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I blogged this yesterday, when I was half way through Exposure I read a lot of YA, but I tend to read classics, or stuff that falls into the fantasy sci fi category I think I do this because YA set in this everyday world is often shallow, or modeled on the same dreary stuff that adult fiction is so what s the point But I m trying to self medicate, and I m starting with Mal Peet s Exposure You might argue it s fantasy, but I don t care.Exposure is the third in Peet s series of books about football that s soccer to us NZers , set in a imagined South American country with one continuous character, leading sports journalist Paul Faustino.This third book is a retelling of Shakespeare s Othello Othello is a superstar soccer player, bought in from the North for fifty million dollars to play for Rialto Born in the North, and famously proud of his African heritage , Otello comes to Rialto at the cost of the transfer of one of their white players, doesn t endear him to his team mates All hell to break loose when Otello and americana white pop star Desmeralda fall in love and marry especially with Desmeralda s rich, powerful father, who is also a part owner of Rialto, who objects to the colour of his new son in law s skin Throw in Iago in the form of Otello s janus faced manager Diego, and boom you re off.The story of Dezi and Otello of paparazzi, charity auctions, and controversial product endorsements is intercut with that of three street kids, living under the threat of the Rat catchers government employees clearing the streets prior to an election campaign and vague rumours of deaths and disappearances There s something about the narrative structure that reminds me of the tv series The Wire slices of society that rub up against each other almost unknowingly, but whose actions have flow on effects, sometimes immense And awash, of course, with corruption and emotion.My favourite review of the book was a no stars write up on Google Buzz, with the reader complaining that The story is improbable Well duh Shakespeare is People fall head over in heels in love after two sentences and a bit of merry gender confusion With Exposure, you just need to accept it of course two young hot kids from different side of the social divide are going to fall drastically in love and then roll with it.Exposure is a rollicking good tale But the quality of the writing sets it apart I m half way into the book and I know we re about to enter the murder mystery storyline, and the slightly hard boiled tone of the writing is perfect One of my favourite passages so far Walking back to his car, Diego smiles It s like walking on eggshells, talking to Otello about drinking Diego likes the way they crunch beneath his feet.So, sport And life, death, love, and betrayal If you want an equally gripping non fiction take on all this, I highly recommend H.G Bissinger s Friday Night Lights A Town, a Team, and a Dream, about high school football in Odessa, Texas, and the origin of the terrific and scandalously badly programmed tv series of the same name Sadly, the end of the book is both a bit abrupt and a bit too tightly sewn up I think it would have been stronger if we had walked away from the characters left in ambiguous positions.My presumption that we were about to get to the murder mystery also didn t pan out I realised that of course I was reading a play each character could be oblivious of others actions, but as the audience, I witnessed everything no reveal.Despite this, Exposure is a strong recasting of a classic tale, and really well written I ve now got Keeper , the first book in the series, sitting near the topic of my to read pile. This most recent of Peet s Paul Faustino novels according to Peet, his character s surname is taken from a very servicable bottle of cheap Spanish white wine, by the way is a treatment of Othello which, I ll be perfectly honest, I picked up with mixed feelings.I m kind of over the whole sexing up Shakespeare for the kids thing Baz Lurhman did it beautifully, and others since have attempted to re invent the bard in film and literature, few with any real degree of success to my mind One notable Australian author did a particularly awful job of it recently of course, that s just IMHO.So it was with some trepidation that I picked up Exposure Peet s story of champion South American Footballer Otello, and his white, popstar wife Esmerelda and, of course, his beautifully named manager Diego.I need not have worried.Peet s novel is not so much sexing it up for the kids as sexing up teenage writing for the adults As with his other novels, Peet manages to completely shy away from any of the traditional markers of Young Adult Literature, and instead offers a refreshing, compelling, and very literary adaptation of Shakespeare s masterwork about greed and envy There are shades of Posh and Becks in the treatment of Otello and Esmerelda, the literary allusions come thick and fast, but are at the same time beautifully understated, with the end result that a reader with no knowledge at all of Othello will find that it makes not the slightest bit of difference to their enjoyment of the novel.Top work, Mr Peet @Download Book Ë Exposure (Paul Faustino, #3) µ Otello Is South America S Star Soccer Player, And He S Just Signed A Deal To Play For A Team In The Southern Part Of His Country, A Region With A History Of Racism Toward Black Northerners Like Otello Desmerelda Is A White Pop Star And The Daughter Of A Right Wing Politician Their Marriage Propels Them To Center Stage, Where They Burn Under The Media Spotlight But Celebrity Attracts Enemies Some Very Close To Home When A Young Girl Is Found Murdered, Paul Faustino, Veteran Reporter For La Naci N, Witnesses The Power Of The Media In Making And Breaking Lives 2.5I read this book for school Therefore, my opinion of this book is slightly tainted as I didn t want to read it The connection to Othello was done fairly well, but it was a bit over dramatic, rushed and unrealistic The characters were not developed and the ending was abrupt and poorly planned Some parts were fast paced and entertaining, but overall this was a very average book and a less than enjoyable read I enjoyed the book The book contains characters that use marijuana, tobacco, alcohol, and have sex There is an ongoing of murdering girls as well as raping young girls The theme I found in this book teaches young teens the plight of children born into poverty The book shows teens how racism can effect one person Throughout the book the main character Paul Faustino a football world weary reporter from an unnamed South America country who investigates the murder of a homeless teenager Faustino devoted his life to football, amassing a library of cuttings and photos about the world s best players The book shows us all levels of the society in which skinny kids earn a few pennies by making errands Exposure is a book that any teen can read but if you don t like to read or listen to stories containing these type of criteria it would be best not to read it. Loved this book This is one of Mel Peet s great books, I love the clever way he weaves political comment into his story This is the story of Otello, the hottest footballer he is living the dream, the most beautiful girl, the fabulous penthouse, the dream life But there is a price to pay It is also the story of the street kids of South America, their terrible lives and how quickly their world can come unstuck Really everyone s life can come unstuck in this world Corruption and shifty characters who have impact on other people s lives at all levels of society From the street kids to the famous football player, the corruption, dodgy deals and political machinations abound A great book for teenage boys, but Mal Peet s trick is that his books have so much resonance for adults as well as youth He was a real master of the genre He is sorely missed. This is Mal Peet back at the top of his game with the latest in the Paul Faustino series I thought The Penalty was fairly dull compared with the elegance and simplicity of Keeper so it was good to see him produce a winner again Another South American football story this time an updated version of Shakespeare s Othello Even if kids are unfamiliar with the story of Othello, they will likely enjoy this tale Reluctant male readers will particularly enjoy this as well. In the beginning of the book, nothing made sense Sometimes, it talked about a homeless kid, another time, it talked about a reporter smoking a cigarette outside of a prestigious building The I read, the I became confused It was boring so I left the book on the shelf for a couple days until I decided to give it another go Realizing that all the things I read earlier was Peet s subplot leading and connecting it all to the main characters, Desmerelda, a pop star, and Otello, a football player The book subtly but brilliantly talked and discussed about the issues that is very real in our world, football, skin color, homelessness, politics and celebrity culture Everything blended well together and formed an amazing murder Exposure exposed the reality we live in Please read the book when you have the chance. The book Exposure by Mal Peet was a horrible and confusing book In the start of thebook there is a street rat stealing from the rich and giving to the poor or homeless like himself,he is like the Robin Hood of his time Then the book goes into a new reporter, talking about thetrade between two sullen soccer teams, trading their best player Otello for a goalie The bookcontinues in chapter three with the street rat, running from police, which has nothing to do withthis book, the street rat boy goes away in about chapter 5 As Otello the traded soccer playergoes on with his career and life, there is talk about having him killed Many times throughout thebook it goes from plotting to have Otello kill, to new reporting, to MARRIAGE The book thoughhorrible at sometimes made sense The author Mal Peet is a confusing author taking the bookleft and right time and time again In act 2 or 3 of the book, the author focuses on the marriagethat happened and I do not see how it is relevant to the book at all seeming as how it has to dowith soccer The book goes on and the author gets back into the soccer aspect of the book, butin my mind did not clearly state why, the trading happened or if Otello was killed In my opinionas the reader of this book would be not to read it is a horrible book. This is a great read, and I ve realised I need to put all Mal Peet s novels on my to read list It s a loose retelling of Othello, updated with the hero recast as an iconic footballer Otello s number is Beckham s 23 and his wife the pop star daughter of a South American politician with her own cult celeb status Like Shakespeare, Peet explores some absorbing and philosophical themes obsession, love, fame, family, jealousy but he s also developing his sports journalist character Paul Faustino, for whom this is a third outing in a series of football themed books I m no sports fan, but the tight and pacy writing, as well as the Shakespeare links, had me completely hooked There is a tense subplot, involving the fate of three street kids, that throws the corrupt state, the pointless media El Sol, anyone and the decadence of the main characters into sharp relief It s true that the motivations of Diego, Otello s agent, remain unclear, but then Iago s evil is pretty pure in form too All this, and Peet writes the kind of prose that makes you forget you are reading.