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I usually really, really like the books of this series This has been my least favorite so far Honestly I think the jumping back and forth through time really bothered me This was the easiest of the books so far to read, because of the two side stories are a bit easier to understand Personally, I enjoy the Book of Mormon Bible settings better.What I do like best about these books are the research and notes placed in the back to help explain the studies and historical evidences of how he has created a story that we really don t know much about In this case, the importance of the Day of Rememberance. On the plus side, I hadn t known much about the Day of Remembrance in Jewish culture, so I learned some interesting things.On the negative side, I didn t like the jumping between so many different storylines I also didn t understand why the author even included the Jerusalem 1820 s storyline at all Just okay. [Download Pdf] ♡ Day of Remembrance ⚖ Old World,BC Under Mandate From Their Prophetfather, The Sons Of Lehi Face Treachery And Lethal Danger As They Seek To Secure The Brass Plates From The Ruthless Captain Laban Meanwhile, Zoram And Elizabeth Work Feverishly To Smith New Plates For Engraving The Prophecies Of Jeremiah A Vital Task That Must Be Completed Before The Feast Of The Trumpets, Also Known As The Day Of Remembrance Old World, Th Century In His Home Built Above The Remains Of Laban S Treasury, Sephardic Jew Reuben Kessler Anticipates The Marriage Of His Son Danny On The Day Of Remembrance But When Tragedy Strikes On The Blessed Day, The Devastated Fathers Of The Bride And Groom Must Cling To Their Faith That God Will Remember His Covenant People New World, Th Century Commissioned By The Angel Moroni, Joseph Smith Jr Endures Harrowing Challenges As He Prepares To Receive The Plates Of Gold And Translate Them Into The Book Of Mormon The Fulfillment Of Ancient Promises Draws Near As Joseph Returns Each Year To The Hill Cumorah On The Day Of Remembrance Three Families, Three Stories Yet In The Grand Design Of The Lord, They Intertwine As One This Fourth Volume In The Promised Land Saga Bridges Ancient And Modern Times To Reveal The Unfolding Of A Marvelous Work And A Wonder Again, Woolley brings the scriptural account of Lehi and his sons to life with his vivid imagination of how things could have happened in fleshing out the details of the Book of Mormon s account of obtaining the plates from Laban I liked the Historical Notes at the end which disclose Woolley s detailed research into the background for this series of books. I should not have waited so long to pick up this book after finishing the others in the series It took my overtaxed memory a while to get back into the characters, especially those whose names aren t familiar to me from religious texts I love the entire Jerusalem and wilderness story Expanding upon what Nephi and his family went through and then adding in Jeremiah was brilliantly written I really could have done without the Joseph Smith inclusion Though I see what the author was trying to do juxtaposing acquiring both sets of plates, it didn t work for me And, the side story of the Jewish family set in the time period of Joseph was interesting but felt like it should be its own novel, expanded and not linked to this story Still, I liked everything well enough to finish out the series And, I will read number five soon so I don t forget the rest. The series finally starts to pick up with this book Though I highly recommend HB Moore s Out of Jeruselem series, Woolley did his homework Too bad this well researched text suffers from an overload of weak character arcs and confusing plotlines.The madness continues in book 4 of this series as he weaves in the story of Joseph Smith and his first visit by the angel Moroni Just when I thought I couldn t handle another new character and timeline, Woolley caught my interest by including these little known facts about Joseph Smith Gerald Lund s series never mentioned this Like the 1820 area records showing a brief warm spell in early spring, meaning the First Vision probably took place in March and that Joseph waited almost two years before confiding to his family the answer he received on that historic day when he went into the woods to pray Fascinating Hey, Woolley Ditch the Lehi story, it s going nowhere fast, Your readers have already figured out that romance between Zoram and what s her name is never going to happen Have you even read 1 Nephi And that whole thing with Zoram being the son of the prophet Yeah, better stick with Joseph Smith I love historical fiction and I m wishing you d done a Work and the Glory type series now instead of Book of Mormon. I liked this book better It was muchfast pace,interesting I felt like he finally weeded out things that were boring or unnecessary, and kept what was interesting and informational I was glad to be done with this series, but I felt like it ended with a lot of open ends, many things left unexplained Then I laughed when I got on the author s website and saw that a 5th book just came out in September It is nice to know there sto the story, but I was very ready to be done and moving on So anyway, sometime in the future I will read that one I give this book 3.5 stars, I enjoyed itthan the others, but didn t love it This series has been enjoyable and informational, but I probably won t ever read it again. I have really enjoyed this series of books It is a historical fiction series kind of like the The Work and the Glory Books but based on the Book of Mormon instead It is incredible how much research has gone into the writing of these books Volume I starts with I Nephi Chapter 1 and this Fourth Volume concludes with I Nephi Chapter 4 and the slaying of Captain Laban and Nephi obtaining the brass plates So these four volumes only cover nine pages in I Nephi It gave me a very good feel and better understanding of the times and the customs I understand there is another volume in the making but I can t imagine he will finish the entire Book of Mormon. The 4th volume in the Promised Land series revolves around a holy Jewish day known as the Feast of Trumpets, which is also known as the Day of Remembrance Set in three different time periods the Old World in 600 B.C., early 1800 s Jerusalem, and the time period in which Joseph Smith is visited by Moroni and begins his tutelage before receiving the gold plates , the novel beautifully demonstrates God s love for his children and his immaculate planning that was set in place before the world began As Nephi and his brothers must make the journey back to Jerusalem for the brass plates, Jeremiah the prophet is anxious to add his important prophecies to the brass plates to be preserved for an important purpose Baruch the scribe puts himself in grave danger to assist Jeremiah, Zoram, and Elizabeth daughter of Jonathan the blacksmith in this holy task Meanwhile, Laban s plans to use his inherited relics the sword of Joseph and the brass plates to usurp the throne from Zedekiah consume his every action and thought, and the danger to any who oppose his plans increase What sacrifices will have to be made in order to ensure that Israel remembers her covenants with the Lord in times to come Amazing, amazing book Probably my favorite volume yet. Volume 4 of the Promised Land Series took a totally different track than the first three volumes While you still follow the lives of Lehi s family in approx 600 BC, the author intertwined the story of Joseph Smith receiving the gold plates to translate the Book of Mormon in the 1820 s, and a fictional family set in Jerusalem at the same time Joseph Smith is in New York The author drew many parallels to Jewish Feast dates with the timing of Joseph receiving the gold plates There are no coincidences in Heavenly Father s plan for his children I learned a great deal about Jewish customs and some new things about what transpired with Joseph Smith Again, the author s endnotes were extremely informative Reading this series has definitely strengthened my testimony