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Unexpectedly beautiful writing which throws you straight into vivid landscapes, emotions and characters Gripping adventure with the start of a vengeance quest, battles, weapons, forest skills, Norse Gods Sadly no sheildmaidens though, all too busy cooking. The Norse, like most Medieval societies, were heavily stratified, but not entirely inflexible Slavery endured longer in the lands of the north, having given way to serfdom much centuries earlier in the Christian kingdoms of Western Europe Further, the Vikings developed a thriving slave trade Slavery was not intensive as in Sparta or the Antebellum American South, but slaves were a tradeable commodity Viking raids took Irish, Saxon and Frankish slaves to work farmsteads in Iceland, Norway and Denmark and on to eastern markets in Baghdad and Constantinople The Viking sagas give a detailed look at the workings of Norse society, including the role of slaves However, with few exceptions, slaves in the sagas are depicted as dumb, cowardly and untrustworthy Such would be the opinion of the warrior elite whose perspective dominates the sagas After all, with such low qualities thought the masters, the slaves then deserve their lot in life Viking Warrior is the story of Halfdan, the thrall son of a slave and her Viking master A teenager by our standards, but a man in what was harsher times Halfdan s rise to freedom is both plausible and tragic, and Roberts deserves credit for depicting numerous details of the Norse underclass daily life Of course, one of the requirements cliches of the hero s journey tale is that the hero must be of low origins until his potential greatness is recognized by someone with power to elevate the protagonist s status So, Halfdan does not long remain a slave, but retains the worldview of one who had been rejected by elite society Roberts keeps the pace brisk writing with a modern voice rather than the faux saga style employed by many of the modern authors of Viking fiction and soon introduces the villain that will bring tragedy to hisnewly fortunate life The villain is brutal and merciless, but ultimately colorless For a four book series, new and better written antagonists is a must for one to keep coming back The Strongbow Saga has potential and I will pickup at least one volume The nuanced point of view and interesting origin of the hero overcomes the plot s reliance on heroic cliches. @Ebook ⚻ Viking Warrior ë He S The Son Of A Chieftain And A Princess Yet Halfdan Was Born A Slave Now He Is Becoming A Man And It Is Time For Him To Meet His Destiny Though Raised A Slave Who Could Only Dream Of Freedom, Young Halfdan S Fate May Be About To Change If Freed, He May Train As A Viking Warrior, And Come To Know The Glories Of True Brotherhood And The Horrors Of Unspeakable Evil In The World Of Vikings, A Warrior S Destiny Is Forged In The Heat Of Battle If The Fates Decree It, Hafdan May Emerge As A New Hero A New Myth And Perhaps A New Legend This book surprised me in how well the characters and story are well crafted Some parts were kind of predictable and followed a sort theme these types of books seem to follow Overall though, a great historical fiction read This is a young adult tale but would recommend it for older teens.I listened to the audio book and the whole production is well done. I have not rated this book as I think it would be unfair to rate it based on my opinion as it is suitable for a much different audience than me It is categorized as a young adult book, but it is a far boyish young adult than many teen books I decided to read it as I have a professional interest in the Viking period, and the depiction of Viking life was indeed well done I was engaged for about half the book thinking it was evolving into something complex, but it turned into a boys adventure book following a rather predictable plot line, but made less believable by some rather questionable decisions in key scenes You kidnap a princess and don t expect her family to follow and attack you You go on a major expedition with just 6 men when you know you have two well armed enemies about I skimmed the last 25% without, I think, missing anything of the essence of the story I don t think I will bother with the further adventures of Halfdan, who will no doubt fulfill his destiny and come into his own in the end. More reviews at Rating While this book wasn t really for me, I wholeheartedly recommend this one for middle school boys who like lots of action, war scenes, learning about Viking culture.What I liked I can remember studying the Vikings for the first time in fourth grade We had a young student teacher who knew much about Viking culture and passed that along to the 32 eager young minds in Ms Schiffanelli s class Viking culture is just plain interesting, and Roberts has no doubt done his homework He seamlessly intertwines Norse mythology, poetry, war, and daily Viking life with Viking and world history Roberts enthusiasm for Viking culture shows in his descriptions of their clothing, homes, families, and customs While certainly violent, the brutality of the story s events believably reflect Viking culture and challenge the stereotypical brutal, barbaric pirates that pervade many of today s Viking stories What I didn t like This is very much a story intended for male readers Where are the female characters The only women in the story are Halfdan s mother, stepmother, half sister, and a few slaves and wives While women at the time may have been seen less than heard, I found myself longing for a young female counterpart to Halfdan War, sparring, feasting, multiple rapes, and bloody animal sacrifices are exciting, but I personally missed the female perspective The lives of Viking women must be at least as interesting as the warrior side perhaps Roberts explores this in the sequel.Content Language none Sexuality multiple rapes, but none are described The reader knows they happen, but they take place off screen Violence High animal sacrifice, blood, gore, murder, kidnapping and rape Drugs Alcohol the Vikings drink mead and Halfdan is hungover the next dayStatus in my library We do not have it, but I plan to purchase it There is definitely a market for middle school boys. Great book full of action, honor and betrayal I was sure if I would like this book since I m of fantasy buff but this was good I like how a slave became royalty and had to learn to act as such, but learns the cost of it The story was great and I m looking forward to reading book 2 Halfdan definitely changed throughout the story and I see change coming great historical fiction book. Even though I seem to have some genetic imprinting to hate Vikings, I very much enjoyed this book The story is engrossing and the historical aspect is accurate A reader will really get a taste of life in the mid 800s Denmark I just finished this one and found out there are 5 in total The first 3 are out. This book looked unusual and intriguing we don t get much historical fiction or male main characters these days Halfdan and his mother are slaves to his father, a Viking warlord The warlord s wife knows that her husband prefers Halfdan s mother, and is cruel to the Irish captive and her son But when Halfdan s father dies, his mother is sacrificed as favorite concubines were, and Halfdan himself is adopted into the family according to his father s wishes His stepmother chafes at this, but his half brother and sister take kindly to him It s been a long time since I picked this one up, so I can t remember many details Halfdan and his brother go on a trip to visit an Irish monk, who has somehow become an important land owner in Scandinavia They are attacked by I think Saxons and view spoiler the brother is killed hide spoiler I LOVED this book and can t wait to read Book 2 in the series The characters are very well developed you ll fall in love with the two heroes, believe me , the details of Viking life are incredibly well researched and portrayed, and the plot moves at breakneck speed I couldn t wait to put the kids to bed every evening so I could read a few chapters I even dreamed about the book when I was asleep So, if I loved it so much, you may be wondering, Why only 4 stars instead of 5 Actually, my reason is very simple This book is obviously targeted at a teen audience the back says 14 and up but to my dismay, I personally would not let my own teenagers read it until they are a bit older There are quite a lot of references to rape and concubines it is a Viking book after all Nothing graphic, and the author handles it extremely well in fact I don t know how he could have written the plot without that element , but I still wouldn t give it my own children to read Maybe that s just me As an adult however, and still young at heart, I really, really enjoyed this book I won t spoil it, so only if you read the book, you ll know what I m talking about I do SO MUCH wish Halfdan had accepted the White Christ instead of Odin That was my only real disappointment with the plot But then again, there are 3 books in the series, so I may end up being surprised.