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Four suicidal teens decide to go on a road trip They ll tour the graves of famous people who killed themselves, then commit suicide as a group in Death Valley Sound tense It certainly can be But the pacing is so very slow Considering how important the suicide grave tour seems to be in the blurb, and at the beginning of the story, most of the book takes place in between This is not necessarily bad, because some of the best moments in the book happen in those in between places But it does mean that the hook gets lost, and that s a shame This is one book where I do wish that the author had gone with multiple POVs I would have loved to have seen into the heads of the other characters, and I think it would have kept the story from dragging Because for me, I think the POV character, Owen, was one of the less interesting ones in the book I especially would have loved to have seen what exactly was going on in Audrey s head, since she baffled me as a character throughout I m left, at the end of the book, wondering what exactly she wanted and expected to happen going into this But that s just one of the many open questions left at the end of the book.It certainly isn t a bad book, though I think a lot of the conversations and reactions the characters had were genuine, even if the situation as a whole isn t exactly the most believable The ending probably won t surprise anyone, at least not once they get there, and there are plenty of loose ends for these characters Satisfying enough of an ending, though.Also reviewed at Shelf Inflicted. I liked it It was vague at times, which left me wanting a little biton the back stories of the pack The writing wasn t crazy sensational, but it was without flaws and suited the book.There were no chapters per se, so it was hard to know where to leave my bookmark But that s fine, I didn t really want to put it down anyway By the end, it left me thinking view spoiler No, I want to know about the rest of their lives hide spoiler Wow, okay So I found this thing online about trying to read books out of your interest zone One of the suggestions was to pick a book based solely on a cover that you would otherwise not read Don t look at the summary just pick a book and go for it I d been reading a bunch of depressing contemporary YA often suicide related , and I picked this because the cover makes it look like a corny romance with the brooding bad boy and the shy girl It is a silly trope that I don t normally go for, so I thought it was appropriately out of my interest zone to give it a shot and expand my horizons After checking the book out from the library I read the summary and lo it s a book about four teens going on a suicide trip Not so far out of my comfort zone I decided to read it anyway even though it didn t fit the little challenge I was going for, and a well written YA book on depression and suicide tends to speak to me This book didn t speak to me I hated all four characters They were all annoying caricatures, and pretty much every moment any of them spoke was insufferable The bits of internet chat sprinkled throughout were obnoxious The plot meandered along at a really boring pace and it was all so redundant they go a place, talk about suicide, Frank gets drunk, they go another place, rinse and repeat There were little sparks of interesting things mainly the stuff about Owen s brother , but they were few and far between It took me ages to finally finish this book, but I am stubborn and refused to give up The ending was so cheesy, but I didn t even care at that point because I was so ready to be over it I feel badly about this rating, but man, this book just really did not work for me. Picking up Crash Into Me, I ll admit, I was skeptical The back sounds morbid, and in all honesty, this book is drenched in morbid and depressed thoughts Don t expect a light read with this one The characters, especially the main character whose perspective the novel is written from, Owen, are all singled minded and intent on ending their lives Or so it seems when you first start While I wasn t pining for the romance or feeling all that sympathetic for Owen, even I was scared when it seemed like something had happened to any one of the four teens The writing was good, if not a tad bit repetitive, and the style of writing was definitely easy to read and easy to follow I m not sure this book is a favorite, or that everything that happened was realistic, it was a good book, and in the end, I enjoyed itthan I had thought I would Also, Jin Ae, the in the closet gay, was most definitely up there in my favorite characters of the month She was funny and serious at the same time, and just the right amount of sarcastic that I loved her Audrey and Frank were interesting, but the story didn t dwell much on their backstory or their emotional problems as much.3.5 stars and a recommendation to readers who like morbidity and suicide or feel like digging slightly into human depression. Reviewed by Lauren Ashley for TeensReadToo.comOwen blames himself for something he can t change After a few suicide attempts, he meets Jin Ae, Frank, and Audrey online and they form a bond, a friendship, a pact The four of them set out on a road trip to visit the graves of several suicide victims, such as Kurt Cobain in Seattle.At the end, they promise to all kill themselves in Death Valley, California But during the trip, what will change Will Owen find the happiness he yearns to have CRASH INTO ME is a very intense and emotional debut from Albert Borris.Owen is a sweet kid who is just trying to make his way through life but thinks he has nobody to turn to This starts to change as he meets the three other teens, especially Audrey, who becomes his very first girlfriend.One of the things that I enjoyed about this novel was that you could relate to the teens feelings of worthlessness and unhappiness even if yours never amounted to the same amount of pain.This is one of those books that reads fast, with a slightly predictable ending, but is still worth reading I thought I understood these kids from the beginning and the story they had to tell, but CRASH INTO ME proves that wrong.Owen s life, especially, reveals a twist near the end that has you understanding him even . Al Borris s work as a high school counselor really gives this book an authenticity others on the same subject lack My only issues is the ending which felt a bit contrived. .DOWNLOAD ♈ Crash Into Me ♓ Owen, Frank, Audrey, And Jin Ae Have One Thing In Common They All Want To Die When They Meet Online After Each Attempts Suicide And Fails, The Four Teens Make A Deadly Pact They Will Escape Together On A Summer Road Trip To Visit The Sites Of Celebrity Suicidesand At Their Final Destination, They Will All End Their Lives As They Drive Cross Country, Bonding Over Their Dark Impulses, Sharing Their Deepest Secrets And Desires, Living It Up, Hooking Up, And Becoming True Friends, Each Must Decide Whether Life Is Worth Living Or If There S No Turning Back Crash Into Me Puts Readers In The Driver S Seat With Four Teens Teetering On The Edge Of Suicide But Will Their Cross Country Odyssey Push Them All The Way Over Only The Final Page Turn Will Tell, In Albert Borris S Finely Crafted Tale Of Friendship Forged From A Desperate Need Of Connection Nothing screams excitementthan a roadtrip story but what about a suicide trip Owen and three online pals embark on a mission to visit death celebrity sites before they willingly drive off to a deserted spot and end their lives All of them have tried on their own and failed Will this be a final destination or can all these teens help one another overcome their issues Absent parents, heartbreak, sexual identity issues, the loss of a loved one there are many reasons why teens commit suicide and Borris does his best to give us an overview of why it s important to have friends we can confide in and let some steam out Lists are one of the recurrent methods used within this book, forcing the characters to reason, particularly the list of things they would love to do before the died There s no problem bigger than another because everyone deals with their pain differently I loved how the characters didn t judge They listened, thus allowing us to get to know them better The ending felt like it came out of nowhere, with new information thrown out as a way to shock the reader Frankly, I felt cheated, hence my three star rating. I read the book Crash into me, because I was at the half priced book store and was looking for a book to read an I picked up this book and read the back and I know I had to get it because it had me hooked from the time I picked it up to the time I put it down 6 days later.At the beginning it kind of felt like I shouldn t be reading it because it is about suicide but it was a very good book And I read it the whole time on the plane ,4 hours 30 minutes, to Boston, Massachusetts from Dallas, Texas.I think anybody who enjoys a good fiction book ought to read Crash into Me. M s bien tirando a 2 5 en realidad.No s qu esperaba de este libro pero al final ha resultado ser un gran MEH Me han sobrado cosas, me han faltado otras y el final, pues m s de lo mismo En parte me gusta y en parte no me gusta Uno de esos libros que de aqu a nada ya habr olvidado.