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The Penguin translation is BAD No footnotes, they omitted some very important saints in lieu of lesser known ones St Anne is missing from their translation. [[ DOWNLOAD EPUB ]] ☠ Legenda aurea ↙ One Of The Central Texts Of The Middle Ages, The Golden Legend Deeply Influenced The Imagery Of Poetry, Painting And Stained Glass With Its Fascinating Descriptions Of Saints Lives And Religious Festivals By Creating A Single Volume Sourcebook Of Core Christian Stories, Jacobus De Voragine C Attracted A Huge Audience Across Europe This Selection Of Over Seventy Biographies Ranges From The First Apostles And Roman Martyrs To Near Contemporaries Such As St Dominic, St Francis Of Assissi And St Elizabeth Of Hungary Here, Witnesses To The True Faith Endure Horrific Tortures Reformed Prostitutes Win Divine Forgiveness While Other Women Live Disguised As Monks Or Nobly Resist Lustful Tyrants Lucid And Compelling, The Golden Legend Offers An Enthralling Insight Into The Medieval Mind This book came to my attention through two separate experiences in teaching middle ages history and literature The first was reading Cervantes classic Don Quixote, which created an entirely new historical fiction genre Cervantes alludes to the devotion of the masses to this work, which was second to the Bible in popularity Secondly, in researching books for Valentine s Day, it turns out The Golden Legend is primary source material on this saint When I m ready for this text, I would like to read this translation.Don Quixote, Cervantes, 1605https www.goodreads.com review showThe Story of Saint Valentine, Odden, 2007https www.goodreads.com review show Other than the hyperbole inherent in this genre, this work can be inspiring In the post modern era of self satisfaction and situational ethics, it is refreshing to read about a time when the Good was appreciated and Evil was recognized for what it is Demons prevail where God is ignored. Fun reading. There s not enough of the golden and too much of the legend in this book for me to givethan 3 stars. May be bias herebut this collection and selection of historically early saint s lives was written by a Dominican Friar started around his joining of the order in 1244 Not always historically accurate nevertheless it makes for facinating anecdotes of life and attitudes in 13th 14th century Europe It is an invaluable tool for art historians seeking as ever they docontextual landscapes of their subjects In total 71 Saints are itemised together with their related feast days A treasure of an historical find in its own right, it was regarded as one of the most widely available collections of medieval Europe completed in 1266 Apart form its invaluable material for art historians it is rich in myth which makes it entertaining for artists themselvespainters or the written word as it opens up a labyrinth which feeds the imagination Here is an example of a did you know that a result of a discussion between Sts Dominic and Francis caused Francis to create the Friars Minor, by saying they are named such to guard them from ever aspiring to become greater. Having to read this for a college course, you can guess that I was not all that enthused However, to my surprise, it was quite interesting reading about the saints that I grew up learning about I could take the time and review and everyone, unfortunately, I don t have that kind of time and probably neither do most of you reading this The facts It was interesting, insightful, and inquisitive The writing is straightforward and understandable, which was a huge relief after we finished reading the Illiad Though it is a challenge to keep all of the saints straight, I applaud you if you can without writing anything down. It was a time or religious holidays marked the seasons Each day was dedicated to a saint For the mass of fidd le which could not read it was necessary to mark the spirits and to build the hearts The account of the martyr of each saints ought to be exemplary Voragine did not hesitate, it is terribly gore, so much gore that it is almost funny I have read it when it has been published in the prestigious collection La Pl iade To read like a testimony of medieval piety. If you want to know where most of the legends originated about the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene,this is the book for you There is a wealth of information on much Christian legend however,nothing rooted in strong,historical fact.It can be argued that this work was an early bestseller as we know it today.A must for any serious Medievalist