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Comprehensive, both in breadth, and in depth DryCompared to writers such as Kernighan, Pike and Ritchie, I find Stevens style awfully boring K, P and R, for example, bring in interesting problems e.g Markov chains to solve with the tools they are going to introduce to us Stevens, in contrast, sticks to just explaining functions, mechanism, etc.Good reference, but boring. Very good book to learn programming in UnixI read till chaper 8, I will read again sometime [Read Epub] ♴ Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment ⚈ If You Are An Experienced C Programmer With A Working Knowledge Of UNIX, You Cannot Afford To Be Without This Up To Date Tutorial On The System Call Interface And The Most Important Functions Found In The ANSI C Library Rich Stevens Describes ThanSystem Calls And Functions Since He Believes The Best Way To Learn Code Is To Read Code, A Brief Example Accompanies Each DescriptionBuilding Upon Information Presented In The FirstChapters, The Author Offers Chapter Long Examples Teaching You How To Create A Database Library, A PostScript Printer Driver, A Modem Dialer, And A Program That Runs Other Programs Under A Pseudo Terminal To Make Your Analysis And Understanding Of This Code Even Easier, And To Allow You To Modify It, All Of The Code In The Book Is Available Via UUNETAPage Appendix Provides Detailed Function Prototypes For All The UNIX, POSIX, And ANSI C Functions That Are Described In The Book, And Lists The Page On Which Each Prototype Function Is Described In Detail Additional Tables Throughout The Text And A Thorough Index Make Advanced Programming In The UNIX Environment An Invaluable Reference Tool That All UNIX Programmers Beginners To Experts W A really good book about programming in UNIX I ve learned a great deal from this book From time to time it can be a bit boring and cumbersome, but overall an excellent book. Top notch book from Stevens Should be required reading in all CompSci programs. Working through this book again Nothing short of 5 starts would do for this one of a kindbook written by an Unix god. Anything by Stevens is a classic, including this one Will only be of interest to systems programmers of course. Quote Earlier versions of the UNIX System did not have the mkdir function it was introduced with4.2BSD and SVR3 In the earlier versions, a process had to call the mknod function to create anew directory but use of the mknod function was restricted to superuser processes Tocircumvent this constraint, the normal command that created a directory, mkdir 1 , had to beowned by root with the set user ID bit on To create a directory from a process, the mkdir 1 command had to be invoked with the system 3 function. I had the pleasure in my lifetime to take a tutorial from Stevens at a USENIX conference before he passed It was an experience I will never forget All of his books capture his ability to transfer very complex information in a way that no one else can quite do for me Just like you will always remember that teacher who really made your wheels turn, I will always be greatful to Richard Stevens for his contribution to UNIX and TCPIP networking. This and KR C are the 2 best books on Unix programming.