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~Book ☣ Vessels ⚓ What Is A Vessel As Objects Made For Human Interaction And Handling, Both Containing And Bounded By Space, Vessels Can Take Many Forms And Be Constructed Of A Wide Variety Of Materials However, They Are All Unified In Signifying A Potential For Practical Functioning, Whether Or Not A Particular Object Is In Fact Used In This Way In Its Particular ContextIn This Second Volume In The Visual Conversations In Art Archaeology Series, And The First In The Center For Global Ancient Art Sub Series, Four Essays By Leading Scholars Tackle The Category Of Vessels In Ancient Greece, Late Antique Rome, Pre Columbian Mesoamerica, And Ancient China By Considering The Material Properties Of The Object As Container, The Interactions Between User And Vessel, And The Power Of The Vessel As Both A Conceptual Category And Material Metaphor, They Argue That Many Vessels And Assemblages Of Vessels Were In Their Own Time Sites Of Considerable Intellectual Power, Smart And Sophisticated Commentaries On The Very Categories That They EmbodyIn Collecting These Individual Case Studies Together, The Volume Offers An Art Historical And Cross Cultural Study Of Vessels From Ancient Societies, Drawing Illuminating Comparisons And Interpretations Between Traditions In Keeping With The Aims Of The Series, It Serves As A Model For A New Kind Of Comparative Art History, One Which Emphasizes Material Culture And Is Attentive To Questions Of Evidence And Method, Yet Remains Historically Grounded And Contextually Sensitive