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I lived rather than read Rhinegold It is so richly textured, its characters so compelling, it sunk into me and played out in dreams.I groaned or screamed at characters when they frustrated me, feared for them when they were in trouble, wept when everything was hopeless.As well as achingly real characters, Rhinegold combines history, magic and drama into a fascinating story that starts with the origins of the Walsings.We follow Sigimund and his twin sister Sigilind on a perilous, fated journey towards destiny that forever seems to close in on characters like a vicious net Sigimund and Sigilind drew me into their story, into their lives so much so that I found it hard to throw off emotions churned up after reading their chapters We follow Sigifrith, Sigimund s son, a Norse hero indeed, who avenges his father s death and fights a dragon guarding a cursed treasure.But no matter how much we wish Sigifrith s story ends happily, there s always that sense that he is trapped by fate, by gods, by his enemies.You read his tale with a heavy heart, especially as he is drawn into plots by the Burgundians, Gundahari, Gundrun and Hagan the central character in Grundy s Attila s Gold.This is a fabulous story, a dark, rousing saga with characters who will haunt you for many, many years. This is a VERY long book It s over 800 pages in about size 10 font for the paperback version In fairness, it was originally meant to be three seperate novels that were all crammed into one If you have any interest in Norse mythology, particularly the legend of Sigurd, I highly recommend this book It covers the legend from beginning to end and really makes the characters come alive. [Read Epub] ⚑ Rhinegold ♷ Proudly Dedicated To Both J R R Tolkien And Richard Wagner, Rhinegold Is A Tour De Force That Will Enthrall Devotees Of Either Master Of Magic, Casting A Fascinating New Light On The Stories They Have Told What The Mists Of Avalon Did For Celtic Culture, Rhinegold Does Magnificently For Its Nordic Counterpart Sweeping The Reader Into The Stark, Sensuous, Exuberant World Of North European Myth And Saga, Rhinegold Tells The Story Of Two Warrior Lines Whose Destinies Are Interwoven Throughout Seven Generations By The Mighty God Wodan The Saxon Clan Of The Walsings And The Burgundian Gebicungs Are Bound Together Not Only By The Wyrd Of The Gods But By The Hoard Of Gold Shimmering Beneath The Waters Of The Rhine The Treasure Will Become The Spark Of Bloodshed And The Destroyer Of Dynasties And It Will Bring The Great Hero Sigifrith Fame And Power As He Slays The Dragon Fadhmir To Become Its Rightful Ownerand Bring Him To His Doom Stephan Grundy S Bold Strokes Paint A Vast Canvas The Europe That Lay North Of Imperial Rome In Its Decline A Continent Caught In Change, As War Bands Harried Its Coast And Stormed Across Its Plains, Tracing The Whorls Of Fate Written In Runes On The Misty Borders Of The Otherworld Its Landscape Is One Of Howling Snows And Golden Summertide Loves Of Trollcraft And Blood Oaths Of Proud Ships, Roistering Mead Halls, Enchanted Sunrises, Werewolves, And Dazzling Valkyries An Epic Of Heroism And Betrayal, Mysticism And Witchery, Incest And Tragedy, Rhinegold Breathes Life Into An Age Of Unequaled Grandeur A Novel That Brings Intimacy And Poignancy To The Tumult Of Legend, It Is A Reading Experience That Will Haunt One S Imagination Forever Herausragendes Fr hmittelaltereposStephan Grundy ist ein wunderbares Werk gelungen Er hat es perfekt geschafft, die Gratwanderung zwischen Phantasyroman und Quellentreue zu bestehen Aus einem sehr tiefen Verst ndnis der urspr nglichen Quellen beschreibt er die Geschichte rund um das Rheingold also wie es zu dem Drachen kam, wie es zu Sigfrid kam und wie es den Burgundern Ungl ck brachte Von einem historischen Roman unterscheidet er sich insofern, als er die nordische G tterwelt immer mitwirken l sst, wie es in den urspr nglichen Quellen ja auch der Fall ist Von einem Phantasyroman unterscheidet er sich dadurch, dass er sehr stark an der Realit t der Geschichte bleibt.Am Besten beschreibt man diesen Roman vielleicht so Wenn ein Schriftsteller mit den heutigen Techniken in der damaligen Zeit aufgewachsen w re, dann w rde er die Geschichte so berichten wie es der Autor in diesem Buch macht F r Grundy werden die G tter der Germanen wieder lebendig sie werden selbstverst ndlicher Teil der Geschichte ebenso h lt er es mit den Riten und der Lebensart dieser Zeit.Wesentlich zu wissen ist vielleicht noch, dass sich der Autor an den nordischen vor allem isl ndischen Quellen orientiert und hier vor allem der V lsunga Saga folgt Dies ist eine deutlich umfassendere Schilderung der Sigfridsage, als sie im Nibelungenlied enthalten ist und sie weicht auch teilweise bei den Namen ab, so hei t Kriemhild dort Gudrun An jenen Stellen an denen der Mythos wei e Stellen hinterl sst erfindet Grundy herrliche Geschichten um die Story runder zu machen Insofern kann man festhalten, dass jene die sich daf r interessieren, was die Originalquellen beschreiben besser zu Reiner Tetzners Germanische G ttersagen und Germanische Heldensagen greifen sollten Wer jedoch ein phantastisches Epos des Fr hmittelalters erleben will, der ist hier goldrichtig aufgehoben Aufgrund seiner genauen Kenntnis der germanischen Mythologie gelingt es Grundy tats chlich einen Standard in diesem Genre zu setzen.Abschlie end noch ein Tipp f r all jene die sich eingehender mit dem Thema befassen wollen und nicht blo ein wunderbares Buch lesen wollen Lesen Sie in diesem Fall zun chst die beiden Tetzner B cher, zuerst die G tter und dann die Heldensagen und erst im Anschluss daran dieses Werk, der Lesegenuss wird dadurch nochmals gesteigert, weil das Gesamtbild schon zuvor bekannt ist und man sich nicht erst in die Zeit hineindenken muss. First, I need to be fair and state that I m not a fan of Germanic Norse mythology Rhinegold hasn t changed that I was hoping to find a compelling story that brought these myths to life, but that s not what I found here There is nothing intrinsically wrong with Grundy s prose, the book was a fine read It s just that the characters weren t brought to life, their motivations remained hazy and the justifications for their actions not real to me.The Norse gods are cruel and capricious, creating heroes only to destroy them for no good reason why d they even bother creating a line of heroes then The characters I enjoyed most were the evil misunderstood Hagan, and the brief life of the unpronounceable minor hero Sinfjotli Hero Sigifrith is also given a short shrift and not much book time considering he s the greatest hero of all time At least these characters were given some background, and a brief look at what they were thinking and feeling The women fare little better Brunichild s vengeance makes little sense, she seems like a spoiled brat If I can t have him, no one can rather than acting like a strong and independent woman betrayed, which is what she is Gundrun s vengeance on her husband is a bit believable, although the sorcery used on her to direct her actions and on Sigifrith s is of the hazy make of it what you will storytelling.I understand that Grundy was staying true to the ancient mythology so his story couldn t stray much from the plotline, but this book wasn t one to bring these stories to life for me Give me Greek mythology over Nordic stories any day This is dense and fascinating book It offers a fictionalized yet entirely possible view of the legend of Sigifrith the Volsung and the Ring of the Nibelung It is not an easy read by any means but once I finished the book I was glad I did Grundy researched this legend and the history of the time and created a compelling, complex and captivating tale. An excellent retelling of the Sigur mythos perhaps better known as Wagner s Ring Cycle by a scholar in the field This book is actually three full novels published as one each covers different generations of the W lsungs, descendants of Wotan the Burgunds, their sometimes allies sometimes enemies and the race of Nibelungs and their stolen hoard of gold The 3rd book even includes the story of the families later connections with Attila Wonderful details about ancient cultures and customs, along with top notch writing, make this a not to be missed read for any enthusiast of Northern European history or culture. Vielleicht mein Lieblingsroman basierend auf der Edda Version der Nibelungensage. Rhinegold is one of those epic books that you wait to tackle until you have the energy and the time for a major project The book gets off to a very slow start, slowly building up background information for a couple hundred pages, until Grundy introduces the main characters and the book starts to feel like a novel than a history book reciting a litany of Norse myths.The book takes its material from the Norse Volsunga Saga, The Ring of the Nibelung and the Eddas We ve seen the same story in a number of other places, including Wagner s famous ring cycle and even The Lord of the Rings.Though Rhinegold feels like a Ph.D thesis that has evolved into something entertaining, the end result is pretty satisfying Though filled with incredible details, it s still a very engaging and readable story It follows Sigimund, his twin sister Sigilind, and their descendant Sigifrith, who eventually kills the dragon Fadhmir, before showing up in the court of the Burgundians with his gold horde.If you have the patience for it, this isn t a bad story at all And if you have even a remote interest in the Norse Germanic myths that Rhinegold was based on, you ll find much to enjoy in this engaging re telling of the old stories. Long time since my last re read of this book Nice to see that it holds up quite well I still feel that the first 2 3 are the best There are some really strong female characters in this book Grundy s use of the saga is beautiful and incorpates runes and lore.