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@Read Pdf Ó Canvas Sunsets Never Fade ô It Was A Burglary Of Epic Proportions An Ambassador S Wife Was Dead, The Famous Desert Lights Paintings Had Vanished, And A Diplomatic Residence Was Left Smoldering The Horrifying Incident Sent Shockwaves Through Washington, DC Forcing The FBI Into A Frenzied Search For The Culprits Pressed For Time, The Authorities Had No Choice But To Seek The Help Of One Man, Richard Nash, An Editor Of A New York Art Journal Desperate To Use His Skills, They Cajoled And Then Bullied Him Into Accepting A Mission He Was Reluctant To Take But He Eventually Agreed To Assume The Role Of An Undercover Agent For This Risky Mission To Become A Confidant Of Their Lead Suspect, Sara Mundhir After All, She Had An Axe To Grind With The House Of Saud, Having Recently Lost A Lengthy Legal Battle For Her Father S Paintings But Without Nash S Help There Was No Way To Pin Her To The Crime For Over A Year Sara Became His World, His Constant Vigil, His Obsession Until Suddenly She Was Abducted Now, Six Years After The Investigation Failed, Nash Stumbles Onto A New Clue That Could Help Him Find Sara And The Answers To A Haunting Past But He Quickly Becomes Entangled In A Web Of Murder And Deceit, At The Heart Of Which Lies A Secret He Must Decipher If He Fails Again, A Diabolical Conspiracy Will Enter Its Final Phase An Outcome That Could Turn The Entire Middle East Into An Inferno