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!Free Pdf ♠ Emergency Skin ♸ What Will Become Of Our Self Destructed Planet The Answer Shatters All Expectations In This Subversive Speculation From The Hugo Award Winning Author Of The Broken Earth TrilogyAn Explorer Returns To Gather Information From A Climate Ravaged Earth That His Ancestors, And Others Among The Planet S Finest, Fled Centuries Ago The Mission Comes With A Warning A Graveyard World Awaits Him But So Do Those Left Behind Hopeless And Unbeautiful Wastes Of Humanity Who Should Have Died Out Eons Ago After All This Time, There S No Telling How They Ve Devolved Steel Yourself, Soldier Get In Get Out And Try Not To Stare N K Jemisin S Emergency Skin Is Part Of Forward , A Collection Of Six Stories Of The Near And Far Future From Out Of This World Authors Each Piece Can Be Read Or Listened To In A Single Thought Provoking Sitting My first encounter with Jemisin s work was The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and I was enthralled from the first chapter The worldbuilding there and the rich, immense history she managed to unspool so beautifully was astonishing She had over four hundred pages to work with then, however, plenty of time set a comfortable pace and walk her readers through the imaginative aspects of the novel What is astounding about Emergency Skin and her anthology How Long Til Black Future Month is that she s able to artfully package vivid worlds of deep history and fulfilling, refreshing protagonists who veer sharply from the white cis male staple of the genre in little than thirty pages The story here, a cautionary tale of the inherently destructive nature of unchecked capitalism and greed, feels full and complete, yet leaves your mind wondering at the possibilities of the future she s envisioned A world without the profit driven agendas of the 1% and big corporations and all that such a reality could entail, no borders and no global environmental ruin for starters And the prospective from which she narrates this tale is nontraditional and delightful Readers come to learn about the world from the one sided conversations an AI implant has with its host as it attempts to advise them on their interstellar mission from their Founders Equally delightful is her commentary on race and gender and her view spoiler inclusion of Henrietta Lacks legacy hide spoiler Jemisin is my fave and she does NOT disappoint with this one Her stories are always so layered and I am amazed at how much she was able to pack into such a small number of pages And her use of second person POV never fails to suck me in and gut punch me She is a genius I am definitely going to listen to the audio version, which will absolutely enhance the second person POV Entertaining Subversive Amusing My first Jemisin Maybe not my last Hard to put down The unusual POV was well done and increased my fun through coming up with the missing part of the conversation.Jason Isaac did a great job with the audio narration But I expected no less from him. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 Full review to come. This was a wonderfully entertaining and positive view of the future.I loved the simple solution to societies problems as it slowly percolates through the perception of the computer voice in the head of the protagonist.The second person POV is a delightful way to turn this story personal The what are you doing moments were just great.I listened to this on audio Jason Isaacs narration is brilliant. Again I feel like Nemisin writes better short stories than novels This was excellent, and I m definitely going to read the rest of the Forward collection by various authors, if this is an indicator of the quality. This was excellent It s hard to say much about it without veering into spoiler territory, but I really liked how topical it is And how hopeful. Six billion people working toward a goal together is much effective than a few dozen scrabbling for themselvesN.K Jemisin needs to write Solarpunk because this little taste was delicious.When things went downhill the rich left Earth, which was all the motivation the rest needed to come together for The Big Cleanup The rest was simplePeople just decided to take care of each other Jemisin always blows my mind with her social criticism through fiction.