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I thought that Mismatch was a good book I rated it a 4 It really made me want to read of it when the chapter ended and I was supposed to stop Mismatch is a book that mainly deals with racism Because of a war about 80 years ago two freshmen in high school can t date each other The war was between the Chinese and the Japanese Sue is Chinese and Andy is Japanese but because of their families don t like the other they can t date Grandma Mei, Sue s grandma was a child during the Japanese invasion Because of that experience Grandma Mei dose not like the Japanese Then her experience was passed down to Sue through her mom Andy s dad traveled to Beijing on a business trip and a Chinese man spat on Andy s father s shoe But a link between Sue and Andy s family eventually drives the families to common sense and realize that the other family is not the enemy.Meanwhile Sue and Andy are on a trip to Japan, causing a little distress for Sue s family, to perform in their orchestra When they get back all is mended and there is no feuding between Sue and Andy s family But when Andy gives a meaningful present to Grandma Mei that puts over the top All in all this book teaches how to deal with racism. E-PUB ⚖ Mismatch ☪ Sue Hua Just Moved From Racially Diverse Seattle To A Suburban White Bread Town Where She Feels Like The Only Asian American For Miles Then She Meets Andy, A Handsome And Passionate Violin Player Who Happens To Be Asian American Sue Feels An Instant Attraction To Andy, And Her White Friends Think They Re Made For Each Other After All, They Both Use Chopsticks And Eat A Lot Of Rice, Right But There S Just One Problem Andy S Last Name Is Suzuki And While That May Mean Nothing To The Other Students At Lakeview High, Sue Knows That It Presents A World Of Problems To Her Family From The Hardcover Edition This book had a good message, but I believe that it wasn t written that well Personally, I think that this book moves too quickly It only take a little time for Sue and Andy to become boyfriend and girlfriend, and Grandma Mei forgives Andy way to quickly Frankly, I don t think modern romance really fits the message of the book It probably would have been meaningful in a different situation Another thing is that they only visit Tokyo, it probably would have been better to be able to view the two different perspectives. The book I read is called mismatch by Lensey Namioka It is about a Chinese American girl named Sue Hua and a Japanese American boy named Andy Suzuki They fall in love, but have troubles getting together because of their feuding families due to their backgrounds I liked the book, I think it was an eye opener for me personally about the struggles and discrimination that they have to face It has lots of detail on the way that they struggled to get along with other people and why My favorite moment was one of the dramatic moments in the beginning, when one of Sue s friends unintentionally said something offensive about Sue It was my favorite because it even offended me and it kept me hooked There were lots of humorous metaphors in the story that made me smile I think the author tried to make the reader feel what it s like being from a different country I think she s also trying to say that people need to realize certain things should not be said and people must think before they speak especially when they don t fully understand someone s background My favorite character of the book was Rochelle, Sue s sister I like her because she always has her sister s back throughout the struggles with Andy and her parents As the story progressed, there was a lot of talk about the history of war between Korea, China, and Japan I feel there was too much talk of it, and I was kind of losing interest in that part in the book I didn t really expect a lot of the history behind it to be apart of the book anyways it is important though if you certainly want to understand I also thought that certain things went by a little quickly and maybe could ve been specific or slowed down, specifically the beginning Nonetheless, the ending was very heartwarming I truly recommended this book It has a great message that needs to get out You can find this book in your local library, on iBooks, or I strongly recommended this if you re interested in love stories with a bit of history behind it Give it a read Read a few pages of this and could not bring myself to continue I felt like I was being told this or that and then being forced to see the world through a very specific lens, and not permitted to draw conclusions on my own Didn t interest me enough to read Too bad The story was interesting to me. His being Japanese didn t make a difference not to her But it would make a huge difference to her mother and grandmother 9 In the book, Mismatch by Lensey Namioka, this is a very important quote because it introduces the plot, which I actually found very interesting This book is about two teens who are in a relationship but begin to experience problems with discrimination The two main characters are from China and Japan, which makes it very difficult for their families to get along I loved the author s style of writing, because it was very easy to understand and become interested in the book The plot was also very intriguing and it made me want to keep reading to see what would happen I would recommend this book to any teen who likes romance novels I feel like this book targets mainly teenagers because the setting is a high school and the characters in the book are teenagers also, so we can relate to it Also, this book is not as heavy on the romantics, however the storyline is very entertaining and will keep you turning the page Overall I felt like this was a pretty good YA novel, but the pacing was weird for me and the romance between Sue and Andy seemed rushed and pretty weak I would have enjoyed the book better if the author had given the same amount of attention to detail to the first hundred or so pages and to the ending as she did to the characters trip to Tokyo. Whew Where to even start with this bookOkay, some good things Let s go with that It is a pretty accurate portrayal of what I feel anyone from America with absolutely no background on Japan would react The final couple of chapters tie together the differences between being Asian and American, whether you re Japanese or Chinese or Korean or well, come on, I use Asian American in the broadest sense It s not like if you re Japanese American you feel the distance between the two cultures than a Chinese American You just feel distance.That s about all I can say for the good.The neutral Why does it sound like it was some sort of alternate reality to the one we live in Absolutely everything sounded like it was scripted for an episode of The Magic School Bus or some other educational spot you re likely to see on PBS Somehow, every single character especially those who were Asian had a perfect or near perfect grasp on ALL of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean history Oh, and American history, too And miraculously, at least one of each of the protagonist s character s parents were some sort of history professor or teacher The other parent would have some vehement hatred for Japan or China, depending on whose point of view was being presented Uhwhat To me, it felt like the readers would get a taste of the extremes of each society they were introduced to You d have the extreme Japanese girl who just wanted to get out of there the extreme Japanese parents complete with samurai heritage the grandparents who survived horrible instances of violence from opposing parties in the past this is actually realistic and the happy coincidence of and racism It really felt like I was reading some parts out of an article of Wikipedia I m not sure how I felt about that Having lived in Japan myself and had similar bouts of culture shock , it was strange reading these things that were common sense to me My bias, though, is my cultural background.The bad The writing style annoyed me at many points as I read One of the biggest things I noticed was how the author would use exactly the same paragraph to describe what Sue and Andy were doing I figured that it was probably to connect and parallel the very different situations they were experiencing, but really It was ridiculous The characters were so flat that I just wanted to get the book over and done with as soon as mortally possible.Overall, though, I have to wonder how a young adult novel can depict a Chinese Japanese couple like this without delving at least knee deep into each other s cultures The book was written well enough to get non Asian Americans to have a very shallow understanding of what Asian Americans can go through But as someone who is Asian American, the book came off as nothing than a nuisance.I was quite disappointed, because I remember enjoying Namioka s Ties That Bind, Ties that Break when I read it as a teen. Meh I could go either way on this one.I didn t care about the first half of the book, but I thought it ended well.The two main characters got on my nerves throughout most of the story She was whiny, he was a putz The back and forth Can we really go out I m Japanese you re Chinese, continued incessantly to the point where of me gnawing off my pinky finger I learned from this book that members of the Yakuza the Japanese mafia will cut off their pinky finger as penance if they make a mistake At the time I thought my mistake was reading the book As the book continued though, it actually got pretty decent It brought up some issues that I think many Asian Americans albeit all Americans have to deal with Issues of race, identity, ancestry are all things that are becoming less important here in the grand scheme of things, but important from a nostalgic perspective At this point in history, it is difficult for many Americans to care about their cultural heritage when it s so diverse It s not that we want to, it s just that we re now so individually diverse we are our own people Our blood is so mixed we couldn t find a piece of paper big enough to trace the roots of our family trees.So because of America s diversity, sometimes we don t understand the differences between races and creeds We need movies to explain to us why the Hutu and Tutsi aren t getting along let alone how they re different And wait, Japan attacked than just Pearl Harbor in WWII And double wait, Chinese Japanese Korean all the other people from that section of the world aren t all one big loving family Granted, many Americans are ignorant and idiotic But maybe their cultural insensitivity occasionally comes from the belief that we in all our diversity can get along fairly well, shouldn t people who share similar ethnic traits and customs be getting along even better D This review is getting a lot longer than I wanted it to Sorry for the soap box to those of you who have made it this far.Anyway, getting away from the whiny petulance of the main characters 1 Cultural insensitivity2 Japanese and Chinese customs, conflict, and history3 Racial tensions and overcoming racial tensions on both sides of the Pacific4 The detriment of war5 Cutting off pinky fingers6 Role of ancestry in modern lifeI think I could include a lot of that in my class.