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4 LOST FOR WORDS STARS Nah, my big mouth always has something to say So here goesFirstly, I ve read a few reviews which state Lost reminds the reader of the 1980 s film The Blue Lagoon cough cough Yeah Rosalinda I m referring to you I think she and I watched different movies Yes there are a few similarities, ie characters being stranded on an island.SEX, SEX and SEX Both stories feature a character with a bad case of blue balls cooled off in a lagoon but the similarities pretty much end there oh wait, both stories have INCEST Fuck me maybe Rosalinda s on to something hereRegardless,Lost is a whole lot smuttier and takes the incest storyline to another planet galaxy UNIVERSE I LOVED IT.Now about the story The blah blah family,shit what was their last nameis stranded on a secluded island after a typhoon sinks their ship 18 yrs old Cat, or as I like to call her frisky feline , her 20 something brother Derek territorial ape and their widower father I have no words for big Papa have been on this island for,3 5 8a number of years One day while strolling the island Cat stumbles upon a cave,Was it a cave or behind the bushesand finds her brother Derek feverishly stroking one out lovely scene by the way Cat knows she should look away but she s frisky remember she struts her horny ass up to him instead and informs her brother that she d like to watch what he s doing Shit, she s than willing to give him a hand THIS BITCH IS F R I S K Y Anyway, Derek says no at first but he eventually like 5 minutes later agrees to her request of not dying without seeing an actual penis in the fleshWhich then led Cat to admit that she also doesn t want to die a virgin and you can guess where this goes and goes and goes until their father walks in on them Sweet baby jesus, this readers was screaming OH SHIT Ha You have no idea If excessive incest isn t your thing this book is NOT FOR YOU There is a small plot but I was so aroused stunned by what was unfolding before me , I can no longer remember In case you couldn t tell For reviews, Free E books and Giveaways Buddy read with Rosalinda, Laci and Sarah I liked the way the author Varian Krylov wrote about taboo subjects in a non sleazy wayThis excerpt was at the end of the book and I thought it summarised her writing in the correct wayHer stories tend to explore the sometimes fine line between what arouses, and what frightens, what we re driven to, and what we re ashamed of This is a quick fast paced book with a controversial topic it won t be for everybody and if you aren t into this sort of thing then I ask that judgement isn t given to those who are With FICTIONAL BOOKS like this there is none of this You can t help what you are into or what you like don t like readingI was surprised that I liked it so much I would definitely recommend it to somebody who wants to start out with this controversial topic Lost is a beautifully written story on the very taboo subject of incest It s graphic and darkly erotic so if this is a hard limit for you, you may not want to read this book I say may not want to read because this book is so very well written and beautifully done that I would encourage my friends to try it out Lost will push your comfort zone with full on incest between brother and sister and daughter and father in an environment and under circumstances that are believable It will make you question yourself When placed in a survival situation, what could we become I am reminded of Lord of the Flies What would we do when stripped to our baser animalistic desires and no longer restrained by societal expectations When lost from society for too long, would we then lose ourselves, lose our way I believe that is what happened to Victor, Cat and Derrick They were not just physically lost Once they lost their morality truly lost their way they no longer cared about being rescued They were truly Lost Good ol Goodreads just recommended this lovely incest read to me.How can you read this and not think of The Blue Lagoon Krylov has mastered erotic writing Her descriptions of the MCs budding sexuality are vivid, bordering on uncomfortably graphic, yet gorgeously sensual Her lush writing is a perfect match for this curiously precious story about the blossoming sexuality of a brother and sister on a abandoned island, that is as much a paradise as a trap Being stripped from the morals of the civilized world, swimming naked and baking on your private beach does little to change the fact that both Cat and her older brother are beautiful young adults caught in amber their dreams are smothered Or are they As with all Krylov s, there are various ways to perceive this story And it s up to you which layers you feel like peeling off I especially appreciated the psychological aspect of the family bonds There s a sense of impending doom present, that I quite enjoyed Another will possibly choose to not register that and think of this as an erotic love story only How awesome is that about this author The only aspect that didn t do much for me, was the incest There s so little background or happy family memories that I hardly perceived these three as family I dunno, there was little to disturb me and I would have appreciated to be a little shocked. Lost is a story about a father, daughter and son who get stranded on a remote island after a typhoon destroys their boat whilst out on a scientific excursion This darkly erotic short story goes on to tell of their evolving relationship with each other, a relationship that after three long years stranded, with no hope of rescue, goes way beyond a sisterly brotherly fatherly one and they soon find themselves lost in ways than one.So I read this one as part of a buddy read.At first I was like.Then..Then I was likeI could not put this book down.But then I was like And then right at the end I was like..But on a serious note, I must start by saying how beautifully written this book was, especially given the taboo subject it covered, a book subject I have never before ventured into Don t ask me how, but, Varian Krylov writes the first part of this story in a way that makes the subject seem a little less abhorrent, and if you take away the taboo subject, i have to say I found the sex scenes highly erotic.For the most part I thought the author did an excellent job of helping me as a reader to put to one side the sibling link and see this as two people becoming involved in a highly erotic relationship and therefore this part of the story I enjoyed, in fact as I said before this author can definitely write a great sex scene.The later part involving the father, however, I really really struggled with view spoiler especially calling him Daddy during sex and asking am I doing it right Daddy..I meanWTF hide spoiler Beautiful and pure Lost is a phenomenally well done short story that tackles a taboo topic with such complexity socially and psychologically that it is natural and believable Many times you read a pseudo incest book and it is vacuous and titillating for it s own sake, but Krylov has taken the true taboo and presented it magnificently well As one who generally avoids short stories because so few authors successfully master it, I was surprised by my own response This book will appeal to a limited audience, but for those willing to explore it I think they will be pleased. |FREE ⚆ Lost ♖ When A Typhoon Destroys Their Boat, Three Scientists Are Stranded On An Unpopulated Island Off The Coast Of Madagascar As The Weeks And Months Pass, It Gets Harder And Harder For Derek To Resist Cat S Seductive Advances Cat, Sensual, Spontaneous, Hungry To Experience Every Thrill, Every Sensation Cat, Ten Years Younger Than He What a fantastic set up to a terrifically taboo story LOST may push the limits of some readers too far as the story is one of an incestuous romance between a brother and sister as well as a father and daughter.LOST begins with a family of three scientists who are stranded on a deserted island when their boat is destroyed by a typhoon while on a scientific excursion Fast forward three years and you have the only female, Cat 18 , her brother, Derek who is 28 and their father, Victor Cat is very curious about the opposite sex and is certain that she will die a virgin unless she can convince her brother to teach her all the things she has missed out on discovering with other boys After much persistence, she slowly breaks down the social boundaries that confines Derek by coaxing him to sample what she so willingly offers The incestuous relationship Cat and Derek engaged in made my mind flash to THE BLUE LAGOON, then, the social breakdown of the relationship between the father and son forced my mind to LORD OF THE FLIES It was amazing how quickly things changed between the trio once the sex began the men reverted to animalistic behavior and Cat became the primary object of focus and comfort Though I really enjoyed the premise of the story, I wanted hence the 4 5 stars rating I would have liked to have seen about the relationship between the father and son and how they interacted as time passed I would have liked to have seen about how the group and individual relationships developed In my opinion, the relationship between Cat and her father was not nearly as believable as the relationship she initiated with her brother it really needed development leading up to the initial sexual act If you like taboo reads and you enjoy an interesting plot with a lot of steam, then check out LOST it is sure to hit the spot Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie ReviewsIf you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group Well written short story with plenty of dark, erotic sex was really hard to see these three characters as father, son and daughter this quote sums up the story We re rational beings And we re animals with drives That says it all Well, it s a lot shorter than I anticipated This is not a big story driven read A father, a son and daughter are stranded on a deserted island How many years would it take for you to put the Taboo out of your head and just let your urges take over Well, take over they did and once the sex started, it just kept coming Yes, pun intended So, sex with brother and sister, sex with dad, sex with both, and a partridge in a pear tree,