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Cultural Twist on a Traditional Tale Incredible, culturally authentic illustrations I really enjoyed this cultural twist on a traditional tale I love that it was written in both Spanish and English The illustrations were amazing and could literally tell a story all on their own In my opinion, the story is culturally authentic, very descriptive, and has an obvious message The illustrations and text are full of Mexican cultural elements, such as foods, the names of the characters, the art, colors, decorations, wording, and phrases Each detailed picture represents each pig s personality, including the style of house he builds and how he decorates it Each pig has a different occupation or hobby and the images clearly represent their unique interests Nacho, who builds his house from straw, is an obvious sports and music lover, while Tito is an artist who appreciates the Mona Frida and San Elvis paintings that hang in his home Miguel, the final pig, who builds his house out of bricks is an avid book reader, computer nerd, and collects traditional Mexican clay pottery All of these things are obvious to the reader without even reading the words Bobby Salinas shows readers a vivid image of the pig s home and lifestyle and continues to show the pigs personality and interests as their household items are blown about after the wolf comes by I would highly recommend this delightful tale that shares an important message about working hard, thinking hard, being creative, and unique This book is a must for any multicultural classroom, teacher, or household. I love it that the pigs saved up so they had money to start their lives with I love it that the story is in both English and Spanish The first pig random builds his house from straw, not because he is lazy, ditto with the second pig and sticks and the third pig he got lucky and just happened across bricks, he wasn t smarter or a good planner This book has the long ending where the pig defeats the wolf by trickery apple picking, fair attending, etc The dumb pigs don t die but they do build new houses out of brick in the end This book was written and illustrated by Salinas It is an amazing book Salinas has taken a traditional folktale and added details in order to make the latino culture come alive She has also created variance among the latino characters from the same family Salinas is able to show how the characters are alike as members of a culture, but different as people within that culture Each pig has his own unique style, talents, and likes The book is in both Spanish and English, though the English version has some words that are not translated because they are well known Spanish words such as carnitas This books makes you wish you lived in this town with these cool pigs This was a bilingual book, obviously, about the Three Little Pigs The pictures were great with a lot of small details to see and many cultural references The glossary at the back of the book does than just define words it explains some of the details in the pictures, along with their history.My favorite part of this version was probably that the wolf was named Jose, so when he asks the pigs to come into their houses, they say, No way, Jose I think kids would really enjoy that Overall, I thought this was a very fun book ( Download Book ) ♩ Los tres cerdos / The Three Pigs: Nacho, Tito y Miguel ♗ Los Tres Cerditos Y El Lobo Feroz YouTube El Cuento De Los Tres Cerditos Y El Lobo Feroz Los Tres Cochinitos, Es Una Fabula Infantil Con Muchas Metforas Para Poderlas Aplicar En Nuestra Vida LOS TRES CERDITOS, CUENTOS INFANTILES, Category Music Song LOS TRES CERDITOS, CUENTOS INFANTILES, LeyendoJuntos, Los Tres Cerditos Y El Lobo Feroz Song Bourbon Street Swing Los Tres Cerditos Cuentos Cortos Haba Una Vez Tres Hermanos Cerditos Que Vivan En El Bosque Como El Malvado Lobo Siempre Los Estaba Persiguiendo Para Comrselos Dijo Un Da El Mayor Tenemos Que Hacer Una Casa Para Protegernos De Lobo Los Tres Cerdos Home Facebook Los Tres Cerdoslikes Hacer De Sus Dias Un Poco Mas Divertidos Los Tres Cerditos The Three Little Pigs In Spanish The Children S Story Of Los Tres Cerditos The Three Little Pigs In Spanish And English With Slow Audio By A Native Spanish Speaker Los Tres Cerditos Y El Lobo Cuentosinfantilesadormir Soncuentosinfantiles Los Tres Cerditos Y El Lobo Haba Una Vez Tres Cerditos Que Eran Hermanos Y Se Fueron Por El Mundo A Conseguir Fortuna Los Tres Cerditos Cuento Clsico Chiquipedia Cuento Clsico Los Tres Cerditos Y El Lobo Feroz Rase Una Vezcerditos Que Eran Hermanos Y Vivan En Lo Ms Profundo Del Bosque Un Da Los Tres Cerditos Cuentos Tradicionales Para Nios Los Tres Cerditos Cuentos Infantiles, Populares Y Tradicionales Para Los Nios Nuevos Cuentos Infantiles De Nuestros Lectores Publica Tu Cuento Infantil En Internet CUENTO LOS TRES CERDITOS Cochinn, El Mayor De Los Tres Cerditos, Decidi Hacerse La Casa Con Ladrillos, Porque Aunque Iba A Tardar Ms En Construirla Y Poderse Ir A Jugar Con El Resto De Cerditos, Sera Una Casa Muy Resistente, Y Estara A Salvo Del Lobo Feroz Home Tres, La Pgina Del Cerdo Las Dietas Para Cerdos Han Cambiado Durante Los Ltimosaos Y Las Concentraciones De Algunos Elementos Ahora Son Menores La Concentracin De Fsforo Ha Disminuido En Hasta Un %, De Forma Concurrente Con La Adicin De Fitasas En Las Dietas Excellent bilingual book which helps students who are learning to read to make the correlation between the words they know and the words they are learning in English The illustration are excellent and the author did a good job of incorporated the Latin culture She even added a glossary at the end of the book not only do Spanish speaking students have the opportunity of learning but so do the English speaking student The story had humor and the protagonist where successful in getting rid of Jose the wolf It was even awarded the Thomas Rivera Mexican American Children book award. Los Tres Cerdos is a wonderful bilingual book on the classic Three Little Pigs With both English and Spanish wording it is a great book for children to learn spanish as they read The book has wonderful illustrations and shows the mexican culture throughout each of the pages The book has been rewarded with the Tomas Rivera Mexican American Children s Book Award and i recommend it for any parent wanting their children begin to learn spanish. The book is shaped is a big square The overall color of the book is teal looking color The picture on the front are of the three pigs and the mama pig It has a spanish feel to the illustartion.Throughout the book it tells the story in English and Spanish All the pigs and the wolf have names This story adds of a spanish feel.