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Luke and his partner buy a house next door to widowed mom, Janie and her three children with the sole purpose to fix it up and sell it Cooper, Luke s dog is excited to see children in the yard next door and rushes over to greet them The youngest child, Autumn is frightened of the dog because of a past experience she had with a dog Janice is very protective of her children and let s Luke know she wants nothing to do with him or his dog Being that, Luke is in the fix it up business his trained eye sees things on Janice s house that need fixed and he does it As the children already like, Luke and his dog and even, Autumn has warmed up to the dog, Janice as well starts to warm up to him Luke, is bitter that his mother didn t want him and preferred men,booze and partying to him and he carries this resentment over into his adulthood Because of this he sees Janice and her children as the perfect family but she has secrets of her own to hide and does not feel deserving of his love and commitment. This series is great but always seems to be dampened by tilly She s a huge bitch and no one makes her confront her own snooty attitude. Janie is running a coffee shop and raising her 3 kids after her husband divorced her and then died Luke is flipping the house next door Can he forgive his own mother for abandoning him Can Janie let someone help her I love all of the Love Inspired books They are good, clean stories with biblical truths woven in the story This one was about forgiveness I would recommend all of the Love Inspired authors. Took me forever to finish this book Very nice, sweet, and predictable tale of a man abandoned by his mother and a woman who was a single, widowed mother of three The woman was a little unbelievable as she worked OCD ishly in her coffee shop with a nearly broken ankle To be a control freak she had her priorities all wrong Luke came off a bithmmlike a yes man just going with what the woman wanted from not fixing her roof to letting her make him leave when her ankle was nearly broken Kind of wish he had been amasculine character and her less of a masculine character This book was a nice, easy read if you are looking for something to end a stressful day. The victim of a bad upbringing, Luke has always wanted a family he could rely on His mother was often absent from his life, and before CPS finally removed him from her care, he ended up feeling rejected and abandonedoften than not His foster father was loving and caring and introduced him to the concepts of love, acceptance, forgiveness and a real family His foster father s death a few years ago left Luke feeling abandoned and rejected all over again and so he leaves the church and immerses himself in work, that is until he meets with widow Janie and her three children Janie has problems of her own in her life She is struggling to be the superwoman that does everything mother, small business owner, home maker and, most importantly, financially independent in the wake of her husband s massive debts He sees in her a realization of all his dreams of a perfect family come true when he needs it most, she sees in him a distraction and an upset to her already chaotic and far from perfect life at a time when she needs it least What follows is a novel about forgiveness, family, and faith.This is a very strongly Christian novel There are strong themes about what to do with, and how to approach, a life with God There are prayers and bible verses quoted throughout and several discussions by the main characters about faith, church, and God All of the events in the book are viewed through this lense and some of the topics are a little controversial, especially for a christian novel, though the wording was always very discrete The topics covered, in no particular order, included child abuse and neglect, pre marital sex, children out of wedlock, divorce, teen pregnancy, abortion, foster care and adoption, alcoholism, underage drinking, drug abuse, gambling, spousal abuse, and domestic violence.There were times though when the mother and daughter both nearly drove me up a wall Mostly for the same reasons They were both obstinate and head strong and they both desperately wanted independence, at the expense of any familial relationships they might have otherwise engendered to their betterment In the end though the character was very realistically portrayed as too overworked to think about what she was doing and I appreciated that realism about her I could see how harmful being a superwoman was first hand in this book.I ended up giving this novel only three stars, first off, because there were several very glaring errors that an editor really should have caught I normally forgive the first three, but everyone I see after that just detracts that muchfrom my reading of it and there were at least half a dozen if notSecond, it is standard romance, so the plot line followed a very standard formula that I was very familiar with Finally, there is being stubborn and then there is being down right obstinate and I believe the heroine in this novel pretty solidly fell into the second category Yes, pay people back when they do some yard work for you, but if they break something on your property and replace it don t offer to pay for it to assuage your pride , at that point you re just being pigheaded.So, fans of romantic Christian fiction interested in a couple that seriously test their faith and rely heavily on prayer, bible passages and heart felt, faith filled discussions to see them through will enjoy this book, at least to a degree Be prepared for the very real, if tastefully worded, depictions of the above listed controversial topics You will find all that andin this book that comes right down to, at the very heart of it, forgiveness. |Download Pdf ♂ A Family for Luke ♡ Luke Harris Grew Up Without Family Now, It S All He Wants More So When He And His Friendly Dog Move Next Door To Widowed Mom Janie Corbett And Her Three Kids For The First Time, He Can Imagine Hearing The Pitter Patter Of Little Feet In His Own Home Listening To Their Bedtime Prayers Having A Wife And Children To Call His Own But Once Burned Twice Shy Janie Won T Say Yes Unless Luke Acknowledges His Troubled Past With The Help Of One Stubborn Woman, Three Smart Kids And A Cherished Labrador Retriever, There Might Be A Family For Luke, After All down to earth characters, just like i like them to be boy, could i relate to the main female character, tho, WAY too much for my own comfort at one time, i WAS her unfortunately, in some ways, i still am 8 good uplifting story a bit too unrealistic ending, but that s just my opinion love DOES happen that fast, i know been there, done that , just isn t too often that it LEADS to that, SO quickly Grown up Luke still deals with wishing for the family he never had growing up in foster care Enter the next door neighbor with 3 adorable kids, add Luke s crazy, lovable dog and it s the perfect family once the issues are dealt with and the predictable romance runs its course Still a likable book, and I especially appreciated the foster child theme. I normally love Carolyne Aarsen books, and I usually like books with teens in them, too, since I work with teens at church, but for some reason this heroine just didn t resonate with me I loved the dog, Cooper, and the hero, Luke, was a caring man, but the heroine rubbed me the wrong way from chapter one and I couldn t quite shake that off.