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No review necessary This is a fun book, not a whole lot of substance, just un adulterated amusement. (((Epub))) ↟ Neurotica ↝ If He Always Has The Headache, Why Should You Suffer In The Bestselling Tradition Of Bridget Jones S Diary Comes This Outrageous, Hilarious Look At Love, Marriage, And Sex, Introducing Anna Shapiro, Who Believes That Surely There Must Be To Married LifeTabloid Reporter Anna Shapiro Can Pinpoint The Day, Three Years Ago, That She And Her Husband, Dan, Last Had Great Sex Anna Would Be Grateful If Something As Ordinary As A Mere Headache Was Her Husband S Excuse Dan S Hypochondriac Terrors Include Brain Tumors, Tropical Diseases, And Spontaneous Combustion While She Loves Her Husband, She S Not Ready To Give Up On Sex At Age Thirty Seven So What Can She Do It S The Perfect Time For The Distraction Of A Freelance Assignment But What Her Editor Has In Mind Is A Story On The Explosive New Feminist Manifesto That Prescribes No Strings Attached Affairs For Women Anna S Assignment Is To Interview Three Women Who Ve Had Extramarital Affairs Purely For Sexual Pleasure But She S Inclined To Take Her Research A Bit FurtherCan A Woman Have An Uncomplicated Affair Purely For Sexual Pleasure Or Do Her Emotions Invariably Interfere Anna S Determined To Find Out And Despite Her Worries About Her Middle Aged Body, Potential Research Assistants Prove To Be PlentifulGoing Where No Journalist Has Gone Before, Anna Delves Into A World She D Never Considered Until Now What Is, After All, The Perfect Outfit For Committing Adultery In Is It Truly Beyond The Pale To Pick Up A Man No Matter How Sexy He Is At A Funeral And What Can Be Done About That Single Horrifying Gray Hair The Answers Are Hilarious Than Anna Could Ever Have PredictedBut Soon Anna Finds Herself Facing The Question That She Never Thought She D Have To Answer Is She Willing To Give Up Her Marriage And Her Children For What May Be The Biggest Gamble Of Her Life A Novel For Every Woman Who S Ever Wondered And Every Woman Who Hasn T Neurotica Will Have You Roaring With Laughter As It Takes You On A Wickedly Delightful Journey Of Sheer Indulgence From The Hardcover Edition I debated giving this three stars I honestly went back and forth while reading this between really liking it and kind of hating it It might have earned three stars if not for the completely ridiculous notion of the main character falling in love with a man she barely knows and spends one night spilling her guts to and then having sex with To the point that when she returns home and realizes that her husband has found out about her affairs, even though she still loves her husband, her response is basically Oh, well, if that s what you want because she wants to find out if she has a future with this other man Then she almost immediately realizes that she still loves her husband, but instead of fighting to get him back, she decides to blame the wacky feminist author who wrote the book that got her into all this trouble in the first place Seriously, she spends almost the entire rest of the book on this mission with her article and going after this woman, rather than going to her husband and apologizing for being such an idiot What reasonably intelligent woman doesn t know that she s playing with fire attempting to have multiple flings with other men So, basically, I guess I m just saying that I totally hated the ending If it had wrapped up a little better, it would have been a solid three stars for me Parts of it were really funny, and I did feel for Anna in her predicament, even if I didn t agree with her chosen course of action I would have also liked if her husband, Dan, had received attention Multiple perspectives are given, but the others are limited, and I felt perhaps the book was a bit slight in this regard A quick and entertaining read for the most part, that ultimately left something to be desired. British Chick Lit definitely for mature audiences as Sue Margolis can become graphic with her sex scenes Incredibly funny and hard to put down, her books become addictive At 37, tabloid journalist Anna Shapiro proves to be a real do it yourself expert While researching an article on adultery, she embarks on three spine tingling extramarital trysts Annas husband, Dan, is a compulsive hypochondriac, spending his time agonizing over a plethora of self diagnosed diseases, planning his funeral and dodging his dead mothers nagging, reproachful voice All this, and the demands of their two young children, has drastically reduced the Shapiros sex life Anna remembers the last time she and her husband had anything resembling mind blowingly filthy sex was three years ago While Anna is shagging to her hearts content, she is unaware that her husband, still faithfully in love with her, is seeking to cure himself of his neuroses, secretly, through therapy and a wacky New Age psychic And she is surprised when her most recent fun loving Romeo snags her heart, forcing her to face the possible disintegration of her family In the midst of humorous high drama, Anna maintains her mission to publicly reveal a shocking secret of one of Americas most hypocritical and arrogant feminist figures This subplot blooms alongside racy sex scenes, near death catastrophes, a Jewish funeral, and the cost of male strippers, shallow editors and loyal friends Anna emerges with a new understanding of herself, her family and her happiness. I m on the fence with this one There are quite a few hilarious laugh out loud moments, surprisingly steamy explicit sex scenes and great character portraits, especially of Anna Shapiro s immediate family but Anna herself seemed self centered and abrasive I really felt for her hypochondriac husband Dan and her two children she continually sloughs off on her best friend and soon to be single mother Brenda Dissatisfied with her marriage to her self obsessed husband, Anna as a free lance journalist assigns herself an expos on adultery, using herself as the model for three trysts with various men, assuming no repercussions would follow, all stemming from a tome written by a feminazi American woman I ll leave it at that It was a fun read but I just couldn t get into Anna as a person I guess when you re surrounded by crazies it s only natural to always be on the the defense. This was the first audio book I d listened to I think I enjoyed this book listening to it than I would of it I had read it Yes, there s some almost pornographic segments but the story around it was a good one I would recommendif you re not prude that is. 1.5 stars Very tawdry British smut, beach reading Shallow characters, kind of funny in parts, but predictable and formulaic I was expecting from the blurbs I d read Not the worst thing ever, but definitely not very good. When I started reading I never thought I would end up giving four stars to this book But putting morals aside, which can be hard to do, I get it, this book is very funny I m smiling as I am writing this review Good start of a story line but the ending was too fast, and messy. Muuuy divertido y superficial.