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[Download E-pub] ♊ Sam and Gram and the First Day of School ⚔ Gram Helps Sam Get Ready For The Big Day Fast Paced And Fun, With Vivid, Cheery Illustrations, This Book Takes The Child Reader Hour By Hour Through A Typical First Day At School So A Child Will Know Just What To Expect On Their Very Own Big Day And Also Look Forward To All The Fun Things That Happen At SchoolWritten By A National Expert In Communications And Human Relations, It Also Has Two Special Sections Things To Do, A List Of Practical, Simple Things You Can Do To Help A Child Prepare For School, And Things To Talk About, A List Of Questions To Get The Child Thinking And Talking About His Or Her Feelings From Things To Talk About This Story Is Intended To Help Your Child Think About All The Feelings He Or She May About Starting School And To Talk About Them Here Are Some Suggested Questions That You May Ask Your Child After Reading The Story By Talking About Sam S First Day At School, Your Child Can Begin To Develop Advance Strategies For Handling New Feelings And Situations That May Occur At School How Did Sam Feel On His First Day Of School Have You Ever Felt That Way Where Were You And What Were You Doing When You Had These Feelings What Did You Do To Feel Better Sam Felt Sad Because He Missed His Family And His Dog Have You Ever Missed Someone You Love