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I have read almost all of the Boscastle series and while some gripe that there isn t enough character development, I find Hunters books just right No, there isn t a whole lot of character development or musings on motivation and the like, but sometimes I m not in the mood for that and so I find Hunter fits the bill when I need something light and fun and sexy.This book was just enough for what I wanted Chloe and Dominic never really connected on a mental level,physically than anything else, but I was okay with that If you want something fun and easy and sexy, then this is for you If you want something in depth, skip it. The Love Affair of an English Lord features an intriguing premise with a great mystery plot.Chloe Boscastle is rusticating in the country after her brother sent her to live with family after she was caught kissing a man in a park Soon after her arrival, she is shocked to hear her neighbor Dominic Breckland, the Viscount Stratfield, has been killed Evenshocking, when she returns home one evening she finds the man hiding in her closet Dominic is determined to find the person who tried to kill him and he needs to remain in hiding until he finds them But as Chloe and Dominic spendtime together, their relationship quickly begins to heat up.Chloe loves being in society, so being sent to the country is in her opinion, one of the worst things that could happen to her I found her family s reaction to be a bit over the top and I didn t like how quick they were to dismiss Chloe s feelings There are very few chances for Chloe to interact with others while in the country which I think is in part why she latches onto Dominic so quickly after he mentions looking for the person who tried to kill him.Dominic is very bitter about what happened to him and is determined to catch the person responsible After discovering that his brother s death may not have been an accident, Dominic began looking into the situation which is what ultimately led to someone trying to kill him Despite the dangers to himself, Dominic refused to back off which was something I admired about him.Chloe and Dominic s relationship doesn t get off to a great start due to Dominic s arrival being perceived by Chloe as an intruder prior to her realizing who he is Even after Chloe finds out who Dominic is, Dominic feels the need to threaten Chloe into helping him which didn t exactly endear him to me Dominic also has a tendency to push Chloe away for seemingly no reason which got frustrating after a while I did end up enjoying the duo s investigation into the person who tried to kill Dominic though and I loved the ultimately Chloe was the one to discover a key piece of information The Love Affair of an English Lord was an enjoyable enough read, I just didn t love the relationship between the main characters I would potentially read something else from this author in the future if the premise was one I would like. I wanted to like this book and while I didn t dislike it, I did find myself putting it down over and over again Both the hero and heroine are intriguing but there was something missing though I never could quite put my finger on what it was Part of the issue was the lackadaisical ending which didn t leave me convinced that this couple would be together for the next fifty years.The Love Affair of an English Lord is a cute read but I was hoping for so muchCerise, www.ireadromance.com Disappointed The book had so much potential I liked the plot but unfortunately did not feel like I was given the opportunity to get to know the hero heroine Very superficial and silly Too much dialogue which was nonsensical and did not seem appropriate to the situations they found themselves in Behavior did not seem right for the historical period and the speech didn t either Not for me. The plot was pretty good Dominic wants to find person who tried to kill him so he fakes his death and ends up hiding in Chloe s lingerie closet It had some action and funny Aunt Gwen but it had lots of pondering Eventually I ended up skimming, reading only dialogue. The Boscastle siblings are some of my favorite historical romance characters They are all so passionate and stubborn, but also funny and lovable Chloe and Dominic s story was no different I loved the Stratfield Ghost and the concept of Chloe finding Dominic hiding in her unmentionables The plot was predictable, but highly enjoyable. Just couldn t get into it. Chloe Bocastle is seen kissing a gentleman and her brother Grayson, the patriarch of the family, sends her off to the country until the scandal cools off This happens on the page time of book 1, where Grayson is the hero.Upon her arrival to the country, she finds her neighbor, Dominic, has been viciously murdered in his bed Why, then, is he hiding in all of her unmentionables in her room He is trying to solve the mystery of why someone wants him dead by continuing the play dead.The first 100 pages take place basically in Chloe s bedroom where she discovers Dominic I find Hunter s dialogue funny and fast paced, as usual I think her flow has improved a bit with this story too Some tension between them is built up, but doesn t go far, since Dominic is wounded.Dominic had quite the scandalous reputation and now that he s dead , people claim his ghost is seducing people during the night The rumors are quite funny and silly There s a scene that I loved, where is does descend on Chloe while she sleeps, pleasuring her and leaving behind a white rose.There were quite a few funny parts in this book But I thought the character depth was lacking a bit I also felt like Chloe gave in too fast for Dominic There was no thought of the future repercussions and they hardly knew each other I get that happens in romance, but I just didn t feel the build up at this point Yet, overall, an enjoyable and fun read Heath, another Boscastle brother, comes in toward the end of the story to wrap up the ends up Chloe s scandalous situation and he is the hero of book 3, The Wedding Night of an English Rogue. {EPUB} ⚧ The Love Affair of an English Lord (Boscastle, #2) ò Award Winning Author Jillian Hunter Both Amuses And Delights With Another Irresistible Tale Of Scandal And SeductionWhen Chloe Boscastle Is Caught Indiscreetly Kissing A Man In A Park, Her Brother Grayson The Protective Patriarch Of The Boscastle Family Sends Her Off To A Country Manor To Stay Until The Scandal In Town SubsidesSoon After Chloe S Banishment Begins, She Is Shocked To Learn That Her Neighbor Dominic Breckland, The Devilish Viscount Stratfield, Has Been Killed In His Bed But She Is Even Stunned To Discover The Dangerously Handsome Victim Taking Refuge In Her Lingerie Closet One Night By Some Miracle Dominic Has Survived His Attack And Wishes The World To Believe Him Dead Can The Alluring Lady Chloe Keep His Secret Dominic Uses All His Masculine Charm To Persuade Her As They Work Together To Unmask His Enemy Of Course, Being Caught Sheltering A Seductive Scoundrel Could Further Mar Chloe S Already Tarnished Reputation But, Really, What S A Little Scandal To A Lady In Love A scoundrel who s presumed dead hiding in an exiled troublemaker s chest of underwear A book starting like this can only predict lots of fun and this second installment in Hunter s Boscastle series turned out to be a true treat in the Regency genre.Chloe is brazen, independent and quick minded A true Boscastle, nothing less than the male onesHer brothers and sister thought they had her neatly tucked away in the country with her aunt and uncle, where she can do noharm to her already damaged reputation For social minded Chloe this is the worst punishment possible but little did they all know that she would find true love hiding in her underthings.Dominic possesses a witty kind of sarcasm that had me grinning at some of his remarks towards Chloe in the beginning and laughing out loud at his interaction with Justin, Chloe s country suitor This scene was extremely funny, but everything about this book was a delight hero, heroin, secondary characters, the interactions, the plot I enjoyed this book eventhan book 1 and I really loved that book too But in this one the chemistry between Chloe and Dominic was really the cherry on the cake Their interactions were sparkling, witty and they were both able to deliver smart quips and comebacks as good as they received them from each other They fall for each other hard and deep and the intensity of their blossoming love is breath taking.It was a delight to meet those delicious Boscastle men again Supportive, loving, taking care of each other in their own bossy and medling ways and always in for a bit of pranking and teasing And of course it was lovely to see Jane being her magnificent self in this book accepting no nonsense from Grayson and the other siblings Quotes If he was going to die, for a second time this month, he might as well go out on a rousing sexual fantasy.Chloe was his world, the flame that had given him hope in darkness She was also a strong, earthy woman with a passionate nature, and the thought of spending forever with her left him breathless.