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I read this book very early on in my reading career, and originally thought it was great but many books later I realize it wasn t all that great I give it 2.5 stars out of 5 Tom Bale, it seems, is a pseudonym for David Harrison who wrote SINS OF THE FATHER in 2006, which goes some way to explaining the deftness of touch in this crime fiction thriller It may also go some way to explaining how the author has managed to install an almost cinematic feel to the action.In an opening series of scenes that, frankly, were so chilling that they disturbed this reader, everything starts out very quietly one very cold January morning in the sleepy English village of Chilton Julia Trent s in town to continue clearing out the house of her recently deceased parents a dreadful accident with a malfunctioning boiler, they both died in their sleep A glance to the left that cold morning, and Julia is involved Closely pursued by a deranged young man, who has already shot everyone in his path on that quiet January morning, she s running away from a man who is taunting her, enjoying her terror Saved once when Phillip Walker, already wounded, sacrifices himself, she thinks she might be saved again when a lone figure in a motorcycle helmet and leathers approaches the man on the village green She quickly finds out she was very very wrong.Julia not a spoiler she s one of the central characters in the novel after all, survives, albeit after being badly injured But her story of the second man is dismissed as the panic, the fright, delusion on her part Nobody else in Chilton, because there were other people who survived in hiding, traumatised themselves reported seeing the second man The only person who believes her is Craig, Phillip Walker s son Craig has had his own problems in recent life with a marriage that is strained to breaking point already by his wife s infidelity, so the pointless, tragic death of his father, in an act of selfless bravery saving Julia, is a turning point for him Both Julia and Craig have to find this second man, because they know he was there, and because they know he wants Julia, in particular, to stay silent.This is a book that says quite a bit about manipulation, control and influence The terror that Julia experiences is beautifully executed by this author, the flight, the pursuit and the ultimate confusion over the appearance of the second man The killer as he s referred to makes that fleeting appearance in the first part of the book, but his presence is felt throughout, his identity hidden as he slowly reveals himself, talking to his own controller, watching Julia and Craig, alternatively menacing and yet, there s something else about him as well There s also the developer George Matheson a man who has been trying to redevelop the little village, a proposal that Craig s father Phillip was vehemently opposed to George is, in his own right, a fascinating character At the same time that the massacre occurs, and he and his nephew Toby are talking about how to redevelop Chilton, George s wife Vanessa is dying from cancer George seems to be genuinely distressed by the events that took place in Chilton, and yet there is the possibility that he is somehow involved.There are some elements to SKIN AND BONES that don t work quite as well though The anonymous killer scenes in which he reveals his thinking, his manipulating, and his own puppet master are predictable although well written, and I would suspect that readers will be able to make a reasonable stab at the anonymous killer s identity Stay with it though, as all is not as it seems, and there are some surprises to come It does feel very wrong to be using a word like enjoyed about a book that starts out with a shooting massacre I did enjoy it though, this is a really good crime fiction book with well executed thriller aspects, and a couple of central characters in Julia and Craig who you really are going to want the best for. [Free Ebook] ♷ Skin and Bones ⚔ FROM THE AUTHOR OF SEE HOW THEY RUN AND ALL FALL DOWN On A Cold January Morning, A Nightmare Awaits In A Sleepy Sussex Village A Deranged Young Man Goes On The Rampage, Shooting Everyone In His Path Before Taking His Own Life It S A Senseless, Tragic EventOnly Julia Trent Believed To Be The Sole Survivor Knows That There Was A Second Man Involved But After Being Shot And Badly Injured, Her Account Of The Massacre Is IgnoredTogether With Craig Walker, The Son Of One Of The Victims, Julia Sets Out To Find The Truth Before She S Silenced For Good As They Peel Back The Layers Of A Dark And Dangerous Conspiracy, They Discover The Slaughter Didn T Begin On That Bitter Day In JanuaryAnd Worst Of All, It Won T End There Another debut that really is rather good The only trouble I had with the book and it is me not the author were the characters There seemed to be so many that I had trouble keeping the list of who was who straight in my head.The book starts with a village shooting, a massacre really Julia Trent is chased by the gunman and is able to hide in a tree, where she witnesses a second gunman clad all in black with a helmet covering his face This gunman shoots the original gunman, he knows Julia is in the tree and peppers the tree with shots until she falls to the ground Interrupted by sirens he leaves, but Julia knows he wont be happy til he finishes her off No one will believe there was a second gunman, so Julia sets out to find the truth with the help of one of the victims sons.Lots of twists at the end and almost impossible to figure out what was going on Will be looking out for books by this author No idea how I got hold of this, but it is a fine read. Skin and Bones by Tom BaleI give this book 4.50 out of 5 I really enjoyed reading this book, it was harrowing in the beginning with memories of Hungerford But once the story gets underway there are other things to concentrate on.Julia Trent is our heroine who is gutsy and stubborn She has lost both her parents in a fluke accident when carbon monoxide invaded the house during a particularly cold spell The boiler was turned up during the night, Julia goes to see them and finds them dead in bed After a period of grief she feels she can go to the cottage and start sorting it out.On arrival in the village she wonders why its so quiet but as she has other things on her mind she does not register the quiet On leaving the corner shop after buying milk and biscuits she finally notices the post van and legs lying on the floor As she approaches she see s the postie dead, shot.Craig Walker is our hero and a sports journalist, he is married with two children and is just about to find out that his father is dead, the victim of the shooting spree in the village he lives in.Max Kendrick, A Trinidadian living in England and looking to take over the business of George Mathison George and Vanessa Mathison, Vanessa has a nephew who George has been employing in the business, She is dying and George is distracted.Toby is Vanessa s nephew and he is in debt to Vilner who is working for well you need to read the book to see who is actually working for who and how the dynamics of the relationships work out.Toby is weak and money grabbing, wanting the money but doesn t want to earn it Kendrick wants to take over a reputable company to legitimize his money.A deranged young man kills everyone he see s in the village and when he see s Julia he fires at her Then kills himself Julia believed to be the sole survivor knows there was a second shooter, but no one else does She joins forces with Craig Walker who is determines to find out why his father has been shot.A painful journey through Julia s recovery She is told by the police she has not seen another shooter but because of her history she is imagining things.I found the book compelling, not an easy read but a page turner however The pace is fast and you have to concentrate to keep up with the clues as they are discovered A really good first book. So disappointed in this book, it was a great page turner until about three quarters of the way through when I guessed the villain and the violence ratcheted up to a crazy and unconvincing level. A massacre in a quiet Sussex village is thought to be the work of a lone gunman, but one of the survivors is sure she saw a second man Working with the journalist son of one of the murdered victims, she tries to get to the truth about what happened, but puts herself in danger.I read a lot of crime fiction and found this a good example of the genre However, I found myself interested in the characters and how they developed, rather than the plot which I felt was a bit creaky at times.The opening section, covering the massacre and the immediate aftermath was gripping and a great start to the book, but I felt the middle section was a bit too slow and went down sometimes unnecessary alleyways The denouement was fast and exciting though I think it could have been simpler and perhaps would have been satisfying had a couple of the plot strands not been there.Overall I enjoyed the novel and would read Tom Bale s books in future It wasn t fantastic and it wasn t dreadful, just a good, solid crime novel with good characterisation. What a twisty tale that was, so naturally I enjoyed it immensely A massacre takes place in a small country town Julia Trent is chased by the gunman but somehow survives She is contacted by the son Craig of one of the victims and, because they don t feel safe, they set out to discover the truth about the shooting, particularly the identity of a mysterious second gunman whom authorities don t believe exists Naturally things really hot up for Julia and Craig as they get closer to the truth.Most of the time I had no idea what was happening There was a bunch of characters who didn t seem to fit yet you knew they would come into play The author kept implying that it was all to do with a proposed development around the village but I couldn t see how that fitted in In the end it was relevant and not relevant.As I said, a very twisty plot I m liking the way Tom Bale thinks. After reading and loving See How They Run I had added Tom Bale books to my TBR list I decided to read Skin and Bones as part of my 10 books of summer as I liked the fact that it started with a massacre.Tom has rapidly become one of my favourite thriller writers I love his descriptions and his use of similes really set my imagination on fire He makes the mundane incredibly chilling She d been shot in the back of the head The resulting debris lay around her like old porridge The book starts with a bang when we are transported to a sleepy, middle class village in Sussex in the midst of a massacre Brilliantly written, Tom conveys a silence and a stillness in the village that gives the reader a real sense of foreboding I thought to myself yes this it what it would probably be like and you really feel as though you are there and experiencing the situation along with the character, Julia His pace is perfect, ending paragraphs and chapters at just the right moment to keep you on the edge of your seat Tom is a master at building tension This is no ordinary massacre, however, and what transpires is a host of secrets, bitterness and despicable business men The middle part of the book did slow down a little bit, however, it was ratcheted up again towards the latter half Full of twists and turns and questions over who can and cannot be trusted it kept me turning the pages.There are a lot of characters within the book, however, I was able to keep up with them all I particularly liked Julia Trent, a strong woman despite, or maybe because of, all she has been through.I really enjoyed this book, the writing is excellent and it took me on a journey I did not expect I am waiting with baited breath for Tom s next novel and will be reading my way through his previous books.Part of my 10 books of summer challenge Other books I have read in the challenge, along with my other reviews can be seen at www.bloominbrilliantbooks.com