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David Rubinowicz, Yitzhak Rudashevski, Mosh Ze ev, Eva Heyman and Anne Frank Those are the names of the teenagers who had a diary while the holocaust was taking place All of the thoughts and emotions from these teens help to paint a better picture of what happened I am aware that the event that took place was very sad but with these diaries you can see what happened to families but from another perspective I personally really loved this book because i have heard of the holocaust and we did learn about it but it was from an outside look and reading this book taught me so much about what happened but things that I could apply to my life and the deep thoughts these teens have, can really open your eyes.I would recommend this book to anyone who loves history or is interested in this event If you happen to come across this book you should pick it up because you might learn a thing or two. This was an interesting book Everyone s heard of or read Anne Frank s diary, but her war time experiences are a little bit unique because her family was in hiding In this book, four other diaries by teenagers are discussed at length, each portraying a different aspect of what it meant to be Jewish in occupied Europe during the war Among the other diarists were families who were forced into ghetto life, or who fled the country and pretended to be Christian to escape notice, and these stories are harrowing in detail, to say the least.I really enjoyed hearing other teenage voices from this troubling time Though this is marketed as YA, and is written for a young teen audience, some prior knowledge of the Holocaust would probably be best before tackling the book A lot of what the author discusses is assumed to be already known by the reader Still, it s a very good read and a valuable addition to Shoah literature. #Kindle Þ We Are Witnesses: Five Diaries Of Teenagers Who Died In The Holocaust é The Five Diarists In This Book Did Not Survive The War But Their Words Did Each Diary Reveals One Voice, One Teenager Coping With The Impossible We See David Rubinowicz Struggling Against Fear And Terror Yitzhak Rudashevski Shows Us How Jews Clung To Culture, To Learning, And To Hope, Until There Was No Hope At All Moshe Ze Ev Flinker Is The Voice Of Religion, Constantly Seeking Answers From God For Relentless Tragedy Eva Heyman Demonstrates The Unquenchable Hunger For Life That Sustained Her Until The Very Last Moment And Finally, Anne Frank Reveals The Largest Truth They All Left For Us Hitler Could Kill Millions, But He Could Not Destroy The Human Spirit These Stark Accounts Of How Five Young People Faced The Worst Of Human Evil Are A Testament, And An Inspiration, To The Best Of The Human Soul What gets me about this book, is that the stories are real These entries are from real teenagers who have gone through something so horrifying, and yet their stories are being told They have a voice, that will live forever When I was reading this book, and looking at where their families have come from, I couldn t help to think about my own family How my family came from similar places in Europe, and it could have been anyone This book reminded me of how we need to keep their voices alive to teach generations after us Reading a book like this can be sad, but so worth it. What a poweful and wonderful book This book will make anyone not take life for granted Within his book we hear from 5 teentagers, David, Yitzhak, Moshe, Eva and Anne and their struggle with survival during the Holocaust This book is overflowing with emotion Starvation, fear of death and left to die are some of the experiences that these teenagers face Once you start reading this book, you won t be able to put it down This book can used in the classroom when learning about the Holocaust Kids would love this book and they would be amazed about the experiences that these teenagers have gone through. I really like this book a lot There are some spots that are kinda boring but then it gets better into the chapter I love how it tells how Anne Frank s dairy is so famous and how the writeing in it is super good I loved to find out the Anne Frank had the same birthday as me that was a really cool fact I feel like this book is really sad at the ends of the chapters or kinda the whole chapter It is sad to find out how they got killed and what happened to their friends and family when they died I would reccomend the book to anyone who wants to read about the holocaust and people that want to read about what the kids anad teens had to go through in the Holocaust This was an amazing book on the stories of teenagers that passed in the Holocaust This book was very informative and really showed how these teens felt It showed how they lived their everyday life through pain and suffering because of the religion they chose to have I would recommend this book to middle schoolers and high schoolers because I think it could change their perspectives on life In the book, Ane Frank states, I still believe people are good at heart To be able to say that people are still good at heart even though they put you through so much pain and suffering is quite shocking to me Overall this was an amazing book that really changed the way I view people that have a negative input on my life. Overall this book was very educational and emotional, at times while I was reading it got confusing and boring but I really enjoyed learning about five peoples perspectives during the Holocaust All five diarists were so incredible to have hope during that horrible war I recommend this book to anyone who likes reading diaries or is interested in the Holocaust. This book has ripped my heart out of my chest and put it back in many, many pieces I forgot how depressed I get after reading these books All five stories had me nearly crying, Eva s story completely broke me You had five different Jewish teens who lived in different parts of Europe All their countries ended up under Nazi occupation All five were part of the 6 million Hitler and the Nazis murdered Every story was different and very eye opening The story that probably that hurt my the most was Moshe s They all equally broke my heart but this one really hit with a hammer Moshe s was an Orthodox Jew, which means that he did not belive that Jesus was the Messiah I was so close to tears many times while reading his story It was heart breaking to read his writing He was hoping and praying that through this terrible, awful event that God was finally going to send the Messiah It hurt my heart so much to read that Another thing that broke my heart was in Yitzhak s story He was in a ghetto In his particular ghetto, you were required to have a colored slip of paper to live It hurt so much to read how people sold out their wives and families just to obtain this color slipped It was hurtful to read that human beings were dedicated if they could live based on if they carried a color slip of paper or not Even though this was a very depressing book, it also was super eyeopening and a book I believe that everyone should read In Holocaust WW2 book terms, it was not graphic at all This book should be a required read in either high school or college If you can please read this book It will make you depressed but you will get yours eyes opened to just how horrific the Holocaust was from a first hand experience of teenagers. The book We Are Witnesses is written by Jacob Boas The book is five first hand accounts of children that died in the holocaust David Rubinowicz, Yitzhak Rudashevski, Moshe Flinker, Eva Heyman and Anne Frank are the names of the five children Jacob Boas took their dairies and put them into a book that is not only moving, but supported with facts about World War II This piece of literature is an amazing read and will leave you breathless times five We are Witnesses brings you inside the lives of five victims of one of the world largest world wars.The part of the book that affected me the most is when Yitzhak said, We may be fated for the worst they were the last words put in his diary before he was sent the the gas chamber No child should ever have to say that This book is very educational as well as moving Boas did a good job of not only giving us an introduction explaining the Nazi power, but giving us a map of Europe and giving statistical numbers on how many died during the Holocaust I would recommend this text to anyone that is interested in learning about World War II or what it was like living as a Jewish descent.David, Yitzhak, Moshe, Eva and Anne were all kids my age They were harmless and adventurous children that were born in a family with a different religion and ethnicity I m sure when they wrote in their diaries they never thought their writings would be in a famous book They were witnesses of one of the biggest wars in the history of the world They were five children out of eight million and yes those five can make a big difference in people s lives because they did in mine.