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Oh Daddy Brendan and Raf were fabulous characters in Firm Hand so reading their story was absolutely amazing Raf struggles at the best of time, with work, socially and home life So trying to find his thing is even tougher than him and Rhys thought.But Brendan seeing him in a club knows exactly what this boy needs he needs a daddy Brendan is such a beautiful, caring daddy to his baby boy Going above and beyond for Raf especially with his ADHD.This story will warm your heart and melt your sheets PLEASE READ MY RATING SYSTEM To my ratings 5 very very good and rare it would be a Blow Away book like Jesse s Smile or Joey from Angelique Jurd, Save the at he kids series from EM Leya, Love s Tethered Heart from C.L Etta or Liberty from Seth King , it s like an A 4 very good and will be often reread and is a WOW book with interesting plot and surprises like most of Andrew Grey s books it s like an A3,5 a really good book, which will be reread a few times a year most romances where you can enjoy for relaxing and during waiting times in hospitals I can recommend them definitively It s like an B 3 it could be then a one time reader, maybe 2 3 times a year It s like a B2 it was ok to read, but it s a one time reader i wouldn t recommend it heartily, but it was ok It s like a C , D1 sorry, but that isn t really a book for me too many mistakes, not nice plot, illogical, so an absolut NO GO It s like failure in the whole line, dismissed, repeat the class #READ DOWNLOAD Õ Gentle Hand (Perfect Hands, #2) ß Adulting Is Hard For Raf After A Less Than Ideal Youth, He D Hoped To Find Where He Belongs But Despite Trying Several Things In The Club His Best Friend Frequents, Nothing Clicks For Him Until He Meets Daddy Brendan, The Perfect Bear Of A Man With The Gentle Voice, The Soft Cuddles, And An Appendage Raf Is Rather Fascinated By Daddy Brendan Wants To Take Care Of Raf In Every Way, And Raf Quickly Discovered He Loves Being Daddy Brendan S Baby Boy He S Finally Found Where He Belongs If Only He Could Forget About His Past And Be Truly Happy Gentle Hand Is A Daddy Kink MM Romance With Age Play And ABDL Please Note Trigger Warnings For Mild Homophobia, Parental Mistreatment, And Depression It S The Second Book In The Perfect Hands Series, But Can Be Read As A Stand Alone Is ten stars an option yet Because ten starsHoly god, do I have so much to say about this beautiful masterpiece I have just read There was just so much wonderful greatness packed into this that I am going to try my best probably fail to convince you why you need to read this.Number one, yass good and healthy body representation Brendon is over the age of 40 meaning he does not have the body of a 20 year old and that is a o f cking k In fact, it is praised here Not in a gross way but in a you re hot, I m into it, 10 out of 10 would bone way I justI live for some casual body rep Go bears Number two, can you say healthy and accurate representation of ADHD Because I can, and it is So as someone with a loved one who has pretty severe ADHD you better believe I was ready to check this also the whole woo is me my life sucks sub gets annoying for many but god damn if this wasn t so good We stan doms that do their research to understand their sub better We stan therapy And we stan a healthy understanding that there is than one way to adult and that sometimes you gotta let sh t go and flow to get better It was beautiful, one of my favorite things about this book.Number three to infinity good writing, great characters, healthy BDSM, so much consent , this book has it all, the need the first one yesterday Seriously this was so good It was cute It was fun It was so god damn hot yass fat people having good ass sex I loved it Every bit of it I have no complaints what so ever And although I am singing this book s praise it is still a daddy boy story with an abdl element so it that s not your thing, strear clear But if you like sweet, soft, kinky romances, read it You will not be disappointed. 4 starsSweet age play with some ABDL Raf needs to find his place in the kink world and Daddy Brendan thinks he can help As they get to know each other, insecurities keep both of them from truly investing their hear as both are afraid of getting hurt again These two men were SOOOO good for each other, their story was beautiful Their story takes place during Firm Hand s timeline so Rhys and Cornell make appearances POV third personStandalone or series book 2 of series but can be read as a standaloneHangover slightRecommend yesReread yes Brendan DaddyRaf boyReceived from giveaway on Instafreebie It was a pretty good story overall but I did have a few issues She had quite a bit of internal thoughts without much action Like with Firm Hand, there were stretches where I would have liked to see what was happening rather than just have short explanations after the fact Also, there were quite a few typos, especially with character names Once she called Raphael Raf Ralph And about three times she said Rhys when she meant Raf Some of the sentences were a little clunky too Then there was random forgotten punctuation and whatnot These little things could all have been resolved with better editing All in all, I m not sure I would actually recommend this story but if someone was already interested in reading it came across it on their own, I wouldn t dissuade them. Raf was as sweet as I got the impression of in the first book, so desperate in finding his way and where he fit in So the first meeting with his Daddy to be was lovely.I liked having a glimpse to Rhy in this book too, it filled in some blanks which I felt was missing in my connection with him in the first book His care for Raf and the infatuation with Cornell.Brandon and Raf don t have it easy as they both struggle with trust, but they jumped in with both feet and manage to sort through it all Making it a relationship working for their needs and not what everyone else thinks is right. The second book in this series after Firm Hand, though the timeframe overlaps and I think you could easily read this one without reading the other.Gentle Hand follows Raf, sweet lovely 22 y o Raf with the big heart and ADHD, and Daddy Brendan the Daddy we all want from meeting to It s a gorgeous, gentle story, and just made me cuddle up with a duvet and hot chocolate and..relax There s serious parts Raf s parents were frankly a liability and Daddy Brendan has some of his own trust issues, but the love and care they have between them is just so sweet I miss them already That was one of the sweetest books I ve ever read If you read Firm Hand before you already know Raf and Brendan since they popped up here and there in the first book When Nora announced she is going to write their story for this free giveaway I was really looking forward to it and what can I say She didn t disappoint Even though Gentle Hand is the second book in the series it is actually the prequel to their story and tells us how they met, fell into their Daddy little relationship and most important how they fell in love with each other My main problem with the first book was that the whole Daddy boy relationship was really short lived and not well elaborated enough in my opinion However Brendan and Raf were a dream couple and the whole Daddy little relationship was the main topic of the whole book They lived that lifestyle and absolutely loved it Brendan was the perfect Daddy to Raf s sweet little side 3This book is totally non angsty, sweet, adorable and like the title already implies a really gentle romance story I really could have read another 100 pages of their story, of their Daddy little time, their adult time and especially Raf s play time took me back to my own childhood D LOVED IT If you are looking for a book to dip your toes into age play and ABDL this one here is your book definitely one of the best book I ve read about this kind of kink