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I enjoy how the author includes so much historical information he does a good job at creating the characters I do not believe that Lehi s family was split into three segments during the main push of their journey I do understand the author using the mechanism to show the three possible routes taken, but the spirit dow not confirm this aspect of the plot the author create But, that is what happens when you need to make a story out of a historical time frame without a lot of details I do think he does a good job of creating these stories even if they do not fully fit with my own mind set at times. Some much information about the regional geography and Lehi s probable exodus route s from Jerusalem Much of this story is based upon the 1995 finding of a hidden valley deep in the N.W mountains of the Arabian peninsula with a year round stream and many date palms able to sustain life This is the ONLY year round river in that region, and it resides in the Hajiz Mountains on the Gulf of Aqaba coast The mountains are also know as the Border mountains, and the Gulf of Aqaba used to be called the Fountain of the Red or Reed Sea Any of this sounding familiar to you Book of Mormon readers out there When the original modern day 44 year exploration of the Arabian Peninsula by expeditionists, cartographers, geologists, historians, etc was undertaken, they never found this place. Too rugged and foreboding Also of interest Tribal nomads living in the area refer to the place as Moses Wilderness dwelling place with the camp of Isreal after the exodus from Egypt There is also a mountain close by believed by many to be the Mt Horeb where Moses received the ten commandments And there are also manyunique ties between this valley and Lehi s vision I personally do not need external proof for my beliefs, but after so many have sacked the Book of Mormon for reasons such as no arable lands for Lehi et al to exist in the Arabian Peninsula it s nice to see the disputations resolving. Very engaging and suspenseful The author really portrays Laban as a poor soldier and weak when compared to the methodical and wise Tobit, who became a great counterpoint to Lehi The historical background on the geography and culture was marvelous and I applaud the author on his deep research This is what all historical fiction should be like Taking historical records facts and fleshing out the story with in depth research and creativity Really enjoying this series It is six centuries before Jesus of Nazareth will be born, and Jerusalem is in turmoil After the conflict with Babylon escalates, the ruling class of Judah threatens any who dare opposes their tenuous power The Holy City is destined for destruction But amid the mayhem, two prophets of God come forth Lehi and Ezekiel However, both are in danger of losing their life Zadock, Chief Elder of the Jews and Laban, Captain of the Guard, desparately seek to eleminate all voices of opposition as they attempt to seize broader power Lehi and his family have narrowly escaped from the corrupt city into the Judean wilderness, where the patriarch must contend not only with enemies pursuing them through an unforgiving land, but also with his two defiant sons Meanwhile, Ezekiel has been imprisoned on false charges of inciting a tax revolt He knows he must escape if the prophecies he has received are to be fulfilled An epic tale of loyalty and betrayal, strength and faith, Volume Three of this richly written saga sweeps the reader back through time and vividly brings to life the trials and triumphs of important scriptural figures as they venture toward a Promised Land goodreads.comAgain, I am amazed at the way David Woolley makes this time from the Book of Mormon and the Bible come to life With scriptural accounts, prophecies, and language woven into a thrilling story, Lehi s flight into the wilderness and his sojourn in the borders nearer the Red Sea take on new meaning and depth, and the level of wickedness and apathy in Jerusalem are better understood Definitely amazing. It has been interesting to read about some of the Old Testament prophets and prophets from the Book of Mormon This has caused me to go to the Old Testament and history books to see what is knows about the some of these Old Testament Prophets.My biggest problem with this series is that it seems to include so much information and leave other parts unclear I m not sure if I just missed it as I read but the only hint I have that the prophet Uriah was put to death was his wife s feeling that he would be put to death Then in the next book it another character mentions that Uriah was put to death I could have missed something, but I don t think so.I liked this book enough to keep reading the series. Good, not great I still LOVE how it paints the pictures of Lehi and his family They came to life especially Laman I cannot believe the hate that he carried for his own father, plotting and conspiring to murder him It also brought to life the sorrow that Sariah must have had to witness the gulf that developed in her family not to mention her being pregnant in the wilderness bleh Meanwhile, I felt like there wasn t enough MEAT to the book all these sobplots and side stories and characters that were a distraction to what I really wanted to read about and envision, which was Nephi and his family I can t wait to finish 4 Great series not the best, but I love that it was a depiction of the BOM, rather than the pioneers Work and the Glory, Fire of the Covenant, the Undaunted or the New Testament era Kingdom and the Crown. This is the third book in The Promised Land series It takes place during Lehi s time and is about his family It brings to life Laban s character Lehi leaves Jeruseleum with his family and Laban tries to kill him He turns to the Babylonian inspector to give him aid Which ends up back firing on Laban because the inspector comes to know that Lehi is a prophet Their are many characters and stories intwined to make this interesting The one question I have is if their is a 4th book coming out It will be very disappointing if their isn t Michelle have you heard anything I thought I heard the authour passed away It is a great series and I really enjoyed it. I really enjoy these types of books I ve said it before I loved this one the third in the series as it continues the story of Lehi and his family as they have fled from their homes and are now in the wilderness This book read a little bit slower than the others hence my reasoning for only giving it 4 stars , but there was a lot to pack into this one I love reading about how life was in old Jerusalem It is so interesting, and fascinating to me I love how the author brings these people and prophets that I have read about my whole life in the scriptures to life as if they were my friends I m excited to read the last two in the series. Continuation of the series Some of the ways he weaves in parts of the history are interesting others seem like a stretch I am still a little indifferent on the whole series I will probably finish it. `FREE E-PUB ☠ Place of Refuge (The Promised Land, Vol 3) ⇲ The Third Volume In The Promised Land Series Is The Story Of Faithful Jews In Search Of A Place Of Refuge From The Storms Of History That Terrorized Their Faith And Threatened The Foundations Of Jewish Society Around The Turn Of The Sixth Century Before Christ