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Michael Buerk has led an extraordinary utterly improbable life as a BBC correspondent and presenter THE ROAD TAKEN covers that life in detail, on occasion perhaps too much detail Buerk is a fine writer and his account is a perfect balance of humor and pathos There are many laugh aloud moments There is also much seriousness and it was probably a good coincidence that I read his account of the 1984 Ethiopian famine while sitting in a Starbucks, which kept me from openly crying Buerk s written account is even moving than the actual broadcast it s still available on YouTube Watch it It s obvious that Buerk is careful in his judgements of colleagues Everyone seems to have their good points I m skeptical that the world is like that, even the BBC, especially as Buerk is known for holding, and expressing, some rather strong opinions I also suspect that TRT is loaded with inside jokes, most of which undoubtedly went right over my head I m not sure what happened to Kate Adie but she must have made her mark somewhere p 94 Buerk concludes with a critique of his industry His fears from 2004 are spot on and even so today. (((FREE))) ↜ The Road Taken ⇱ Dawn, And As The Sun Breaks Through The Piercing Chill Of Night On The Plain Outside Korem It Lights Up A Biblical Famine, Now, In The Twentieth Century Those Words Opened Michael Buerk S First Report On The Ethiopian Famine For The O Clock News On October Th His Reports Sent Shock Waves Round The World The Live Aid Concert, A Direct Consequence Of Bob Geldof Watching That Broadcast, Was Watched By Half The PlanetMichael Buerk Has Reported On Some Of The Biggest Stories In Our Lifetime The Flixborough Chemical Plant Fire, The Birmingham Pub Bombing, Lockerbie He Was In Buenos Aires At The Start Of The Falklands War He Reported The Death Throes Of Apartheid In South AfricaHe Was The Face Of The BBC Flagship Evening News For Many Years And Has Fronted Everything From The Popular BBC Series To The Erudite Radio Programme The Moral Maze He Has Won Every Major Award And Is Universally Admired And Respected For His Intelligent And Honest JournalismHere, He Also Reveals The Private Michael Buerk, His Bigamist Father, His Long And Happy Marriage To Christine And His Delight At Fatherhood I always enjoy a journalists eye view of some of the big world events and this author reported on a few, including from Ethiopia, with his report leading to Live Aid to name but one It is an engaging book and well worth a read and probably better if you actually were watching him on TV at the time. Excellent read Wonderful insights into journalism.