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It is crazy to believe that this book is non fiction A very sophisticated cult with the ability to manufacture and use chemical weapons In subway stations in Korea and Japan, you ll notice huge glass cases full of gas masks and other chemical weapons first aid items which always reminds me of this cult s culminating terror attack Very good read for those interested in cults psychology or chemical weapons manufacture and use definitely on the CBRN NBC reading list. Truth really is stranger than fiction.The 1995 sarin gas attacks on the Tokyo subway aren t well known in America, perhaps because the body count 12 was comparatively low alongside Jonestown or the Oklahoma City Bombing I had heard about them on TV and figured it was a dozen religious fanatics, but I had no idea.It s fascinating and horrifying to read how an impoverished, half blind acupuncturist selling fake medicines gained tens of thousands of followers by promising to teach them psychic powers This guru recruited people from the most prestigious universities, the yakuza, and the military to forge a mafia like entity complete with an arms factory, a chemical weapons compound, and illegal drug production to rival any gang Like many cults, they isolated members from their families and the outside world, seized all their assets, kept them starved and sleep derived, drugged them, and physically and psychologically abused them But that s just the beginning.Aum s ideology was a bizarre melting pot of Buddhism, Nostradamus, manga and anime, Apocalyptic Christianity, Nazism, and the science fiction of Issac Asimov and William Gibson They intended to bring about an armageddon from which the cult would arise and rule the world Aum committed a series of terrorist attacks, thinking the U.S Government would be blamed, and World War III would start The sarin gas on the subway wasn t even the first nor the last attempt at this With the fall of the Soviet Union, it was easy for them to obtain Russian scientists and weapons Who knows how many they could have killed if the cult hadn t been brought to justice sooner The Cult at the End of the World reads like a blend of science fiction, a mob story, the profile of a dictator, and an expose on terrorism and mass hypnosis That sounds like it s too much all at once, but it s perfect for the subject matter Kaplan does a great job explaining elements of Japanese society that allowed this to happen, the details of chemical weapons, and other information without bogging down the narrative or boring the reader The writing is energetic and flows like a magazine article Kaplan points to the Japanese police s failure to link Aum to various crimes or investigate the cult, and he ends the book with a warning about how easy it is for fringe religious or political groups to acquire chemical and biological weapons especially with the rise of the Internet These weapons of mass destruction are no longer limited to governments Aum was a sort of pioneer as a truly tech savvy terrorist organization Kaplan predicts that of these groups will rise and it ll only be a matter of time before there is another large scale terrorist attack The book was published in 1996 It really sucks to be right sometimes. [Read Epub] ♗ The Cult at the End of the World: The Terrifying Story of the Aum Doomsday Cult, from the Subways of Tokyo to the Nuclear Arsenals of Russia ♽ The Brave New Age Of Postmillennium Terror Is Awakening And Its Harbinger Is Aum Supreme Truth A Japan Based Global Web Of Wired, Technically Expert New Age Zealots Armed With Biologial Weapons, Driven By An Apocalyptic Vision Of Unprecedented Destruction With Compelling Immediacy, This Book Tells The Terrifying Story The Cult Reponsible For The Tokyo Subway Nerve Gas Attack, Offering A Revealing Profile Of Its Founder And Leader, Shoko Asahara Horror movies don t scare me, but things like the twisted plans of Aum Supreme Truth make my skin crawl It s amazing that Aum got so entrenched into Japanese society that nobody could really do anything Really makes me worry about how unsinkable the Church of Scientology is, and how awful it would be if they suddenly shifted to the dark side. It took me two years to trudge through this book Interesting topic, boringly written and the language used is very timely for the 90s I d recommend listening to the Last Podcast on the Left s coverage of the affair before this book. This cult is fascinating and horrifying, but the book published in 1996 didn t age as well as I d hoped I didn t know much about the Aum cult before my team missed a trivia question a few weeks ago Informative, if a little dry. If you have any interest at all in the history of Aum or cults in particular, this books is probably worth reading Considering the behaviors and practices of Aum grew ever brutal over time, be prepared for some graphic and disturbing content While at times I found the catalog of information regarding finances and acquisitions overwhelming, these lists demonstrate just how rapidly Aum s sphere of influence grew both within Japan and internationally I also found the critique of the Japanese police s inability to respond to the cult s terrifyingly destructive and murderous behavior in a timely fashion both fascinating and tragic I was also struck by the message of the epilogue Considering this was written in 1996, the discussion of a need for better worldwide surveillance of potentially threatening sub national organizations was an apt conclusion, especially when one considers the increased influence and damage terrorist organizations have caused world wide during the last fifteen years My one criticism is that the authors tone came off as a bit too incredulous for me at times Albeit, this is understandable considering just how extreme Aom s practices became and how passively these behaviors were accepted or simply ignored by both members and non members However, considering some of my own experiences, I have to say I feel a great deal of pity and sympathy for many of the people who were manipulated or persuaded using fear tactics to becoming members of the cult. Crazy Reads like an Onion article meets Vanity Fair expos Aum is basically Japanese Scientology in that it was and incredibly well financed, lawsuit happy cult based on techno spiritual hokum But its difference lies in that it truly wanted to bring about a doomsday so that it s enlightened members could rise from the ashes of the rest of the non Aum world Typical millenarian motivations It s fascinating how much stuff they tried to bring the end times about though Cyanide gas, botulism poisoning, death rays, laser weapons building a failed AK 74 factory and trying to procure a loose nuke They botched everything even though they were comprised of high level physicists, chemists and engineers Just could pull anything together Except sarin, which wasn t even that effective in the grand scope of things All in all another fascinating read on how totally nuts people can be and the bizarre trends that occur when they come together in groups in search for meaning Recommended. The story of Aum Shinrikyo click to prounounce is literally incredible After reading this book I had to fact check a lot of it via Google, cos I couldn t believe this really happened If you don t remember these guys they re the ones who did a sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway in the late 90 s But the story is much, much crazier than that To cite one random fact at one point these guys were responsible for 50% of the world s LSD supply They murdered a slew of people, infiltrated the Japanese police and military, had 30,000 followers in Russia , bought military helicopters, manufactured their own AK 47s well one anyway , mined uranium in Australia in the hopes of creating a nuclear weapon, kidnapped their enemies, conducted wiretaps, hooked up with Yakuza, tried to install their guru in Parliament look at this picture of them campaigning srsly , and even today, after the gas attacks, the cult still has members Aside from the cult, the group that comes out of this book looking the worst is the Japanese police Tokyo, federal, other What a bunch of incompetents I hope they drastically reevaluated their crime solving abilities after completely failing to follow up on the hundreds of leads including people accusing them of murder and numerous obvious clues that could have led them to the cult in time to stop the gas attacks Man what a story Cray cray. The story of Aum Shinrikyo is astonishing It had all the elements of failure in it blind, sex crazed self proclaimed Jesus and yogic flyer who went from a room in Tokyo to 40,000 followers despite their own bumbling and self interest It d be almost funny if they weren t a millennial death cult which also undertook intensive chemical, biological and nuclear weapons research, used LSD and brain zapping hairnets on their followers, microwaved dead members to goop which they then poured into nearby lakes, and generally behaved in ways that make Scientology and the Branch Davidians look like well adjusted dudes It s a uniquely Japanese story and the most shocking part is how inactive the police were Signs of their plans test gassings occurred and nothing was done How did they manage to generate enough sarin to kill four million people without notice Pretty easily, it d seem On the plus side, it was heartening to read that the Australian Customs Service wouldn t put up with any shit from the group and marked them as suss on their arrival in Australia This book is all the chilling as it discusses, in the later chapters, the future of terrorism When written, the Oklahoma bombing was the biggest act of terrorism that had been encountered It seems almost quaint The writing style is pretty breathless news but it suits the subject Every chapter has its you re shitting me moment Read about the gassing victim with the contact lenses and try not to be creeped out.