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It was not as depressing as I expected it to beThere were some sections that I needed to gloss over, because they were a little too icky for me Overall, it was a decent book when considering the subject. [Download E-pub] ☨ Death: A History of Man's Obsessions and Fears ♞ We Are Fascinated With Death Some Of Us Deny It, Some Try To Escape It, Most Dread It Filled With Strange Anecdotes And Illustrated With Many Bizarre And Ghoulish Images, Death A History Of Man S Obsessions And Fears Records The Lengths To Which People Throughout History Have Gone To Cope With The Five Principle Fears Regarding Death The Fear Of Being Buried Alive Of Our Body Being Defiled In The Grave Of Disintegrating Of Being Forgotten And Of Suffering An Ignominious Death Here You Can Read About The Case Of Lavrinia Merli, Who Died Of Hysterics Two Days After Burial She Was Discovered Turned Over In Her Grave, Having Given Birth To A Seven Month Old Baby The Various Methods Of Embalming, Including The Egyptian, And A Step By Step Account Of Modern Embalming The Horrifying Slow And Painful Ending Of Robert Francois Damiens, Who Was Tortured To Death After Attempting To Assassinate King Louis XV Pretty fascinating book It got very slow at times, but explored many topics I d always wondered about It covers the way different cultures viewed death through the ages, the way different societies have gone about disposing of the dead, the way cremation works, fears that cultures have had about death and how they ve gone about ridding them, the biological process of death, etc He went on too long about certain topics and not long enough about others, but I finished it feeling like I learned a great deal of history and biology, and many questions I ve always had have been answered. Great book Very interesting Once I came to terms with the subject matter it felt wrong to be interested in such a thing it made for a facinating read It definitely satisfied all of my morbid curiosities Pretty awesome historical review of Western society s thoughts and practices on death Definitely some new information for me bringing some killer visuals but I m a sucker for the subject Oh, and there s pictures That s right. I read this under its original title, The Bedside Book of Death It never too thoroughly explored any of the topics it covered, but it was an entertaining enough read for a morbid, death obsessed soul. The history sections of this book are great Fascinating to read The funeral directing chapter is written very biased and partially inaccurate Good read in general. This book is a basic overview of the attitudes humans have held towards death and mortality throughout history The book, while a bit dry and dusty in its language, covers the different attitudes toward death in each age with a dry wit befitting a subject that deals with the treatment of old bones This book taught me the less than pristine origins of medical knowledge of anatomy, mummies existed outside of ancient Egypt, and just how very bad early medical professionals were at discerning a corpse from a mere faint Overall an interesting comprehensive look at our collective attitudes on the eventual end of life I rather enjoyed this book I would not recommend eating while reading this work I found that out the hard way when I started the chapter on mummies.