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Myla got what was coming for her in this book, and I m glad she finally realized her wrongs I feel like in this book most of the characters the main ones anyways grew up in a small way Ash let go of the hold Myla had on him, Jake saw and later didn t want part of stardom, Myla saw how everything really is, Jojo finally saw past all the Myla stuff I was glad to see that Parker Pinelli made it into this book I was hoping to see some past characters in this book Especially Cammi Anne Sam I can t wait to finish the last book Ehh, it wasn t really that good, but I m not sure this series is that great to begin with. The next book in the series came out in March 2010 i need to get a copy of it i enjoy this too much i could read another 40 of these books. Sunset Boulevard by Zoey Dean is the second book in the A List Hollywood Royalty series This book is just as good as the first book if not better It has so many unexpected twists that you will never see coming Sudden betrayal between friends, unpredicted relationships, and so much drama In this second book, Myla had not only had lost her boyfriend, Ash Gilmour, she also loses her closest friends to Amelie Adams At first Myla thinks it s only going to be a while only before her friends will come back to her and realize how foolish they were, but after seeing her friends treating Amelie like she s their queen, Myla soon begin to panic Will she be able to persuade her friends to come back Amelie Adams is finally able to feel like a real teenager when she starts to shoot for her new show, Class Angel in Beverly Hills high She even found some new friends while she s here Even though she knows that they only befriended her, to try and meet Grant Isaascon, who will be acting in the show too Will Ameilie be able to convince her new friends to actually like her for herself and not because they ll be able to meet famous people through her connections Throughout the book, different characters will clash, some will get hurt, and some will end up winning After reading the first book, I waited for a long time for the second book to release And now I finally had the chance to read it And I really enjoyed reading it My favorite character would be the new character introduced in this book, Daisy At first she seemed to be insane, but soon I found out that it was all an act This was completely unexpected The only horrible thing about reading this book is that you re left wondering what s going to happen now, since the third book isn t going to be out till March 2010 I recommend this book to anyone who likes books full of drama and also to fans of the original A List series If you haven t read the first book in this series yet You should And while you re getting the first book, Hollywood Royalty, you might as well get the second book, Sunset Boulevard. This was cute, but not nearly as good as the first Still fun to read, and definitely one of my guilty pleasures. The first book was way better it had a concept and a plot, this book I don t have much to say about this one, but it was like reading an terribly too long epiloge. Did anyone else notice during the part that Ash is celebrating his birthday Ash goes to Jake s house whose mom brings out a cake for him that reads Ash 17 Page 123 Later the same night Ash goes to Myla s house and a sentence reads Standing there was her just turned eighteen ex boyfriend, Ash Page 131 Then Myla is mocking Ash s father and says Are you trying to tell me that you re sixteen and rich etc page 138 I m assuming he in fact just turned 17 since he s a junior in high school.Lazy writing like that annoys me In related news, I did just find out that Zoey Dean is a pseudonym for a group of writers who created this series, which explains the sloppy attention to detail. Once again, I knew what I was getting into when I decided to read this book But, I ve said it once and I ll say it again, books like these are like brain candy for me I read it for pure entertainment and as a guilty pleasure, and I don t expect anything from it I liked the story, didn t love it, but was disappointed because once again, I just didn t like any of the characters Once I start a series, I m determined to finish it With just one book left in this series, I ll be picking up the next one although I m not expecting much. Predictable, and quite boring Usually I can fly through these kinds of books like the other A List or Gossip Girl or the It Girl in a few days and this took over a week to trudge through Perhaps the series should have ended with the original characters instead of branching of like this Maybe the third book will be better I mean, my expectations for books of this nature are not that high, but it just seems sometimes they add stuff in to make a page quota and it s pointless. `EPUB ⇕ The A-List: Hollywood Royalty #2: Sunset Boulevard ⇸ After A Rocky First Week In LA Jojo Milford Is Quickly Getting Used To Her Status As Hollywood Royalty She And Stepsister Myla Have A Tenuous Truce, At Least At Home But With Jojo Becoming And Popular At Beverly Hills High, How Long Can The Ceasefire Last And Is Myla S Long Term Relationship With BHH S Resident Rocker Ash Gilmour Really Over Meanwhile, Uber Starlet Amelie Adams Is Just Like Any Other Teenage Girl Totally In Love Too Bad Her Crush Barely Knows She Exists And Too Bad For Jake Porter Goldsmith, Amelie S Math Tutor, Who S Hopelessly In Love With Amelie