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{Read Epub} Î Terra amata ì For Chancelade, The World Is Teeming With Beauty, Wonder And Possibilities From A Small Boy Playing On The Beach, Through His Adolescence And His First Love, To The Death Of His Father And On To The End Of His Own Life, He Relishes The Most Minute Details Of His Physical Surroundings Whether A Grain Of Sand, An Insect Or A Blade Of Grass As He Journeys On A Sensory Adventure From Cradle To Grave Filled With Cosmic Ruminations, Lyrical Description And Virtuoso Games Of Language And The Imagination, Terra Amata Brilliantly Explores Humankind S Place In The Universe, The Relationship Between Us And The Earth We Inhabit And, Ultimately, How To Live One of the most visceral reading experiences of my life This is a vivid account of the highs and lows of one man s life, but presented in such a way that he represents Modern Man and the unique psychological spiritual experience of humans.This is one of my favorite books, which is why I gave it five stars despite several experimental sections that don t really work that well This book is an exciting glimpse at how personal and true and life changing experimental literature can potentially be, even if not completely successful here. Terra Amata is a kind of new existential novel J.M.G Le Cl zio s narration is too mannered and form dominates content.He had come from far, from the depths of the night, from the depths of obscure regions, to see all this, to walk on the buckled earth, to inhale these smells and touch these bodies and hear these incomprehensible voices He d been travelling all his life in order to arrive here, in hell, to burn with all the others in this hideous yet delectable furnace yes, it was undoubtedly hell, but it was unimaginably interesting It was solid life, life compact, thick as syrup, dense, bitter, sweet, nauseating, narcotic, the strange whirlwind that swept up all in its path Resistance was vain The crowd broke over you like a wave and you were carried away in its febrile dance.The main character doesn t live, he just exists surrounded by the triviality of this material world and his existence is but a set of game combinations You d never done playing all the games there were A prisoner on the flat face of the earth, standing on your two legs with the sun beating down on your head and the rain falling drop by drop, you had all these extraordinary adventures without really knowing where you were going A pawn you were no than a pawn on the giant chess board, a disc that the expert invisible hand moved about in order to win the incomprehensible game.Man is a chip in some cosmic board game and like any game life consists of the beginning, the middle and the end That s all. Terra Amata is either a visionary masterpiece or cheap apocalyptic schlock either way, the end product is a strange and wonderful mixture of Michael Bay and French existentialism Chancelade is a perpetual boy traversing the stunningly evocative language of this novel His surroundings shapeshift from sentence to sentence, allowing him occasional moments of beachside lucidity or ludic Oulipian antics, but mostly, he s like a cyberpunk Scheherazade, caught in immense thickets of doom laden prose, thundering out the page like a pulpit preacher seconds before a meteor impacts the earth like in the Permian period, drenching the world in one billion trillion tonnes of seething hot lava for over 80,000 years A novel that runs entirely on opaque imagery and surreal lyricism isn t an easy sell, but Le Cl zio succeeds by speedballing his prose with urgency, lunacy, and a black we re all going to die humour, otherwise known as gallows I can t think of a finer novel to get hanged from. This was my second Le Cl zio book Terra Amata, the Beloved Earth, is daunting I would not recommend this as a starting point to reading Le Cl zio s works It deeply troubled me, depressed me, made me close my eyes for a while and try not to think.The beginning had an interesting scene when the young protagonist, Chancelade, plays with a bunch of potato bugs It was a riveting scene that ended in tragedy.The book follows Chancelade throughout his entire life as the headings of the chapters may indicate On the earth by chanceI was borna living manI grew upinside the drawingthe days went byand the nightsI played all those gameslovedhappyI spoke all those languagesgesticulatingsaying incomprehensible wordsor asking indiscreet questionsin a region that resembled hellI peopled the earthto conquer the silenceto tell the whole truthI lived in the immensity of consciousnessI ran awaythen I grew oldI diedand was buriedThis is an experimental novel reminding me a little of Italo Calvino There was a section written in morse code, a section in sign language, C Open hand profile little finger down Closed hand thumb crosswise Closed hand thumb up Hand profile index pointing up Closed hand thumb and little finger up. This scene went on for 5 pages And of course in the section called saying incomprehensible words the dialog was something like this,Woolikanok mana bori ocklakokok Zane prestil zani wang don bang But even with it s quirky yet effective tricks , I found the book deeply depressing The section I died ripped me I felt it was I breathing that last death rattle And when I was finally buried, only then did I sigh with a bit of relief at finishing this book.Le Corbusier said that God was in the details We are in the details We are that pebble on the beach, the heart that was pierced on the battle field in 1812, the potato bug walking aimlessly around the sidewalk, we are the words of this book, the sun, the stars, the mole under the girls left breast, and that layer of rock between the granite and flint This book is full of details.I think having a beer with Le Cl zio back in 1963 may have been a downer But then, I am beer also, and I am the belch of relief after having one too many.I gave it 4 stars for successfully messing with me.