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Fiona Davenport at their finest I just adored this story so very much I was thrilled when I found out there would be another story after Muse and Starlet As someone who isn t wild about stories involving entertainers or that industry FD has set the bar high and won me completely over no cheating zero ow om drama no violence no separation lots of steam dual virgin possible set up for another story great epilogue 3.5 stars Colette s identity has been a secret as her parents wanted her to live as normal a life as possible considering who they are, but she s ready to take her rightful place within the family business Thankfully, and surprisingly, her dad agrees and her first task is to inform a talent agent they won t take the risk of giving one of his clients a second chance.Tyson loves what he does and enjoys the fact he also gets to work with some of his friends while doing it And in the case of one client, and someone he knew when he was younger, he truly believes the man hasthan paid for his mistakes and deserves to prove he s changed If only he can get one of the key people needed to give him the opportunity to agree.He wasn t expecting to meet Colette, but he doesn t hesitate to try to get to know her better When things don t go as he d hoped, he s prepared to take drastic measures and show her they belong together.How will Tyson react when he learns who Colette is Will she give him a chance Will they get their HEA Or will business interfere in their future One click now and follow along as two people meet and instantly feel the pull, though it takes a bit longer to act on it I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. Collette is the Heiress to a movie making studio, Grier Studios Tyson is the owner of TAG Management and when he visits the Grier Studios he is smitten with Colette and he vows to make her his Fast and steamy story Tyson is the ultimate caveman not to mention stalker He falls hard and fast for Colette I loved that he even brought her dad as their neighbor such a sweet gesture I loved how possessive and jealous he was Adorable couple and super cute epilogue with 6 kids wow definitely my kind of book Safe both hero and heroine are virgins Can t wait for Remington s story. ( Free ) ♃ Heiress ♿ Colette Moore Is Set To Inherit One Of The Biggest Studios In Hollywood She Grew Up Out Of The Spotlight But Now That She S Taken On A New Role In The Company, She Has To Learn To Deal With The Drama Like Mixing Business With Pleasure Tyson Grant Is One Of The Top Agents In The Business, With A Reputation For Getting The Job Done He S A Hollywood Insider Who Knows Everyone In Town Or That S What He Thought Before He Finally Meets The Only Person Who Matters Warning We Hope You Re In The Mood For An Over The Top Hero Who Has His Eye On The Prize, And Will Do Whatever It Takes Including Kidnapping To Acquire Her Because This Hollywood With Alexa Riley Story Will Hold You Captive Heiress is the story of Colette and Tyson.A super sexy insta love tale with loads of possession, obsession, lactation fetish and oh SO MUCH breeding Adorable and hot at the same time Safe4 5 This is the third book in the Hollywood series.Collette is taking her place within her father s film studio, learning the ropes as the AVP her first meeting is with Tyson an agent trying to convince the studio to give his client Remington another chance but there is immediate chemistry between them and although she tries to fight the pull she can t help but fall for the enigmatic and powerful man who stole her heart the moment their eyes met But how will her father react to this development after only just getting her back from college Tyson wasn t expecting the beauty of Collette but he knew the moment their eyes met across the meeting room table that he was done She was his and he was determined to show her just how his she was Will Tyson rise to the challenge or will she slip through his grasp These are such short and fun stories but from these authors would you expect anything else can t wait for Remington s book Great read with great epilogues. I m basically giving this three stars for Tyson Something about this one didn t pull me in like the others Maybe it was the situation in which they met or because we really didn t get much from Colette Either way, Tyson s POV was a treat to read and I will always love me a OTT alpha guy. I can t tell how much I loved Tyson and Colette What s better than one virgin Two Yes our male lead will rock your world in a really good way He s over the top crazy in love with our heroine and he ll stop at nothing to make her his You d think kidnapping would do that, but no this guy is next level He knows everything about her And I mean everything From her birthday, social security number, phone he has that in a day and changes his whole house security to her personal info As to her moving in Forget about her bringing her stuff that d be too easy No he s also shopped for her A closet full of clothes He means business But there s one thing our lead overlooked in his report on Colette He overlooked the fact who her father is Small detail but it could have saved him a bit of trouble But seeing her on the arm of her father he s not aware of that he does the only that makes sense Kidnaps her and plans to put his baby in her belly ASSP I thought the last two books had self obsessed Alphas they ve got nothing g on Tyson It s crazy fast and over the top And steamy OFF THE CHARTS. 4.5 Smut Scale StarsAnother favorite read from this author After reading Starlet, I decided to go for broke and just read all the book set in this universe I m enjoying them so very much.Here s what I love It s short and sweet The over the top alpha vibe is strong, but not so much that it feels like hyperbole.The erotic flare of the book isn t too over powering I enjoyed the story as well.Overall, it was a super quick and sexy read Loved it Off to the next one.