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H e usually manages to get himselfkicked out of class before homework inspection It s better to have bad grades in conduct than in work, he tells the other pupils I think this isof a memoir than fiction.Not for little kids, despite the picture book format Nifty words like Vicious and Compassionately Chapters, and lots of text Fighting and sneaking smokes in the bathroom But the ending is perfect, and understandable to all.Ungerer is truly one of a kind Moon Man is still my favorite story, and The Three Robbers my favorite art, but I will continue to hunt for his lesser picture books, too. Having read this at the same time as Otto, I find it very odd that this is so nicely written, when Otto is not Is it perhaps because it is written in English, whereas Otto is translated from German presumably by the author.A charming book I have no idea why the publisher s hype on the cover calls it outrageous and controversial both words and pictures. Kisses, yuck Titel Mal ein ganz anderes KinderbuchIch wei nicht wie es euch geht, aber die meisten Kinderb cher sind entweder M rchen oder aber es geht um super brave Kinder und das Buch ist quietschbunt Da sticht Katerchen Toby doch v llig aus der Masse hervor.In der Geschichte geht es um das Katzenkind Toby Tatze, das man als Mama nicht unbedingt geschenkt haben m chte, denn Toby z hlt nicht gerade zu den artigen Kindern Ihm geistern viele Ideen durch den Kopf, nur sind diese nicht immer ganz so clever Und dass er der Klassenclown ist, kommt auch nicht so gut an Doch was soll man machen, wenn man so voller Tatendrang ist Mir hat vor allem gefallen, dass Toby nicht das typische artige Kind darstellt, sondern durchaus so ist, wie die Kinder von heute nun einmal sind Trotzdem ist er ja nicht b se Toby wei auf seine Art zu verzaubern.Das Buch besticht vor allem durch tolle Schwarz Wei Zeichnungen, die es f r mich zu einem Highlight machen.Am besten gefallen haben mir die Gerichte, die Toby und seine Eltern so verspeisen Wie mag wohl Maulwurfsgulasch schmecken Fazit Mal ein v llig anderes Kinderbuch mit kleinem Lerneffekt am Ende Ich empfehle es gern weiter, da es aus der Masse hervorsticht Gelungen Not my cup of tea I didn t like the corporal punishment, fighting, cigar included in a young children s book It will certainly resonate with those kids who are at that age when a public display of affection by a parent elicits horror and I think some of these kids might enjoy this book I wasn t wowed by the pictures or the story though. I liked this book Piper, the cat is growing up and no longer wants to be smothered by his overbearing mother s kisses Many kids, especially boys go through this phase But I wonder if this book, originally published in the 70 s, would be appropriate for a contemporary audience Today s parents and teachers are very sensitive to some of this story s elements, including children young kittens playing with smoke bombs and firecrackers, gambling, fist fights, smoking cigars In addition, the father threatens Piper with a spanking using a cane While his mother, smacks him across the face Piper s behavior is rude and insensitive but the punishment is not openly excepted today. I don t have children, so when I pick up a book for children it s usually because of the illustrations Feel free to judge this book by its cover I laughed my ass off before I even opened it OK, so if you really care about the story, a bratty kitten learns about compromise in regards to his affectionate mother Whatever LOOK AT THAT FACE That, my friends, is comedy. (Read Book) ⚥ No Kiss for Mother ï Children Will Sympathize With Bad Kitty Piper Paw When He Refuses To Wear The Clothes His Mother Sets Out, Squirms From Her When She Smothers Him In Kisses, And Won T Eat When She Desperately Tries To Please Him With His Favorite FoodsThrough Every Disruptive Means Available To Him Slingshots, Stink Bombs, Spiders, Pea Shooters And Firecrackers Young Piper Manages To Earn The Wrong Kind Of Attention From Parents, Teachers, Anti Classmates It Ultimately Takes A Fight In The Schoolyard To Bring Piper S Problems To A Head When Mrs Paw Reacts With Her Usual Caring But Overly Protective Ways, Piper Comes Back At Her With Angry Words, And Both Feel Hurt Anti MisunderstoodFinally, Piper Takes A Big Step Toward Truly Growing Up By Giving Up Some Of His Childish Pranks And Learning To Let His Mother Know, In His Own Way, That He Loves Her, But That He Is Uncomfortable With Too Many Kisses Throughout This Entertaining Tale Tomi Ungerer S Expressive, Imaginative Illustrations Show Each Character S Deeper Feelings As Both Piper And His Mother Finally Learn To Respect Each Other S Preferences I don t think I m being overly pc, but this book was kind of discomfiting Just generally unpleasant and with a weird kind of ending Very much tones of domestic abuse made me uncomfortable, and even the cat illustrations couldn t save it for me.