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Although this memoir has all the raw material to be very compelling, I can t even tell you how many times I just wanted to shout at the author Stop thinking about everything so much and just realize how lucky you are to have two families that love you so much As an adoptee, this book was very moving for me I have often wondered how I would react if my birth parents suddenly appeared in my life, so it was interesting to read someone s account of that happening I would definitely recommend this book to other adoptees, as well as adoptive parents and birth parents who gave a child up But keep the Kleenex handy. The title of this book is taken from C P Cavafy s poem, Ithaka, which was read at Jacqueline Kennedy s funeral Keep Ithaka always in your mind Arriving there is what you are destined for, But do not hurry the journey at all Better if it lasts for years, so you are old by the time you reach the island, wealthy with all you have gained on the way, not expecting Ithaka to make you rich Sarah Saffian recounts her journey over 2 years in getting to know her birth parents Born Susan Morgan to Hannah and Adam, an unmarried college student couple, she was given for adoption and re named Sarah Saffian When she was 24 years old, her birth mother found her this is the story of their budding and growing relationship Sarah grew up in a close family, now composed of her adoptive father, his second wife whom Sarah calls Mom, and her younger brother and sister of this second marriage She isn t sure she wants to meet Adam and Hannah, who eventually married, had three other children, and live in Hanover, NH Beautifully written, this account tells of the changes in their outlooks and attitudes through two years plus of correspondence before they finally meet. Like the author, I too was adopted in 1969 Instead of having been found, I searched, with mixed results I think Saffian does not realize how fortunate she is to have been loved and wanted by both sets of parents, adoptive and biological She has no idea how devastating a second rejection can be Although her experience and perspective is very different from my own, it was interesting to follow her narrative to see what, if anything, she had learned, how she had changed A good first pass at what it feels like to be adopted that is by no means universal On the other hand, I must say if anyone can bemoan being wanted, it is Saffian Saffian admits in the afterword that she has been surprised to find that many adoptees consider her attitude toward her birthparents ungrateful While Saffian is not always forgiving or sympathetic towards them, she is nevertheless honest about her own experience Just when I nearly gave up on Saffian and her memoir for its myopic tendencies, Saffian started seeing a therapist and expanding her horizons and becoming a little self aware and almost, yes almost, likeable. Started off well Very engrossing and interesting But then became repetitive and slow The pay off in the end was too brief and of an epilogue. If you have experienced or are considering adoption, you should read this book It really captures the complexities of being adopted and balancing relationships with birth parents and adoptive parents. A fascinating memoir about a daughter who receives a phone call in her twenties from her biological mother One of those books that proves that reality truly is stranger and often compelling than fiction. Poignant and touching true story of the author s experience Her deft and descriptive telling brought me to feel much of her emotions I enjoyed this book thorougly {DOWNLOAD BOOK} ⚢ ITHAKA: A Daughter's Memoir of Being Found ï The Voice On The Other End Of The Line Was Soft, Yet Forthright Sarah, My Name Is Hannah Morgan I Think I M Your Birth Mother The Phone Call, Wholly Unexpected, Instantly Turned Sarah Saffian S World Upside Down, Threatening Her Sense Of Family, Identity, Self Adopted As An Infant Twenty Three Years Before, Living Happily In New York, Sarah Had Been Found By Her Biological Parents Despite Her Reluctance To Embrace ThemIn This Searing, Lyrical Memoir, Sarah Chronicles Her Painful Journey From Confusion And Anger To Acceptance And, Finally, Reunion But Not Until Three Soul Searching Years Had Passed In Spare, Luminous Prose, Sarah Saffian Crafts A Powerful Story Of Self Discovery And Belonging A Deeply Personal Memoir Told With Grace, Eloquence, And Compassion At Once Heartbreaking And Profoundly Uplifting, Ithaka Is Sure To Touch Anyone Who Has Grappled With Who They Are I wanted to read some non fiction books after all those science fiction adventure ones I ve been reading, so I picked up two biographies This one is about a woman who had been adopted as a baby, and years later around her 24th birthday her birth mother calls her Its a bit different of a perspective for her to have been found by her birth parents rather than for her to search for them It explores her confusion and emotions at this experience Another unusual aspect of this woman s situation is that after her birth parents gave her up for adoption, they later married and had three children As a sociologist I claim to be one so my degree isn t a total waste I was interested to read in what ways she was similar to her birth parents compared to her adoptive family It delves into that aspect of nurture nature which is always interesting to learn about Although that idea is probably a bit outdated, because there really are so many influences that make us who we are Plus we do have some choice in how we turn out as well.