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Love, love, love A great collection of stories Highly recommended for any horror fan. For a collection of the best of this really didn t impress me Most of the stories had me questioning if they were really horror, and in some cases if the story was just snuff There were few gems, but most of it gave me a serious case of boredom or disgust I can t say don t read it, because once every 7 or 8 stories you ll find one worth reading. What a ride The genre was amazing I can honestly say that there might have only been a couple of stories that didn t hold me but the stories that did, oh boy Loved every bump in the night There were a few really good horror stories in here, but the majority were bland It starts off fairly strong and toward the end gets weak.It appears that in the 90s, dark crime stories were the in thing, and I really didn t care for many of those My favorites of the collection were two stories I d already read Stephen King s The Chattery Teeth which I read in another compilation and Bentley Little s The Mailman not the novel by the same author which I read in his collection Some of the stories in the first half, like Weight and Pig s Dinner were worth reading. Some of the stories were excellent, while others just left me confused Ketchum, Garton, Little I love short stories and Cemetery Dance publishes some of the best Cemetery Dance is a fantastic magazine and if you have not read the magazine pick up an issue and give it a read |Free Kindle ⚔ The Best of Cemetery Dance. Volume 1 & 2 Omnibus ♜ Introduction The Best Of Cemetery Dance Essay By Richard Chizmar Chattery TeethNovelette By Stephen King The BoxShort Story By Jack Ketchum HaceldamaNovelette By Gary A Braunbeck The Pig ManShort Story By Augustine Funnell MobiusShort Story By Richard Christian Matheson The Rendering ManShort Story By Douglas Clegg WeightShort Story By Dominick Cancilla LayoverShort Story By Ed Gorman Johnny HalloweenShort Story By Norman Partridge HopeShort Story By Steve Bevan The MailmanShort Story By Bentley Little SilhouetteShort Story By Stephen Mark Rainey RoadkillShort Story By Tom Elliott The RifleShort Story By Jack Ketchum PiecesShort Story By Ray Garton RustleShort Story By Peter Crowther When The Silence Gets Too LoudShort Story By Brian Hodge The RabbitShort Story By Jack Pavey The FloodShort Story By John Maclay The Right ThingShort Story By Gary L Raisor As By Gary RaisorPig S DinnerShort Story By Graham Masterton Crash CartShort Story By Nancy Holder Wall Of WordsShort Story By Lucy Taylor MetastasisShort Story By David B Silva Wrapped UpShort Story By Ramsey Campbell Depth Of ReflectionShort Story By David L Duggins The MoleShort Story By David Niall Wilson SaviourShort Story By Gary A Braunbeck Great ExpectationsShort Story By Kim Antieau ShellShort Story By Adam Corbin Fusco EaterNovelette By Peter Crowther TyrannosaurusShort Story By Norman Partridge VacationShort Story By Matthew J Costello As By Matthew CostelloA Taste Of Blood And Altars Steve And Ghost UniverseShort Story By Poppy Z Brite Mr GodShort Story By Thomas Tessier Drive In DateShort Story By Joe R Lansdale Desert PickupShort Story By Richard Laymon Fyodor S LawShort Story By William F Nolan Five To Get Ready, Two To GoShort Story By Hugh B Cave SecretsShort Story By Melanie Tem With The Wound Still WetShort Story By Wayne Allen Sallee PlainclothesShort Story By Steve Rasnic Tem The PatternShort Story By Bill Pronzini SeesawShort Story By David L Duggins Trial By FireShort Story By Barry Hoffman Almost NeverShort Story By Edward Lee BloodlineShort Story By Roman A Ranieri Four In HandShort Story By William Relling, Jr The Cutty Black SowShort Story By Thomas F Monteleone The Liar S MouthShort Story By Darrell Schweitzer Shattered SilverShort Story By James Kisner YSEXShort Story By Steven Spruill MongrelShort Story By Steve Vernon The Winds WithinShort Story By Ronald Kelly Crying WolfShort Story By Rick Hautala Animal RitesShort Story By Jay Bonansinga As By Jay R BonansingaEasy S Last StandShort Story By Nancy A Collins A Christmas StoryShort Story By James S Dorr As By James DorrComes The Night Wind, Cold And HungryNovelette By Gene Michael Higney Variant Of Comes The Night Wind, Cold, And Hungry As By Gene Michael HigneyA Conversation With Dean KoontzInterview Of Dean R Koontz Interview By Robert Morrish Afterword The Best Of Cemetery Dance Essay By David B Silva