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With a week off from work for the holidays, I have undertaken a reading binge Remembering there was a list of books I had highlighted on myWish List, I decided to knock them out.Peggy Noonan is a well respected speech writer of Reagan and Bush 41, among others The little I have read seen of her made a favorable impression As an aspiring speaker ha , I had this book as something to read.Like all books, it seems, on public speaking, this book attempts to do it all And because of that, it fails It is a superficial abstract of a very serious endeavor That there is lengthy discussion of writing speeches for others here demonstrates that this is a general book, not a behavior changing book.Anyone remotely familiar with public speaking will recognize the topics be genuine, have something to say, humor, etc Some of Noonan s advice is at odds with newer speakers QA, for instance.But the failure of speaking advice isthan compensated for by wisdom of her experience She delves into many speeches and the power and in effectiveness of them That is the strength of this book Noonan has lived this life and her commentary on important speeches is masterful Her use of Mother Theresa s speech as how breaking all the rules can work is priceless as was the speech Noonan, of course, is the author of Reagan s Challenger speech She takes the reader into the backstory of that speech and the initial thought that it had failed That it is still quoted and referred to three decades later is a testament to her ability.Noonan is a wonderful writer and this was an enjoyable read I suspect she and I would get a long well if we knew one another Her humor detailing a Tom Wolfe speech as the right stuff is intelligent I am writing this review at 2 30 a.m as I was unwilling to go to bed until I finished the book It was a one sitting adventure Speakers are not going to be blown away with this, but there are pieces that will add to one s understanding of the craft For that, this is a good read. This book covers the essence of writing and giving a speech The author has provided lots of examples, although revolving around politics, of an impactful speech The best takeaways from this book, at least for me, is being yourself when giving a speech, and if possible, use humor whenever you can Being yourself forces you to speak from your perspective, in a voice that is unique to you And it doesn t hurt to add humor.The book covers lot of advices, and even provides a structured way to write a speech talking about that will just take away the selling point of the book However, it spends a good chunk of the book on writing speeches for someone else Something applicable to speech writers only. Thank you Peggy for this wonderful contribution This book contains great pieces of advice that I find relevant to my daily work I like it s presentation. i think she s an amazingly talented speech writer, i read her stuff for Reagan quite often, and i enjoyed the book s stylebut she could have written with a less partisan bend. ( DOWNLOAD EPUB ) ♙ On Speaking Well ⚕ For Anyone Who Fears The Thought Of Writing And Giving A Speech Be It To Business Associates, Or At A Wedding Help Is At Hand Acclaimed Presidential Speechwriter Peggy Noonan Shares Her Secrets To Becoming A Confidence, Persuasive Speaker Demystifying Topics Including Finding You Own Authentic VoiceDeveloping A Text That Interest YouAcing The All Important First ParagraphUsing Logic To Move Your AudienceCreating, Developing, And Reinventing The Core Speech For Diverse AudiencesStrengthening Your Speech With A Vital Element HumorWinnowing Your Thought Down To The EssentialsHandling Professional Jargon, Clich S, And The Sound Bite SyndromePresenting Your Speech In The Best WayCollecting Intellectual Income Conversing Your Speech TreasuresBreaking All The Rules And Still SucceedingReading For Inspiration How To Use The Excellence Of OthersComplete With Lessons, Tips And Memorable Examples, On Speaking Well Shows Us How To Create Forceful, Persuasive, Relevant Speeches That Will Resonate With Our Audiences Engaging, Informative, And Always Entertaining, This Is Undoubtedly The Authoritative How To Guide For Anyone Writing Or Giving A Speech Excellent book More than just a dry textbook on writing and delivering speeches Noonan delivers an excellent blend of humor, information, and practicality I am already looking forward to readingof Peggy Noonan s workRemember that the most moving thing in a speech is always the logic the case you are making, the problem you are outlining, the remedy you believe in and support Don t try to move people by manipulating them with phony emotionalism or faux poetry If you make your case well and clearly and with some wit and feeling, you just may find that you ve moved your audience to tears But never try to make them cry, try to help them think Mrs Noonan s style is surperb However, I find myself unable to give a high review despite her excellent form and advice.I decided to read this book to see if it had any tips to reduce anxiety for public speaking The material wasn t anything new, although her writing is the most concise collection of advice I ve read yet.That wasn t the problem.Mrs Noonan is deeply Republican, which normally would not affect my view so long as the substance was strong That alone was not the issue.The problem with her examples is that they quickly colored by her own views Most of her political commentary I discounted, as they were good examples But two comments left a particularly bad taste in my mouth.1 The suggestion that the black preacher style is a gimmick or old , and no longer interesting to viewers This seemed like a pointed criticism of not just a style, but of the dozens of influential speakers who used this style, such as Martin Luther King Jr.As it happens, none of his speeches, or those of his contemporaries, were listed as examples.2 Noonan cooes over Mother Theresa s anti abortion speech from 1994 at the end of the book, as if it were the epitomy of a great speech She then writes as if those who disagreed with the speech with a self righteous satisfaction However, the excerpts of the speech were merely controversial They offered little substance or form, and appeared to be bland rambling Anyone who was raised in an anti abortion environment who have heard these trite complaints thousands of times before reaching adulthood It was not exactly a capstone speech This final commentary made me wonder how much she cared about actual form and technique instead her own political activism.Normally, I can stomach a good amount of politics One has to, in order to survive But I found the tone overall disappointing, especially since all of her points are widely available. Normally I don t read books byconservative types, so the style of this book was somewhat refreshing.It is unfortunate that it has been retitled On Speaking Well , in a clear call back to Zinsser s brilliant guide On Writing Well This isn t the On Writing Well of speeches, but the author clearly had a passion for speech writting and has the experience and the anecdotes to make a book on the subject work.It is a bit uneven I particularly hated the ending part It was supposed to be about how you can break every rule exposed before a necessary cliche , and it started with Mother Theresa It mentioned a story about how once they were filming her in a dimly lit room, the footage was much brighter than expected, so obviously it was a message from god My eyes rolled so hard that I think I hurt my brain Then the author told a story about how Mother Theresa gave a speech in Washington DC and spoke against abortion and contraceptives in a room filled with politicians from all stripes Obviously the Democrats were embarassed Would she had retold this story if it was Republicans in an uncomfortable position What bothers me is not the partisanship but the fact that this chapter was not about rule breaking at all Mother Theresa made a controversial speech that offended some people with different sensitivities, but she did not talk ambiguities, or spoke long unpronouncable sentences, as the book previously thought And the conclusion was that she could get away with thi because she was a saint I mean, what was the point of this book again Anyways, I digress Other than the last part, this book was fine. Yes, Peg Noonan is associated with The Right and has worked her way through the administrations of Reagan and both Bushes She traces her development as a speechwriter There is a slight hint of partisan bias in her assessments of various speakers Bill Clinton comes under mild but justifiable criticism for his speaking skills Nevertheless, if you can look past the Republican tint, this is a very useful, practical book It identifies best practices for both speechwriters and speakers and emphasizes the need for cooperation between the two You get unique insights into the politicking and internal bickering that goes on behind the scenes She describes her highs and lows as both a writer and speaker and cites many engaging historical examples.The book may even deserve a 5 rating but her closing chapter on a Mother Theresa speech rubbed me the wrong way This book was written pre Trump Sadly, the art of public speaking is in steep, accelerated decline, lost in the fog of pseduo facts, political correctness and divisive rhetoric Today s effective speaker shocks and shouts in protracted rants liberally peppered with f bombs and slander Both Left and Right are culpable Time for an update, Peg. Great book on public speaking by a former speech writer for Presidents Reagan and George H W Bush Lots of helpful advice, spiced with interesting stories Here s a few helpful appetizers The most moving thing in a speech is always the logic Reading is the collecting of intellectual income writing is the spending of it No one ever left a speech saying, he was too witty, or I hated the way she made me laugh out loud Don t worry about being smooth and slick They re Americans, they ve seen smooth and slick, they re not impressed Graciousness springs from a generosity of spirit It is good And it can light a speech in subtle ways The story about Mother Teresa s speech at a National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C in 1994 is worth the price of the book.