty one years of age will sexually submit to one of their warriors for the sole purpose of procreation If the resulting infant is a female, the Human mother will keep her, however, if the infant is a male, the infant will be surrendered to it s Xalthurian father In exchange, the Human settlement will receive a yearly provision of food stuffs and remain protected After seeing what her elder sister went through after she birthed a male child Kira decides she won t submit when it s her time Fabricating an elaborate hiding place for herself and BFF Zinna, Kira is all set to disappear when the Xalthurians next appear Little does Kira realize that she s caught the eye of a certain warrior who intends to claim her and won t be denied Having waited until Kira reached twenty one, Tel D Rek arrives only to find she s not with the other females Hunting is Tel s specialty as he proceeds to track her down with the sole intent to breed her only to change his mind and potentially negate the terms of the treaty when he decides to keep her Having read the prequel preview, I patiently impatiently have been waiting to get my hands on this book Things started out with a bang as Tel D Rek was not going to be denied He wanted Kira and no one was going to stop him, not even Kira Kira on the other hand was a dutiful daughter and sister who was determined to take things into her own hands and not blindly submit to anyone Additionally, having seen the pain of mothers who had their infant son s ripped out of their hands never to see them again was the most terrifying The stage was set It s a battle of the sexes and you have to know that this girl was pulling for Kira The overall story line is one of mystery suspense espionage intrigue as the authors provided a world building to sustain a multi book series I do have to admit that I foresaw two future couples that would be featured in the future and kind of sleuthed out the evil plot evil element source but the authors made the overall story so engaging that I couldn t fault them Many times it s the journey to get to the end that is the most enjoyable Secondary characters As this is a new series and new release, I m going to avoid mentioning anyone as potential readers should have the joy of discovering who the good, the bad, and the ugly are without anyone spoiling the experience My issues Minor and not really to any degree that affected the overall story, a possible copyedit detail had me flipping back and forth to check verify something that I m still not certain I caught Regardless, a well thought out story that I enjoyed and look forward to the next release, whenever that will be A book that fans of SciFi Dystopia erotic romance fantasy should definitely check out. [Free Book] ♣ His To Claim (Alien Overlords, #1) ⚓ Popular Ebook, His To Claim Alien Overlords, 1 Author Taylor Vaughn This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book His To Claim Alien Overlords, 1 , Essay By Taylor Vaughn Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You His To Claim byTaylor VaughnGenres Adult, Erotic, Romance, Sci Fi, Suspense5 Full Stars Yes, my copy has a few editing errors There are a couple of sentence structure problems words that need correctionButand I do not say this carelessly ,Even with those instances, this story is STILL a solid 5 stars The flow is smooth The story itself is fast paced.The world build is absolutely amazing In fact, I have to say,Best Sci FiI have read in a very, very long time The various species are well defined Their cultures, while alien, are not ridiculous nor absurd The mc s, Kel D Rek The Xalthurian Kira The human from the planet New Terrhan are amazingly well represented and you will fall in love with both of them.Their relationship is complex, filled with misunderstandings, emotions, language barriers and cultural differences Their intimate scenes are adult Hot, steamy and beautifully erotic These scenes are always written in perfect harmony to the story You never feel like it is just thrown in Suspense Oh My God The suspense keeps you on your toes and vibrating with that wonderful tensity only truly well done suspense can bring us addicted readers There is deceit and treachery Betrayal.Unscrupulous Manipulations.There is the Kaidorians who have some of the same problems as the Xalthurians.I didn t just enjoy this story I ATE IT UP The authors and this series is definitely going on my favorites shelf and I will shortly be clicking the follow button.I wait with great anticipation for the next book in this series I love science fiction, so you can imagine how excited I was to have the opportunity to read the ARC of Theodora Taylor and Eve Vaughn s new Sci Fi romance I wish I could say that it lived up to my expectations While not an extremely terrible book, it wasn t what I would have expected considering two authors put their minds and creative talents together to write it A little non spoiler overview of the story On a planet known as New Terrahn, women who have reached the age of 21 are expected to breed with Xalthurians, a dominant and technologically advanced alien species as part of an agreement established years ago This treaty requires the mothers relinquish their hybrid sons to their alien fathers as a virus has rendered the females on Xalthuria infertile When one woman attempts to keep her son, the chaos it creates results in her sister Kira capturing the attention of the alien Tel D Rek who stakes his claim to breed with her and vows to return when she reaches the appropriate age My Thoughts in GeneralWhile the premise has promise, I frankly found the story a bit lazy The alien males in need of human women to breed trope is unimaginative and it s featured in so many sci fi romances that I ve lost track To do such a basic trope successfully, the story has to elevate it somehow Unfortunately, His to Claim, never seemed to reach high enough and failed to intrigue me In addition, I really found the romance difficult to buy into Problems that I had I need a reason for the heroine and the hero to fall in love Sorry I didn t buy it Stockholm Syndrome and obsessive lust are not love I find it hard to believe view spoiler that a person who expects people to never look him in the eye, never talk back to him and who s never had to ask for a thing in his life to suddenly become considerate and start asking a woman for permission shortly after being alone with her You ll know what I mean when you read it hide spoiler well, shit this was quite enjoyable better than i imagined.buddy read with my I love sci fi alien romances and was so looking forward to this, the premise and variants of it I ve read before but this time its execution left a lot to be desired and was in fact terrible.Every human girl growing up on New Terrhan knows that she when she reaches the age of 21, she will be taken by one or Xalthurian males, to be breed, permitted to only keep her child if the baby is a girl, baby boys are taken away never to be seen again The lack of paternal care for the hybrid daughters was something I really didn t like, nor was I happy with how the Xalthurian treated mothers who had no desire to hand over their sons Women seem to be only valued for breeding, trade and alliance negotiations One scene between Kira and D Rek was just not ok he is pissed she s been talking to a guy and thus decides to view spoiler drug her so she is so horny she needs release sex, and he decides to take her in front of the guy she has been speaking to, but he refuses to give her release for a long time, even though she is in pain hide spoiler Kel D Rek is a fast paced Sci Fi read about how opposites don t always attract, at least not immediately When D Rek and Ki Ra meets it s not under the best circumstances since it s immediately after Ki Ra experiences a great personal loss None of this phases D Rek since he s use to getting what, and in Ki Ra s case, who he wants Be careful what you wish for because D Rek soon realizes that Ki Ra is so much than he bargained for but maybe she is all that he never knew he needed I ll admit when I first met D Rek I wasn t sure if the authors of this book would be able to make him a likable hero for me, but I m happy that I didn t give up on him Although I got off to a bumpy start with the hero these very talented authors made him than likable, even a bit lovable The story implores you to take a journey with these characters and get to know them before you rush to a snap judgement, because as is in real life, first impressions are not always correct People, and in this case big blue aliens, can change and things are not always what they seem The authors did a wonderful job in telling how D Rek and Ki Ra s vastly different backgrounds and upbringing had a major effect on how these two races felt about each other, but once they got to know each other personally they found out that they had to makes their own decisions and not let others opinions direct their actions or feelings towards others I m glad I decided to give D Rek a second chance and I look forward to the next book in the series. Oh my good gosh, I can t wait for you to read this book It s crazy hot and super romantic and Eve and I are SO EXCITED to share it with you Virus Xalthuria New Terrhan Hu mans Treaty Tel Two solars My Kel Breeding Kidnapped New Kel D Rek Kira Treaty Kira s teaches Kel learns Obsession BRAVO Eve Vaughn and Theodora Taylor s collaboration has brought new meaning to sci fi for me Two of my favorite authors they came, they saw and kicked butt in writing Kel D Rek His to Claim and what a claiming it was With an arrogant blue alpha hero, Kel D Rek and a fierce and smart heroine Kira, these two will make your laugh, cuss and laugh some and even scream until you understand how obsessed they really were with one another You forget I am your Kel I can negotiate a new treaty at any time and with any person I wish Anything you want, k vani, I can provide Name your price Kel D RekH h might be polar opposites but so passionate with each other once My Kel learned true emotions Think of Kel initially as Spock from Star Trek, however when he learned his k vani and her sweet hot, well read it for yourselves When I first laid eyes on Ki Ra, I knew she would be trouble What I did not know was that she would fast become my obsession Kel D RekBut not only was there a beautiful love story in this racy sci fi tale, but also another race called the Kaidorians savages in comparison to the Xalthurians who needed an agreement to continue their race with the female hu mans of New Terrhan for breeding purposes Oh and Kel s duplicitous Prime Minister, N Ure, N Maryah, T Kan and Zinnia Although the authors mentioned this would be a trilogy along with the Kaidorians series, I can see some interesting new situations with these series Great work Taylor Vaughn 5 Blue My Kel stars ARC provided for an honest review