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Read during lunch at work off and on, but did to have time to read a whole chapter at a time Liked some interviews better than others Some gave an interesting reminder of an earlier decade. Nice idea for a book, gathering transcripts of conversations held with intelligent guests of Bill Moyers PBS series one of whom I actually met at a dinner party but a bit dated now.This book predates 1990, so there s a lot of references to people and events of the 1980 s President Reagan, Iran Contra, etc.Still, some of the discussions are universal and relevant, and therefore worth a look.And since I bought my copy at a library sale, definitely worth 1 Inspiring and thought provoking This reminds me of why Bill Moyers just rocks What s fascinating is that he conducted the interviews over 20 years ago specifically to address the ideas of the day and it still shines.Here s one tidbit Moyers The chief reward of interviewing people is the joy of learning, of coming away from each person with a wider angle of vision on the times I live in, on the issues I am expected to act upon and the choices I can make as a father, husband, journalist, and citizen The main reason I seek the ideas of others is for help the diagnosis and treatment of my own isolation and the enlargement of my understanding. Slowly flipping through this and reading interviews at random It was published in 1989, but it is fascinating to see how much the book still speaks to me and to our contemporary world Moyers is an excellent interviewer The interview with Asimov is blowing me away That manwow This is a book one needs to own because it is impossible to read all at once I got through 5 of the interviews Wow, some really interesting stuff I was so excited to read the interview with Chinua Achebe He s been one of my favorite authors since I studied West African Lit in college And Bill Moyers, he rocks This was a great book Moyers questions in his interviews have always been insightful This book is a collection of those interviews Very insightful people You ll agree with some, disagree with others, but will find it interesting In fact I think it s time to reread. It s interesting reading this from a perspective some 20 years down the road Most of what they say about America and the future applies just as much today as it did then, but there are also the obvious major changes everyone is hand wringing about Japan overtaking our economy instead of China, for example, which is kind of amusing But it would be great if Moyers would do this series again now, and preferably with a less America centric focus. I enjoyed the book Bill Moyers would be an interesting man to sit next to at a party. XOS 973.92M Pretty heady stuff, but it certainly gets you thinking You probably won t agree with everything that s talked about, but it gives you another perspective and that s always a good thing. `DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⇺ A World of Ideas :Conversations With Thoughtful Men and Women About American Life Today and the Ideas Shaping Our Future ✘ Conversations With Thoughtful Men And Women About American Life Today And Theideas Shaping Our Future Bill Moyers Brings Us One On One Interviews Withforty Two Extraordinary Men And Women Poets And Physicists, Historians Andnovelists, Doctors And Philosophers Discussing What S Happening In Our Lives, Our Hearts, And Our Minds As We Approach A New Millenium