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Little is known about the normal Palestinian life except for conflict occupation This book gives you a look on an ordinary Palestinian s joys, sorrows and sufferings in a fun way And that makes it all that different and special. . [Free] ⚇ Sharon and My Mother-in-Law: Ramallah Diaries ♽ Based On Diaries And E Mail Correspondence That Architect Suad Amiry Kept From To , Sharon And My Mother In Law Evokesthe Frustrations, Cabin Fever, And Downright Misery Of Daily Life In The West Bank Town Of Ramallah Amiry Writes With Elegance And Humor About The Enormous Difficulty Of Moving From One Place To Another, The Torture Of Falling In Love With Someone From Another Town, The Absurdity Of Her Dog Receiving A Jerusalem Identity Card When Thousands Of Palestinians Could Not, And The Trials Of Having Her Ninety Two Year Old Mother In Law Living In Her House During A Forty Two Day Curfew With A Wickedly Sharp Ear For Dialogue And A Keen Eye For Detail, Amiry Gives Us An Original, Ironic, And Firsthand Glimpse Into The Absurdity And Agony Of Life In The Occupied Territories 4stelle per simpatia e per solidariet a Suad Amiri I suoi diari fanno a tratti sorridere, pur essendo un amara ironia quella che usa per scriverli, per raccontare la vita quotidiana in un paese quasi costantemente sotto coprifuoco, dove per spostarsi di pochi chilometri si controllati pi volte, per avere dei documenti in regola sia un impresa che richiede anni di pazienza ed altre bazzecole del genere finora ho trovato utile leggere i suoi libri per scoprire fatti della storia della Palestina che non conoscevo. . Please read this book It is what I have been trying to tell everyone about the Palestinian occupation It is not about the religion it is about the people The people that want to write, attend concerts, feed their kids, go to work The Israeli s are wrong in their treatment of the Palestinians This was a quick read about a women who lives in the West Bank and her experiences. . 90%. I could really relate to what she said about living illegally in Palestine the term was always ridiculous to me but unfortunately this is how things work in Palestine For me, I lived illegally but for different reasons I got my ID just after Oslo during my first visit to Palestine but my journey started when I decided to live in Ramallah to study at Beir Zait university for my masters And yes in Palestine u can have an ID and still be considered as illegal resident I have a Gazan ID which means that I can not reach the West Bank but with a special permit Once it is expired, I had to go back to Gaza or if I decide to remain in WB I will be illegal Of course the second choice was the most appropriate thing to do especially that I was working and studying in Ramallah at the permit would be mostly for only a week or so From 1998 till 2000 I stayed in Ramallah and at that time I thought that I had a bad experience, till things became worse after the Intifada I was lucky that just one day before the outbreak of the Intifada I went to Gaza to live with my parents thinking that I can work on my thesis from there Which I barely did It took me 4 years to finish my thesis as I could not make it to the WB at all and I had to go to Egypt to get the material I needed for my thesis In 2004 I got married and moved to the WB once again And wooooooo that was a completely different experience, or i would say a nightmare, especially after I became a Mom I will come back later to explain the difference between the two experiences, but now I have to go. .