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First, I want to say that vikings are a major fetish for me I loooove them I love to fantasize about them, I love to research their history, I love their mythology I love everything But above that, Kirby Crow did the entire Norse Dane viking warrior thing right More please More big grumpy powerful men who know what they want and how to take it rawr It shows this is an early work of the author I only read Scarlet and the White Wolf series but it seemed much better than this view spoiler Even accepting it was an early work, there were quite a number of things that bothered me a bit The overall story was very similar to the above mentioned series so much that I was expecting Aleyn to discover some secret magic skill And the characters themselves were roughly drawn Ranulf was one moment a fearless leader, then emotional infatuated man Aleyn was whiny almost to annoyance and his denial was a bit overdone The writing style also seems like a first try, since some observations or thoughts of the characters were weirdly inserted in the story hide spoiler Enjoyable little Viking m m Slave romp from Kirby CrowMen do not kiss he managed to exclaim Ranulf laughed and slid down a little, so that his chin was even with Aleyn s breastbone He licked Aleyn s nipple and nipped it with his teeth I suppose they do not do this, either I really liked this story about an Irelander who is taken prisoner by a raiding Viking jarl.Aleyn battles his attraction to Ranulf with everything he has hiding behind the fact that he s been taken against his will Strangely enough the much stronger man doesn t force him to do anything he doesn t want other than accepting the pleasure he gives him.Another interesting aspect of this story is how the two different value systems of the fiercely independent Irish prisoner and the survival of the strongest Viking conqueror clash This adds another layer of struggle to the story which makes it feel real. 3.5 starsStarts with Aleyn being given two choices that involves giving his life up Aleyn chooses the less evil of the two and finds himself as a bed warmer to a Viking jarl It was a good read The characters were interesting and I liked reading the characters together. Truth I m not a romance novel fan, and this book did nothing to change that The characters were your average romance novel characters, who acted in idealized ways Prisoner You have enslaved me, but oh well You cannot dim my fiesty nature Jailer You re so cute when you re fiesty I ve spent my life raping, murdering, and pillaging, but will now throw away all my values for your fiestyness and hug puppies Also Sex Just saying.Prisoner Goodie However, I wasn t reading this for the plot The summary promised sex, and in that, Crow delivered very well D Hot stuff, well worth the read If you like the usual romance genre characters and plot, you will adore this If you re looking for gay sexytimes, this is still worth a look. I suffered through this Occasional it was OK, but I din t like it most of the time I kept hoping it would turn around, but it never did that for me. &DOWNLOAD BOOK ☟ Prisoner of the Raven ↟ The Sweetest Surrender Is Love Fleeing From Troubles At Home, Young Aleyn Signs On To The Crew Of A Merchant Trade Cog Off The Coast Of Eire, But He Has No Idea What Dangers Await Him On The Open Water Viking Raiders Patrol The Shores Like Hungry Wolves, Taking Whatever They Wish, And When Aleyn S Ship Is Attacked And The Crew Killed, He Finds Himself The Helpless Prisoner Of Ranulf Eriksen, A Ruthless, Powerful Viking Jarl Who Commands The Longship Lymskyr Aleyn Expects To Be Killed Or Sold To The Saxons As A Slave, But Ranulf Offers Him A Bargain His Body In Exchange For His Freedom Faced With The Choice Of Temporary Whoredom Or Lifelong Slavery, Aleyn Chooses To Give Himself To The Handsome And Oddly Compelling Northman What Aleyn Could Not Have Foreseen Was How Much Two Lonely People In Extraordinary Circumstances Could Learn About Each Other In So Short A Time Ranulf Is Also Unprepared For The Strength Of His Feelings For Aleyn As Ranulf S Viking Crew Begins To Suspect Aleyn Of Using Witchcraft To Meddle With Their Leader S Wits, The Jarl Must Defend His Lover From The Murderous Intent Of His Men Without Further Risking His Own Tenuous Hold On Power A quick, tame slavery story Very minimal internal conflict, maybe because the captor was pretty nice for a Viking raider I skimmed all the sex scenes, so the brief MF sex here wasn t really a problem for me. It wasn t horrible and the writing was okay I just didn t like Ranulf s angry awkward reaction to Aleyn s rejection at Arklow The scene was kinda pointless and not what I signed up for in an m m book Also, Aleyn s sudden turn around of his feelings for Ranulf was just thatreally sudden And it felt like the author was trying to convince the reader that Ranulf was simply doing what was normal for him by taking Aleyn and making him his bedwarmer I d rather Aelyn just said plainly that Ranulf never hurt him, gave him pleasure, and treated him kindly when he had no reason to and that s why he fell in love Instead we got something like this You re my thraell because I m strong and you re weak It s natural for you to submit to me You forced me into this I hate you some kinda plot I love you Why are you being so cold Noooo, I forced you called you my slave I m the WORST makeup sex Roll the credits I need to go to bed The book was OKAY, alright