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This story starts out slow I haven t read the first book in this series, so all of the characters were new to me the Big Six, the Little Six, the parents, and the servants Then there are quite a few chapters that just describe how wonderful the little house is with all of the extras a child could desire a lake, canoes, a tennis court, rooms for each child, bicycles, gardens the descriptions go on and on The kids spend all of their time oohing and ahhing Then IH Irwin must have decided that the reader could now visualize the delightful setting so she could proceed with a story.The kids are all incredibly well mannered and talented, and the parents apparently don t mind sending off their children for the summer Of course, I expect children from the 1920s to be depicted as well mannered, that s part of the fun of reading these old books The kids have good old fashioned fun and willingly do their chores.I did wonder about the gypsy camp Were there really roaming gypsies in the New England states in the 1920s Then there was the columbine incident Maida gathered enough wild columbines to make a huge bouquet, and then she ended up abandoning them when somethingpressing occurred I m a little surprised that picking wildflowers was portrayed as acceptable In Colorado, that practice was being discouraged by the 1920s Columbines wilt especially quickly, and Maida should have known that Under ideal conditions, those poor flowers would have been without water for at least an hour Need I add that this is one of my pet peeves I would have liked this series as a child I have one other book in this series, 5 Maida s Little Camp. I think my mom discoverrd this book on one of my grandma s shelves I haven t read the first one, so it took me awhile to get all the characters down and after that happened, I was able to enjoy the story It is set nearly one hundred years ago and in a time that seemssimple than today and yet the children s zest for life and friendship is something to which today s children can relate There are a fewMaida books my mom has and I will continue reading. I enjoyed this second story in the Maida series, but it wasn t nearly as good as the first book, Maida s Little Shop Although the scenario was fun and every child s dream getting to live in your own adorable house with all of your best friends, and have a pond, garden, tennis court, bicycle excursions, hiking, tree house etc, at your disposal, all funded by a wealthy benefactor , and although the characters were the same as in the first book, this book somehow lacked the charm of the first one Each chapter seemed almost self contained, and the sub plot concerning the gypsies was not very compelling, despite the fact that it would seem to be rich with possibility I do recall from reading these books years ago that Maida s Little House was my least favorite title in the series, and I am fairly certain that as I re read the others, I will enjoy themthan I did this one This one serves the purpose, though, of setting up the others, as far as introducing the Little House and environs. Have been revisitng this series which is well remembered from my childhoodinherited from my aunts.What I just learned is that Irwin was not part of a writing syndicate as so many series authors were at this time, but was in fact an ardent feministcertainly makes re reading these eveninteresting. I utterly adored this book as a child. The Maida books were some of my favorite set of books when I was a child I loved that Maida had her own little house with a tree growing up throught the center She always took her friends on adventures with her She also had her own Village and I don t know how many other things she had, but they were fun books to read. Read this as a little girl Seemed very exciting at the time (READ BOOK) õ Maida's Little House ì This Is The Second Book In The Maida Westabrook Series, Which Features Maida Westabrook, The Orphaned Daughter Of Jerome Buffalo Westabrook, Wall Street TycoonIn The First Book, The Reader Meets Maida, A Girl Who Has Had Everything That Money Can Buy And The Devotion Of Her Father, But She Suffers From Poor Health After An Operation, On A Chance Visit To Charlestown They Visit A Little Neighborhood Shop, And Maida Wishes That She, Too, Could Keep A Shop Just Like This One Her Father, Delighted To See Maida Take An Interest In Something, Buys The Shop And Arranges For Maida To Live Above The Shop With Elderly Irish Housekeeper, Granny Flynn The Only Two Conditions Are That She Must Make The Shop Pay, And She Must Not Reveal Her True Identity There Is A Fairy Tale Charm About Maida, The Poor Little Rich Girl, Who Is Restored To Health And Who Finds Happiness Living In An Ordinary Neighborhood Among Ordinary ChildrenIn Maida S Little House All Of Her Friends Spend A Happy Summer In Her Perfect Little Vacation House That Has Everything A Child Could Wish For