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. I actually liked this book Although the background is a revenge story, the heroine is an accomplished and intelligent doctor I won t bother to summarize it, as the other reviewers have done so already P.s She had one of the best put downs towards the snooty Governor s wife who had been lording it over all the other expat wives on the island Nice one Ahwhere to begin Written in 1977, this book is a mother lode of racism, sexism, ageism, and some of the worst of upper class snobbery Felicity is a doctor, with several years of experience in both hospital and private practice There s nothing unusual in thatexcept that she s only 25 I m pretty sure that medical training takes a wee bit longer that 6 months Move over, Dougie Howser Employed by a hospital on a Caribbean island, Felicity has been sent by her mother to take revenge on the man who her mother claims murdered her brother Bruce is a prominent diplomat on the island, and surprise he falls in love with her the minute he sees her To cut to the chase, she marries him in order to bring him down, but another surprise she has fallen in love with him It s a standard Harlequin plot, happy ever after ending and all, but what bothers me are the blantant racist remarks Boy is a general term for a house servant, and everyone chuckles indulgently at the thought of using that term for a 70 year old man Native women need family planning, and apparently only Europeans can handle teaching the concept to the women on the island Most of these women are not married, which is another source of amusement to the non native population.The men make constant remarks on Felicity being a working woman , flirt with her and ask her often why doesn t have a husband and home, instead of trying to be like a man Even Bruce keeps asking if she wouldn t rather be fulfilled as a woman and be married, than keep working The women think she s only out for a rich husband, and the resident Dame thinks Felicity is not good enough to marry an important man and needs to know her place.Yes, this book is old, but it s still offensive. Felicity takes a job as a doctor on an island in the West Indies While she is there, she hopes to find and some how destroy the life of the man responsible for the death of her brother She made a promise to her mother that she would find some way to get even.Bruce Gresham finds that life in the West Indies is so much better with Felicity there So much so, he falls in love and marries her But the past threatens to tear down the foundation of the love he feels And can he win Felicity s love. Same old formula in which a liberated woman, done wrong in the past in directly by some other douchebag of a male, seeks revenge, only to fall in love with said douchebag, still wreaking revenge, but falling back into the hold of the douche Damned if it isn t an addictive formula (EBOOK) ⚝ Island Masquerade ⛓ The Worst Is Still To Come, Bruce SaidEspecially For You, Felicity Thought If Only He Knew But Bruce Was Talking About The Hurricane And She Was Thinking Of What She Had In Store For HimFelicity Regarded Him As Her Brother S Murderer, Fit Only For Hatred And ContemptShe Couldn T Deny His Attraction For Her, Nor Her Feelings But She Had Come To The Island On A Mission Of Vengeance And She Couldn T Let Bruce S Magnetism Deflect Her Plans