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I was a little disappointed after reading all of the great reviews Once again, the love came to quickly after the sex It had great potential, however, it was quick for me I would lend this book, however, not because I thought it was outstandingly wonderful TTFN Sandy 3rd time read is a charmThird time reading this was definitely a charm for me I enjoy interracial romance an also time travel romance so putting the two together and voila you ve just written a book I could love I was wondering how she was going to make time travel for a black woman work out because history was not our friend, but in the end I truly enjoyed the story, and wish there were interracial romance adventures stories like it If only wishes came true. A lot of things happened too soon, in a way that made it unbelievable I mean who just accepts from one moment to another that she s suddenly somewhere else Let s a guy take her to his bed as his slave just because he s hot And loves him dearly the next day WHO does that This and other uncredible events I had to endure At times it also felt if I missed a couple of pages, cause I just could not comprehend how one scene lead to another It was confusing as hell Therefore I quit almost half way in It was too much for me to handle. Ummmmm So, lots of sex Handwaves to some of the historical stuff It s not a nitty gritty historical story, but it was fun reading The beginning was disjointed and the secondary characters needed fleshing out Basically, it had everything needed to be a longer, richer story As a short, it needed smoothing in the transitional areas Overall the writing was solid I really just wish there was of it.Caveat This is like a 2.5 for me I can t justify a 3, but 2 REALLY feels too low. This was a fun read I enjoyed the opening While a group of geeks playing dungeons dragons the heroine Reese decides to bad mouth Loki So of course, god of mischief, decides to send her back in time to Norway to steal a jewel from Eirik the fair The story was cute quite comical. Very hot and very memorable male lead Man I whisk that I had that Viking.gives me the shivers As you can tell he left a very good impression on me I also liked that he was very human in that he needed help I love the menage scene And I loved the plot I gotta reread this again and again It s that good. .FREE DOWNLOAD ⚔ Frozen in Time ⚒ Reese Yearns For A Life Beyond The Drudgery She S Settled For Loki, God Of Mischief, Steps In To Give Her A Hand His Solution A Viking Warlord, So Laden With Baggage He Isn T Good For Anything, But Battle And The Bed Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, Menage M F M , Sexual Slavery Interesting, funny characters Good heat and nice twists here and there A pretty short fast read that s an enjoyable romp