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!Download Kindle æ The Theater of Insects ⚣ Photographer Jo Whaley Constructs Mesmerizing Scenes With Vibrantly Colored Bugs Butterflies, Dragonflies, Beetles, And That Echo The Tradition Of Natural History Dioramas, But Are Artfully Placed Against Weathered, Manmade Backgrounds The Result Is A Compelling Marriage Of Natural And Artificial, Art And Science The Theater Of Insects Will Publish To Coincide With An Exhibition At The National Academy Of Sciences And Travel To The Museum Of Photographic Arts And Beyond Throughout And This Volume Not Only Presents A Beautiful Miniature World, But Is Also An Eminently Covetable Object In Its Own Right The Theater of Insects is a collection of breathtaking insect photographs It is definitely worth the read A fabulous little book I read it in preparation for a short talk I gave on one of Jo Whaley s photographs, but found myself enthralled by Linda Wiener s essay on the excesses insect mimickry especially how Darwinian notions of survival and reproduction do not explain the richness of beauty that insects present This reminded me a lot of a conversation I heavily eavesdropped in on while on a plane between a passenger and an evangelical who was trying to convert him the latter was arguing a similar idea, saying that natural selection couldn t explain the internal human drive to create art To hear a common argument about the limitations of natural selection from both an evangelical Christian and a scientist committed to Darwin principles is fascinating Pair that up with Whaley s incredibly evocative photographs and you ve got yourself a fun evening lined up.