Book ♦ Anne Boleyn and Me: The Diary of Elinor Valjean, London, 1525-1536 ♫

very historic and boring The My Story series were the first books that I was really interested in and recently I have gone back to read some of them I have always had an interest in the Tudor era and Anne Boleyn and Me gives a great new perspective on the history The characters whose journal format this book is written in is not what you read the story for The character Elinor has enough of a storyline but the main focus is on the Royal history I didn t mind though as the pace of the story was really good and kept you interested the whole time I originally started this book with only a little bit of general knowledge on Anne Boleyn I was greatly informed by the end though, it was educational but in a light matter I never really knew what the character of Anne Boleyn was like but after reading this I feel a little enlightened Anne is such a puzzling person Initially I thought she was an evil, manipulative women trying to win the crown But towards the end when she lost everything I couldn t help but feel sad for her The sick ways of the Tudors shocked me at every page I can never imagine a time like that but sadly it makes for interesting reading. Book ♍ Anne Boleyn and Me: The Diary of Elinor Valjean, London, 1525-1536 ♹ When The King Came Riding In On His Big, Black Horse, A Murmer Went Up, Because His Tunic Was Stitched With The Words, DECLARE I DARE NOT All The Ladies Were Giggling Behind Their Hands, And I Asked Mama What It Meant Her Face Had Turned Quite Pink And She Said,Never Mind, So I Asked Rosanna Later She Told Me The Words Meant The King Has A New Love, But He Dares Not Say Her NameBut Everyone Knows Her Name, Of Course It Is Anne Boleyn I really enjoyed this book Having worked with children in various capacities for many years I find reading young people books a great was to engage with them These days I think there is a greater crossover between books written for young people and adults Rowling and Pullman are further examples of this This book leads on from My Tudor Queen which is the diary of Elinor s mother Eva and Queen Katherine of Aragon Although of course there wasn t the depth that you would find in a Philippa Gregory novel which is of course written for the adult market you do get a sense of the times and how difficult life was for everyone with such a fickle King on the throne. This reminded me a lot of the Dear America books I loved as a child It was a very short, and kind of juvenile, diary format of a fictional girl living in Henry VIII s court as Anne Boleyn rises to being queen I never really got a feel for our narrator, Elinor, even when she got married and had children It could have been anyone writing down these events, you just didn t care about the narrator at all It wasn t terrible, and as a kid I probably would have loved it But reading it now, it just fell flat. I am not sure what I feel about this book I was horrified by all the wrongdoings and early marriages that took place King Henry was surely a piece of work Just a stark reminder that one s actions will succeed you for generations to come At the same time, I am wondering whether middle grade kids will be able to handle this book.hmmm I really enjoy the My Story series and this is one of my favourites Narrated by Elinor, a young serving girl in the household of Henry VII, it is a really great read. Pretty pedestrian Not really a huge waste of my time, but about what I d get watching Anne of the Thousand Days. You re sure to love this book Elinor Valjean is a young lady in waiting to Catherine of Aragon and later on in the book, Anne Boleyn It is an extremely accurate read, with all the dates correct and the names Not only is it about the queens, but you also see Elinor falling in love, marrying a handsome man and having two children, Maria and Michael Also you can read Elinor s mother s diary earlier on in the series which is good Highly good for a wet Sunday afternoon Loved it This book is one in the My Story series The books in this series are fictional diaries of young girls living during different periods of British, Scottish, and Irish history Elinor Valjean begins her diary in 1525, when she is eleven As the daughter of a lady in waiting to Queen Catherine of England, she has grown up at court Over the next few years, Elinor describes her daily life living among royalty, and how she eventually becomes a lady in waiting to Anne Boleyn Elinor and her family sympathize with Queen Catherine because of their ties to her But Anne Boleyn is determined to be queen, and King Henry VIII is determined to divorce Catherine, because she has failed to provide him with a son and is now too old to have any children But as Elinor s life becomes happy, as she grows up, falls in love, marries, and has children, Anne s only becomes worse, as she ends up disappointing Henry by failing to provide a living son This is my favorite book from the My Story series, and I highly recommend it to readers who are interested in the Tudor era or who enjoy historical fiction in diary form I loved the setting, the historical detail was fascination, and Elinor was a likeable narrator.