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~E-PUB ♫ Cawdor and Medea: A Long Poem After Euripides ☪ The Verse Narrative Cawdor, Set On The Ruthless California Coast Which Jeffers Knew So Well, Tells A Simple Tale An Aging Widower, Cawdor, Unwilling To Relinquish His Youth, Knowingly Marries A Young Girl Who Does Not Love Him She Falls In Love With His Son, Hood, And The Narrative Unfolds In Tragedy Of Immense Proportions Medea Is A Verse Adaptation Of Euripides Drama And Was Created Especially For The Actress Judith Anderson Their Combined Genius Made The Play One Of The Outstanding Successes Of The S In Medea, Jeffers Relentlessly Drove Toward What Ralph Waldo Emerson Had Called The Proper Tragic Element Terror 5 stars for Medea, a superb adaptation of Euripides 4 for Cawdor, a lean tragic novel in verse. I ve long been a fan of Jeffers poetry, but had not read Cawdor I really liked this California tragedy with hints of ancient epics It s dark, but reads very well, especially if you enjoy tragedies the literary kind, I mean I ve had a closer relationship to Medea I played Creon in this version of the play, many years ago, in college, but I hadn t read it again for many years Although I love the original by Euripides, this recasting is powerful as well Short, dark, and not particularly subtle, but beautifully written and wonderfully horrific If, as I was, you are in the mood for something dark on an early spring weekend, pick this one up. Brother Antoninus William Everson , in the introduction to this book makes a derisive reference to a derisive critique of Jeffers by Yvor Winters In aesthetics, as many other things, I seem unconsciously attracted to opposites Perhaps I have an amazing power of synthesis or a high tolerance for dissonance or maybe I just don t know what is going on.Cawdor is one of Jeffers nicer narratives No incest, or mutilation or putrefaction but dark enough, a good transition from the Sierra Club Hawk and Nature lovers to Jeffers Inhumanism. Raw, dawg. I don t know enough about Medea to review this translation I d like to hear from other readers who might be able to help me put this book in context or recommend other translations.I find Jeffers world view, as expressed in his poetry, to be unnecessarily bleak His preference of Nature to civilization offends my humanist sensibilities I can t help but wonder if what I found unpleasant about Medea is located in the original text or in Jeffers translation of it. The Californian poet Robinson Jeffers described his written work as, An exhibition of essential elements by the burning away through pain and ruin of inertia and the unessential, and Cawdor is the work that I value the most As a Carmel native, I treasure my souvenirs of Robinson Jeffers Selected Poems 1965 by Robinson Jeffers Calm and Full the ocean , Love that, Not Man Apart from that Photographs of the Big Sur Coast, Lines From Robinson Jeffers Photographs of the Big Sur Coast 1969 by David Brower and Robinson Jeffers The Beaks of Eagles The Beach Boys 1973 and Medea Freely adapted from the Medea by Euripides by Robinson Jeffers, signed Sincerely, Robinson Jeffers for my mother, a dramatic lit major from UC Berkely who sewed costumes for Carmel, CA s Golden Bough Theater Later, I borrowed and admired copies of Roan Stallion, Tamar, The Double Axe, and The Women at Point Sur Back to Cawdor wherein the poet writes, My father his thoughts were deep, Patient and wise believed it life was good because it was growing At first, it was a morsel of slime in the sea, It grew to be worms and fishes, lizards and snakes and eagles iconic to RB , You see the progress the progress, then the things with hair and hot blood, It was coming up from the ocean and climbing mountains, Subduing the earth, molding its bundle of nerves In the magnificent mind of man, and passing Beyond man, towonders That helped my father He loved that You and me, of course, it can t help, Because we know nothing goes on forever.What good is better and better if best draws a blank