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Possibly the best primer to Kant s political thought The translations are very accessible and the introduction is invaluable Credits 4th year, undergrad in philosophy and psychology Good Anthology of Kant s most overtly political writings. [Read Epub] ♉ Political Writings ☸ The Original Edition Of Kant Political Writings Was First Published In , And Has Long Been Established As The Principal English Language Edition Of This Important Body Of Writing In This New, Expanded Edition Two Important Texts Illustrating Kant S View Of History Are Included For The First Time, His Reviews Of Herder S Ideas On The Philosophy Of The History Of Mankind And Conjectures On The Beginning Of Human History, As Well As The Essay What Is Orientation In Thinking In Addition To A General Introduction Assessing Kant S Political Thought In Terms Of His Fundamental Principles Of Politics, This Edition Also Contains Such Useful Student Aids As Notes On The Texts, A Comprehensive Bibliogaphy And A New Postscript, Looking At Some Of The Principal Issues In Kantian Scholarship That Have Arisen Since The First Edition Now this was actually a Kant book that I really enjoyed This is also the book that put his categorical imperative in a practical, social light easier to understand and written with clarity than some of his other works Kant Political Writings Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought by Immanuel Kant 1991 this text focuses on Kant s political thought in terms of his fundamental principles of politics It s a love the sinner, hate the sin thing Love the philosophy, but oh, dear Cthulhu, the prose Good translation, a pity that the footnotes are a bit obstruse This is a very useful collection of Kant s political writings because they are the philosophical underpinnings of the trend toward transnational governance since 1815, beginning with the Congress of Vienna that established the international system after the Napoleonic wars in Europe, to the League of Nations and the United Nations.Unfortunately the philosophy as philosophy is really bad The entire teleological argument is founded unfortunately on the naturalistic fallacy. I only read a handful of these pieces, the ones that focused on history I was surprised at my ability to understand what Kant was saying, despite never having read his other philosophy Of course, his views on history are completely bogus and only serve the purpose of strengthening the theoretical existence of the state Now to read Hegel, to see how these ideas are elaborated.