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My Best Friend, written by Mary Ann Rodman and illustrated by E.B Lewis, is a story about friendship that every child can relate to The book features Lewis beautifully painted watercolor illustrations of African American characters This book is appropriate for students in kindergarten second grade I would use this book as a read aloud for children in the younger grades to teach about friendship I would also add it to my bookshelf for students to read independently I have not yet come across a primary book that features realistically diverse illustrations of African American characters take for example the illustrations in The Shortcut by Donald Crews This book will also serve as a mirror for little black girls who don the same hairstyles as the little girls in the book Lilly has pressed hair which she wears in a half up, half down ponytail and Tamika wears cornrows going straight back with brightly colored barettes on the ends This book is an Ezra Jack Keats award winner and has been reviewed by School Library Journal. My Best Friend is a story of six year old girl Lily who is determined to be friends with seven year old Tamika The only problem is that Tamika ignores Lily and plays with Shanice, who picks on Lilly Lily tries everything to get Tamika s attention buying a new bathing suit that looks like Tamika, learning how to dive to impress Tamika, and sharing her popsicle with Tamika Readers will easily relate at the struggle of finding and maintaining friendships This would be a great book for the classroom to teach about not just finding any friendship, but valuable friendships Valuable friends accept and love you for the way you are. My Best FriendSummary My Best Friend is about three young girls that are in a play group at the pool during the summer Lily meets a girl named Tamika at the pool and wants to be best friends with her Tamika already has a best friend and wants nothing to do with Lily She tries everything she can to make Tamika be nice to her including getting a new bathing suit When Tamika s best friend is not there one day, she agrees to play with Lily Meanwhile, Keesha is a girl that is Lily s age and wants to be her friend Tamika finally sees that Keesha is kind to her and Tamika is not They become friends Reflection The illustrations are the very first thing that stood out to me about this book They are absolutely stunning and look as if they were pictures taken from a camera they are so detailed yet smooth at the same time The pictures can be read just by looking at them The story is about a girl wanting to fit in and be friends with the pretty popular girl It takes her through the stages of longing for her to pay attention to her as well as trying to change to be accepted by her The whole time reading the story I was crossing my fingers that Lily would see that it was not worth being friends with Tamika if she had to change who she was At the end of the story Lily does realize this and becomes friends with someone who likes who she really is Not only were the pictures beautiful in this story, but the moral of the story is just as strong as the pictures. This story is about a young African American girl named Lily who wants desperately to be best friends with another girl, Tamika These two girls along with many others meet and spend time together at the neighborhood playground and swimming pool Lily looks up to Tamika and tries to impress her because she is older, popular, and possesses things that Lily wants However, Tamika is not interested in Lily and even makes fun of her because she is younger yet, another sweet girl named Keesha seems to think that Lily is a great friend Even though Keesha is very nice, Lily does not see her as a close friend because she is focused on winning over Tamika Lily gains some new perspective throughout the story about friendship The major themes in this book are growing up, and friendship This book could be used to teach children the reality of friendship, and how we can find the people that make us better individuals Some friends do not get along for whatever reason, and that is ok It would be great to discuss how fitting in does not necessarily make you happy This book targets an older audience, perhaps going through a similar childhood friendship situation The illustrations in this book really captured by attention and I believe they make the story come to life, targeting emotions that add to the dialogue. Being a kid can be rough Our narrator in the book is Lily, a six year old who desperately wants to be best friend with Tamika The only problem is Tamika already has a friend and isn t interested in Lily Lily tries everything from a new swimsuit, sharing popsicles and learning to dive to try and get Tamika to be her best friend, but nothing works There is another little girl who is nice, and who is fun to play with, and eventually Lily decides she will play with this other little girl until Tamika comes around. My 7 year and I read this book, my daughter said that she would give the book 3 stars, I however would give it 2 In reading the book it seemed borderline compulsive and obsessive with trying to have someone to be your friend I understand that children have the desire to want to make friends but this went a little far I especially did not like the ending nor did my daughter I think as a parent we should explain to our children that when someone is being mean and ignoring you that pushing harder and beingadamant will not make them like youand that it s ok to walk away from someone that s not showing a genuine interest in being your friend I wouldn t recommend the book but it did open the doors for me to teach my daughter that some people are mean and that it s ok to make new friends and walk away from others. Lily was wanting to become best friends with a little girl Tamika She tried everything she knew possible to do to become friends with her, from wearing the same swimsuit as her to learning tricks in the pool Tamika never took interest in becoming friends with Lily but Lily made an unsuspected friendship with another little girl This can show students to be open minded going into things Also this is a good book to use when making predictions and teaching transition words. *Free Kindle ☃ My Best Friend ↮ It S Summer, And Lily Spends Lots Of Time At The Community Pool, Where She Sees Tamika Lily Decides That Tamika Will Be Her New Best Friend Only, Tamika Already Has A Best Friend, And No Matter How Hard Lily Tries, She Can T Seem To Impress Tamika But Without Tamika, Who Will Be Lily S Best Friend With Beautiful Watercolor Art And Poignant Text, This Author And Illustrator Create A Timeless Story About The Difficulties Of Finding A Friend My Best Friend is a great look at the difficulty of making friends Lily really wants Tamika to be her friend, and knows that if she can just wear the right swimsuit, say the right things, and show Tamika how much fun they can have, that Lily can have Tamika as her friend But you can t make someone be your friend and sometimes your real friends are right in front of you, but you don t know it yet. Aw, this was sad to read I felt bad for Lily I almost didn t want to finish reading it to my daughter I thought the moral of the story could have been demonstrated better I feel like this book could potentially have a negative impact on young children s confidence Other than that, I thought the watercolor illustrations were amazing.