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I definitely liked the book But upto around 100 pages, it was not usual Chase But after that, it becomes gripping Being an avid Chase fan, I cannot give a rating below 4 I think it definitely deserves a 4. Classic hardboiled mystery Worth a shot if you re able to find it. #DOWNLOAD EPUB ⚢ This Way for a Shroud ⚫ MISS ARNOT IS IN THE SWIMMING POOL, MINUS HER HEADThe Brutal Murder Of June Arnot, Famous Screen Actress, And The Massacre Of All Her Servants Is Just The Curtain Raiser To This Chill A Page NovelThe DA Suspects That June Arnot Was The Mistress Of Jack Maurer, Boss Of A Billion Dollars Worth Of Rackets For Fifteen Years He Has Been Trying To Bring Maurer To Trial Is This The Opportunity He Has Been Waiting For His Case Depends On One Terrified And Unwilling Eye Witness, But Can She Survive Maurer S Vengeance And Be Persuaded To Talk Sergeant O Brien, A Tall Thin Man With Hard Eyes And A Flock Of Freckles, Came Out Of The Lounge Found Anything Bardin Asked Some Slugs, Nothing Else No Finger Prints That Aren T Accounted For It S My Guess The Killer Just Walked In, Shot Down Everyone In Sight And Then Walked Out Again Without Touching A Thing we,me, my cousin and my sis, read this book together last summer and it was amazing because we were sharing our personal opinions to each other and i think that we did was really importanti warn yothere wont be any mistress A classic gumshoe tale, from the pulp fiction genre everything I expect from this author Straightforward tale, well written, clear and honest Not so direct that the out turn is obvious though Great relaxation. I m giving one star less due to the abrupt ending to this crackling thriller The plot, the sequences and the twists are top notch This one is different from JHC s other works I ve read in the sense that the good guys don t really win The brutal murders of a famous actress,and her servants.Sustained tension and excitement.I remember reading this in one sitting,another one of his very best. Amusing page turner.Page Turner A stunning page turner that amuses one at the turn of every page Like the great investigative and security measures taking to provide the security of the two witnesses albeit they killed in the end. Just another brilliant masterpiece from the maestro, what an amazing imagination from JHC himself, I m currently reading his novels for the third time in 40 years and still find it extremely difficult to put it down without finishing it This one is a classic thriller as with all his works might have given it 5 stars if not for a very timid ending but all the same he keeps the pages turning like no other writer. Horrific violence and spate of sudden deaths in this masterly thriller by Chase Larger than life mobster, Maurer goes out of his way to hang onto his exceedingly lucrative criminal empireand he does not mind how many people are brutally eliminated in the process The characterization of Vito Ferrari, the Organization s Executioner , can hardly be bettered though of course it is pure spoof, and unrealistic A hard boiled thriller.