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~FREE ⚖ Whiteout (Hunted, #3) ☦ A Teacher Is Found Dead In A Whiteout Blizzard If Chass Doesn T Act Fast, She Could Be Next Whiteout Continues The Story Of Chastity, Who Has Been On The Run With Her Mother For As Long As She Can Remember Stumbling Through A Whiteout Blizzard In Greenville, Minnesota, Chass Trips Over A Dead Body, And Then Sees A Mysterious Man Disappear Into The Storm With Her Haunted Past, Chass Knows All About Running From Killers, And She Is Sure That Kyle Van Epps Is Back But Chass Is Sick Of Running, And If She Hopes To Ever Have A Normal Life Again, She Has Only One Choice Find The Killer Before The Killer Finds Her Chass stumbles over a body in a blizzard her music teacher Having been on the run all her life from the man who murdered her father, Chass s mother suspects he has found them and wants to immediately leave town again they only just moved into this new place , but Chass is determined to solve the mystery of the murder rather than have to move again This fast paced, thrilling mystery will have you on the edge of your seat, and there are several red herrings that will have you guessing til the end It s the third in a series, but there s enough backstory given that you can enjoy this one without having read the first two. Whiteout is the third in the Hunted series by Walter Sorrells Chass and her mother are still being hunted and have left San Francisco for Greenville, Minnesota When Chass realizes that her mother has brought them to Kyle Van Epp s hometown to find out about him, she begins to search for connections between Miss Hall, her murdered band teacher and the man she and her mother have been running from for most of Chass s life Chass soon learns that Kyle has a brother who has been kept hidden most of his life, but does the mystery of Miss Hall s death have anything to do with that or is there some other force working behind the scenes All of this takes place during a white out that almost becomes a character all on its own.This story is written well enough to keep the attention of the reader, but Chass makes lots of illogical choices often with illogical results making the ending abrupt and frustrating I m almost glad there isn t another installment in this series. What a great premise for a mystery series Chass and her mother are on the run from a killer, so each book is set in a different town with the characters assuming new identities.This 3rd book in the series finds them settling in to the small town of Greenville, Minnesota, where only days after their arrival Chass is out walking in a total blizzard when she literally trips over the dead body of her music teacher She s seen the killer sort of, through the snowy whiteout and he s seen her.There s no shortage of suspects in this quirky town, and no shortage of clues, mysterious fires, or gunshots, either Best of all is the darkly comic tone these people would all be weird or menacing enough on a bright, sunny day, but throw them into a blizzard where you can t see than a few feet in front of you, and the suspense rises rapidly It s a quick read as well as a nice bridge between younger mystery series like Sammy Keyes and adult titles. Great plot and story in this murder mystery by W Sorrells Chass and her mother are on the run and hiding out in a small town in Minnesota When Chass discovers the body of her murdered music teacher in a blizzard, she sets off to find out who the murderer is Although our heroine spends most of the time running around in the blizzard and escaping from deadly fires, the mystery behind the story is quite entertaining. This is a decent teen mystery Set in Minnesota, the book kicks off with a murder in a school parking lot during a Minnesota blizzard that Chas almost witnesses Of course the murderer can t be sure so now Chas and her friends are riding out a crime spree Her mother is shot while wearing Chas hat, the school and a house are burned down amid all this evidence starts popping up that refers back to a mystery that Chas mom has been chasing down The brutal desperation of the murderer is a bit much for me, murder mystery fans will not mind and the twist ending is a surprise Look for hints see if you figure it out. I was so excited to finish the series that I sat down and read this book from start to finish immediately after I checked it out For the last book in a series, it leaves out far too much closing information about the main villain in the entire series This would be perfect for a book number four in the series, but since these were published years ago with no mention of a fourth to the series, I m giving it three stars I loved the writing style and the series as a whole, though. I read the book Whiteout, by Walter Sorrells, In this book Chass is investigating a a local murder so he doesn t end up as the next victim I would recommend this book to anybody who likes mystery books because of all the tight situations he is put in I thought it was good because of the mystery and the tough situations. The book that I am reading is Whiteout There is a lot of things that are going on in the book where I am At the beginning of the there is a main character of the book was in the park on his walk and he tripped over a lady that was laying on the ground He got up and was not even looking at her and kept apologizing Then he looked at her and saw blood coming from her head Chass knew who it was It was Miss Hill She was the music teacher of his high school Chass called the police and they thought that he killed her He told them that he was walking and thought that he heard a gun shot but he wasn t sure He was getting blamed and going to go to jail for killing Miss Hill His parents couldn t believe that Chass would do anything like that Most of the time that Chass has he is in the park trying to get any evidence that he isn t guilty for the death of Miss Hill Later in the story the killer of Miss Hill knows that Chass is trying to find evidence to put him in jail He s went to the cops and told them about the killer Chass is trying to find the killer before the killer finds her. Well paced mystery thriller I m disappointed that the blizzard in which our main character wanders just about all day doesn t give a palpable sense of the cold and isolation The cold could have been a character in its own right, and just wasn t Which really diminished what could have been a great dramatic device Alas.