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[Free Pdf] ♌ Crime City: Manchester's Victorian Underworld ⚇ Crime City Is A Story Of A Rogue S Paradise, A Metropolis Of Both Vast Wealth The Worst Povery In England The Rookeries, The Pub, The Pawnshop, The Lodging House The Workhouse Were The Breeding Ground For Crooks Villains Of All Kinds, From Cracksmen To Fences, Pimps, Prostitutes, Conmen, Garroters Although researching a slightly earlier period, I was intrigued to read this account of Victorian Manchester a city of two classes , a rogue s paradise where vast wealth sat beside grinding poverty On one level it does deliver rather undigested accounts of the era s crooks, cracksmen, pimps, prostitutes and conmen But where are the sources of all this information As a lover of the obscure footnote and peruser of bibliographies, it was incredibly disappointing. Hard Work to get through this book.The Author tried to liven it up with examples, but somehow failed to make it better with this constant namedropping of people I have never heard about.