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This is an excellent read for older children, young adults and adults alike The story follows a Scottish island girl, Hekja, who lives in a small village with her dog Snarf who protects the cows A Viking raid however sees them taken captive and the family destroyed Young fit slaves were valued by the Vikings as runners and after some time Hekja is put aboard a longship heading to Vinland under the leadership of Freydis Eriksdottir The Vikings did not make maps so they have only the words of earlier sailors to follow and they narrowly avoid icebergs on the long rough journey Snarf s nose alerts them to land and they make landfall near an abandoned cluster of longhouses Not only the natives might be unfriendly as there are undercurrents within the expedition, and Hekja just has to rely on her owner to protect her.Another slave, Hikki, teaches Hekja how to run efficiently over long distances and since he cannot marry a Viking, we see him looking thoughtfully at the young girl and picturing their future The colony gets established but the native people, who initially wanted to trade, resent the spread of the Vikings and launch their own raids.The world of the Vikings is well realised and small details, such as Hekja s never having worn soft wool clothes as there were no sheep on her island, draw us into her life There are plenty of dangers but the worst of the violence is suggested rather than shown. My daughter checked this out at the library, and has been telling us about it chapter by chapter It s an enjoyable story to read starts with tragedy, but ends with happiness for the main character It is also a fascinating look into the life of the sister of Leif Erikson daughter to Eric the Red. [Free Pdf] ☪ They Came on Viking Ships ♻ In This Story We Follow Hekja As She Sails The High Seas, Discovers Love And Family And Finally Finds Out Where She Belongs When Hekja S Village Gets Raided By Huge Vikings And She Is Captured To Be Used As A Slave For Her New Mistress Freydis, Hekja Only Has Her Trusty Dog Riki Snarfari And Her Fast Legs To Guide Her But Will It Be Enouh To Survive In Enemy Territory this was and still is one of my favourite books that i will ever read, i first read this book back when i was only 14 and thats when i first fell inlove with this story I think many of the issues and things that happen in this book are not neccessary age appropriate but it does depend on how mature a child is when they read this book the bond between hekja and her dog Snarf made me fall inlove with them all over again they have such a secure bond and the lengths that her dog went to protect her was so good I once again had trouble trying to pronounce the main characters name like i did when i first read this book about 6 years ago Im glad that i seen this book in the shop and brought it because reading this took me back to when i first read this book at the age of 14, i now have a greater grasp of the story and characters that i first fell inlove with 6 years ago Including this book I have read 2 books and 2 manuscripts on the Vikings over the past 10 months, than I have read over this period of time ever What looms to life in all writings is the female warrior Freydis This is a great read by Jackie French who, however revolves her story around Hejka a girl in her teens who is taken from her village somewhere in northern Scotland after an accidental Viking raid Accidental Their ships flounder in rough seas and the crew end up seeking refuge in a small harbour where there is a village, a poor village, bleak and really with nothing of value for the Vikings but true to form they slaughter everyone Hejka, along with her companions who are minding cattle high above the village see the Viking ships and so as she is the fastest on foot runs to warn her villagers but arriving too late ends up being captured, saved from rape and killing by Freydis who takes her as a slave, a Thrall along with her dog The story moves along the history lines of the Vikings, Freydis, and brother Leif together with their father Eric the Red are forced to leave Iceland because of the actions of Eric the Red and set up a new settlement in Greenland However the very nature of the warrior woman Freydis is not content living a life of domesticity and longs to discover her own part of the world With information from a previous voyage of discovery by Leif, Freydis manages to organise her own expedition and leaves Greenland for the new land which becomes Vinland This is an extraordinary effort considering the skill limitations of navigation and relying only on sail power, with a woman in charge Hejka is keen to leave the ice bound harsh country of Greenland where there is even less Summer than experienced in her own country The voyage is arduous and great seas are encountered as Freydis has her own plan of reaching this reported rich country and does not follow the map from Leif.In order to secure all that is required for this expedition Freydis does have to make an alliance with another clan leader from Greenland, Finnbogi to ensure that fighting men and families will join her This is of course is because she is discriminated against as a female.Vinland is North America There are many thoughts regarding how far the Vikings sailed to where New York stands this present day This read takes into account the discovery of the Indigenous peoples of North America with first encounters difficult, strained as would be expected given the size of Viking men and general red haired wild appearance with sophisticated weaponry compared to that of the Skraelings The account of Freydis pregnant and bare breasted with sword in hand threatening the Skraelings has been recounted many times, however in this book Hedjka as a thrall follows her owner Hedjka is given a feisty personality by this author which gives an added colourful dimension to this book The colony is successful for sometime, longer than this read suggests The savaging and killing by Finnbogi and his men puts a stop to the harmonious relationship with the Indigenous peoples The end sees a very good outcome for Hejka who is given her freedom, marries, lives in Norway and visits her homeland Freydis also has a much better outcome than other authors I have read, however as is mentioned in the author s notes there is only conjecture as to how Freydis died and where. What I thought of the book They Came On Viking Ships is, I didn t really think this book was all that great Why I think this is because it wasn t that interesting, also I don t think this book meets all my criteria for a good novel such as in the beginning of a chapter the title kind of gave away whats going to happen More reasons is because it didn t keep me wanting to read And this is what I thought on the book. NOOOO Why did this have to end So far this is my favourite Jackie French novel though the previous ones have been so good too Oh, my goodness, this story was wonderful I love, love, LOVE history and this has it all bundled into a beautiful little book I wanted I kept watching the end of the book growing nearer and nearer and it made me genuinely sad A beautiful story about the journey of a young thrall captured by the Vikings when they raided her village It was simply.wonderful I highly recommend this First impressions are important, because it hooks you, but last impressions are important, because that s the vision of the book that lasts My goodness, I never read a book so good and so meh at the same time Remember how I said I didn t care for the middle part of Awake Dreaming because there was no conflict, but then the book made up for it with what happens afterwards Imagine that multiplied by three The book starts out pretty interesting, with a witch naming a batch of puppies, with one in particular being named Rikki Snarfari, or Mighty Rover, Rover if you prefer I hope you don t prefer, because the book just calls him Snarf Then the book was quite boring for a while, as it follows the life of a village girl named Hekja, who makes cheeses and takes cows up the mountain, and then vikings I m not going to list every time this happens, because then I d be doing nothing than recounting the entire book, but I tell you, what you initially think this book is going to be like, is nothing like what this book is going to be like So many characters early on who I thought would be main characters, completely forgotten And then, there s the climax, the wonderful, spine chilling, non existent climax MILD SPOILERS BE AHEAD On one hand, I don t want to spoil the book, on the other hand, the climax I still want it to be a surprise, so let s get vague So Freydis and all her men go off to fight Finnibogi, and then they come back That s it, you don t read about the battle, you only read the aftermath, the characters talking about what happened, and it is one of the most spine chilling chapters a book has provided me I ll be honest, I was going to give this book 3 stars, and then the ending happened As I said, first impressions are important, but last impressions are important. We came out of reading this book feeling they same way we did coming out of our English lessons we wanted to kill ourselves This book is the definition of mental abuse Hekja has the emotional range of a celery, and had zero reaction to the mass slaughter of her ENTIRE VILLAGE The book is suitable for all ages, as all it takes to read it is three brain cells The relationships throughout the book were simply disgusting and creepy, with Hekja interested in multiple men who were all seemingly older than her, yet this is encouraged The book was also extremely unrealistic as Hikki got hit in he back and died, yet Snorri survived after being HIT IN THE HEART However, as terrible as the book was, considering Jackie French wrote it, it was well above her standards Hekja was the most unrelatable and underdeveloped character you could ever read about, with less personality than a brick, and she was as thick as one too The setting of this book was great, with only one problem regarding what was written about the cliffs Hekja didn t jump off of one and take us with her This book must have been misbranded, and is actually one of those Wreck this Journal books, as all we wanted to do was destroy it To conclude, this book is perfect for your worst enemy, or anyone else you want to kill. They came on Viking ships was an interesting book about the Viking society It had many twists and although sometimes violent, it was hard to put down Hekja is a young woman in her seaside village with only her mother and pet dog that she rescued, Riki Snarfari Her father and brothers died in accidents so she helps out with the jobs of the men Hekja s village is raided by vicious Vikings and many are killed she tries to outrun a warrior but eventually is captured by the only female Viking, Freydis Hekja is taken abord one of the many ships and soon realises that she is a thrall slave Alone with only Riki Snarfari, she obeys orders from her mistress Freydis and follows her on a voyage to a new island Riki Snarfari saves the boat from crashing into an ice burg and leads them towards land They set up a new colony but soon realise that they are not alone Jackie French is an amazing writer and I admire how well she has crafted this book and not really knowing a lot about Vikings Although I really enjoyed this book I think that Jackie s endings aren t the best With some of her books she ends too abruptly I wanted to know about what happened to Hekja and Freydis.